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A few weeks ago, fellow mom Keely wrote me about her book buying service, CKY Books. Set up much like Cash4Books, CKY Books‘ website is interactive. You type in the ISBN of the book(s) you’d like to sell, and the website gives you a quoted price. They pay for you to ship them the books, and then after they receive them, they will pay you via check or Paypal.

Well, as you know, we’re clearing things out in preparation to move. I had quite a few books to get rid of. In the past I’ve done the Ebay thing. But, being 39 weeks pregnant, I just didn’t want to mess with the hassle.

Instead, I ran my list of books through Cash4Books as well as CKY Books. To my happy surprise, CKY paid, on average, 50 cents more per book than its more well-known competitor. For a dozen books, that was an extra 6 bucks in my wallet. You know who I chose!

I did have one little glitch with the computer, but a call to their toll-free number got me a prompt response; my issue was solved within 20 minutes — on a Sunday afternoon.

We mailed our little box after I came home from the hospital and I am happy to report my check was in today’s mail. That was about 10 days turn-around, including the time it took for the books to get from Kansas City to Kentucky, which could have been quite some time.

I had a great experience with this service, and thought I would let you know. If you’ve got books to sell, check out CKY Books.

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  1. I have tried a few times and it always says “Sorry, not buying that title.” Bummer! Do I just have obscure books or what!?!

  2. I have an enormous stack of books I was going to donate to the library. I might try my luck first wih CKY. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Brandon Checketts says:

    You should try out which compares prices from both cash4books and ckybooks as well as about 30 others. Ckybooks and cash4books are probably the two best ones, but it never hurts to shop around. You might also find some other company that is willing to buy books that those companies aren’t.

  4. I just posted on my blog about this.

    Thanks for writing about this as I would have never known about this company (or cash4books).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Absolute worst book buying company! Do not sell books here! They lie and steal your books. I am not even kidding; it is absolutely rediculous. Please do not go to them!! 🙁

  6. Had a terrible experience with this company. Save yourself the pain and regret. They told me they had spilled coffee on my book and would not return it to me when I requested them to ship it back. They had already sold it to someone. When I called for them to ship the damaged book, they REFUSED to give it back. Might I add, it was the most pricey textbook I sent them.

  7. Anonymous and Anonymous, thanks for your feedback. I'm guessing that since this post is SO old, you've been trolling the internet, looking to give CKY a bad name.

    Your experience has not been mine. In fact, I used their service again in the last 8 weeks and had terrific, QUICK service. I've used them twice a year apart and not had any difficulty.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Todd Bradley says:

    Hello. In the full interest of disclosure my name is Todd Bradley and I am the accounts manager at CKY Books.

    In response to the posts by Anonymous. I just want to say that I know who she is, and what her problem is. She is in fact technically not even a CKY Books customer. She created an order with us, used our free shipping label to send those books to us, at a cost of $40 in shipping. She then emailed us to demand her books back stating she had changed her mind. After explaining to her that we would be happy to do this as soon as she agreed to reimburse us for our shipping costs (makes sense right). Finally after receiving her payment we repacked her books, at which point, I personally, spilled my drink on one of her books, ruining it. I sent her an email apologizing and explaining. The book that was ruined had a value of exactly $8.63 for which we issued her a check along with another apology. This happened on a Friday, the following Monday she emails upset beyond belief demanding her damaged book back. I explained to her it was thrown away since it was wet, and since it was the weekend the cleaning crew emptied the trash and her book was gone.

    This person is also our only BBB complaint in the history of our company. The complaint was successfully resolved to the stringent standards of the BBB. This person has made similar posts on other sites and is in fact trolling to try to tarnish our reputation in an effort to harm us.
    If she continues her libelous assault it will we may proceed with legal action as she has posted conflicting statements in many places.

    I can assure everyone reading that we as a company have our fair share of problems, mistakes and screwups. We work very hard to take care of all of our customers. We are all human here and we have made mistakes, how you deal with a mistake is what sets you apart from everyone else. I think the vast majority of the time we have extremely happy customers.

    Anyhow…enough of that.

    Thank you for the great blog post. I hope everyone can head on over to our site and check us out. We currently have a "holiday giveaway" where you have a chance to win gift cards from

  9. All about free info says:

    I use Compare Textbook Prices to buy books and sell my used books. It gives me the price comparison of the books showing me the lowest price for which i can buy the book for from various online bookstores in one go. Also it shows the highest prices offered to by various stores to buyback my used books. It is an excellent service

  10. So i mailed some books last Friday to CKY Books and i was happy that i got to ship the books for free.
    I was expecting my check earlier this week and its Thursday so i decided to check if CKY was a scam and it turned out that CKY is not a scam and i hope to send them more and more books.
    I can’t wait to receive my money from in paypal account. I know i have to wait for the shipping and all sorts and i am so happy i sold my books to them but PLEASE i really am excited! I wanna go shopping soon! Gimme money.
    I’ve been eyeing that Forever21 handbag i saw earlier this week!
    Money is coming!

  11. I think this is a wonderful idea, is this or any other ones available for canadian residents?

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