Trusting God

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To be a mom is a lifelong exercise in trusting God. There is not a milestone that passes or a major event that occurs apart from Him.

And while we may fret and worry over pregnancies, illnesses, accidents, life and death, God is in control of all things. He is able to give you all that you need to do what you need to do in your life as mom.

My salvation and my honor depend on God;
he is my mighty rock, my refuge.

Trust in him at all times, O people;
pour out your hearts to him,
for God is our refuge.

— Psalm 62:7-8

This week as we discuss different aspects of life with a baby, let’s think about all the different opportunities to trust God.

I know that in my life, God’s way of handling things has gone so much better than how I would have orchestrated my life. If it had gone according to my whims and desires, I would not have grown as much nor would I be as thankful as I am.

Trusting God, though difficult at times, has proved to be the best mode of operation.

What helps you trust in God?

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  1. ….like when your 2yr old is diagnosed with leukemia.

    The Lord very seriously carried us through that time.

    (After 27months of chemo she is doing well.)

  2. This sounds horrible when it isn’t but it never really occurred to me that I had a choice but to trust. If kicking and screaming and demanding my son back would have worked I would have done that. When we lost our 2 month old to SIDS my faith held me together. The idea that he was placed in my life for a reason and left my life for a reason and that “death” was not permanent literally kept me from losing myself to grief.
    When I became pregnant with our 4 child I prayed constantly it was HARD to trust that I wouldn’t experience the hardship of loss again(to compound my worries was the fact that my brother in laws first child died from SIDS as well). But trust I HAD to. My 4th child’s birth was followed by my 5th child’s. I still miss my 3rd but I am heartened that someday we might be reunited and He will explain why each of us was only in each other’s life for a short time.

  3. Wow, I was commenting to say thanks for the encouragement today and then saw the other comments. My prayers are with those mothers. My “troubles” seem so insignificant in the face of theirs.

  4. For me, it’s the quiet early mornings in prayer or reading Our Daily Bread. When I actively focus on God and His word all His blessings, I am drawn closer to Him. I know this because I don’t always have the discipline to keep this up, and when I fall off the proverbial wagon, the sense of separation is palpable. I get anxious and irritable and I don’t sleep as well, and these things remind me that I can’t do this mom thing alone. So inevitably I return to my morning ritual, and He’s always there waiting for me. That helps me trust in Him.

  5. My daughter lost her baby this weekend (she was 5months pregnant with her first) (Her younger brother is also having a child and his wife is also 5 mo. pregnant as well.) I also lost my first and almost lost my third child So the child before my daughter and her younger brother , it is never easy to loose a child or even almost loose a child.
    The very experience made me a better more devoted mom to the two I had ( I always wanted four) Faith is the best way to make it thru and Prayers are sometimes answer diffrently than we feel they should be answered. I thank God everyday for the two blessings I have had and enjoyed!

  6. WOW, the sadness that I feel reading the other comments is great. I came here to lament about how I am struggling with trusting God, and now feel like my problems are so small. One thing I keep reminding myself is that God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect. What an awesome truth to live in. Right now we are trying to expand our family… we have one sweet 3 year little boy, and are hoping for another child. I have never had regular cycles, and have struggled with PCOS. I haven’t had my cycle return now 2 months after stopping birth control pills, and I am feeling so discouraged. Every day I repeat to myself “God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect.” I am trying so hard to believe. Reading your post was the perfect reminder of that truth once again. Thanks!

  7. In the busy season of having baby’s. That is what reminded me to trust God. Without His strength I don’t know if I could have made it though that season. I have trouble giving up control, as I am sure many mothers do. I think when I am holding on to, to much control God reminds me that He is here to lean on.

  8. I have been struggling lately with a touchy topic: the seemingly fine line between trusting God and just being…..well, stupid. Our last pregnancy (#4) turned into an extremely risky pregnancy. In short, I almost died, baby almost died, we were hospitalized for many, many months before and after birth. And yet, even after all of that, I would still have another baby if God asked me to.

    And yet, I have to pause to consider, would I be knowingly putting myself and my baby at risk to get pregnant again? Is it fair to ask my other kids to go without mom at home again for months? Is it fair to ask my husband to be both mom and dad to 4 kids, so that we can add another? Is it just stupid to even consider?

    I do trust God to see us through our circumstances, but is it reckless of me to seek out circumstances, knowing in advance that He will have to see me through it? I am leaning towards thinking that if God intends to grow our family by childbearing again, it will have to be a complete surprise.