Turkey Shaped Breakfast Rolls

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These are the result of spur-of-the-moment inspiration on Thanksgiving morning one year. Since then they’ve become a tradition, particularly so now that I find such great Pillsbury coupons. If you want to make your own this week, here’s what you need:

Serves 5

1 can Grands biscuits
1 can Grands cinnamon rolls
colored sprinkles and candies

Preheat oven according to Pillsbury directions. Open the cinnamon roll tube and place four rolls on each cookie sheet. You need plenty of room to build your turkey.

Open the can of biscuits and lay them out on a work surface. Cut two of them into quarters. Place one quarter point side down on each cinnamon roll. This is the turkey’s head.

Cut “feet” from the remaining three quarters. One-eighth should work.

Cut the remaining three biscuits into feathers. Dip each feather in the colored sprinkles and arrange along top of cinnamon roll. Place candies on face for eyes.

One year we used red hots which bled, resulting in crying turkeys. Kinda appropos for thanksgiving morning. But, chocolate chips or M&Ms work better.

Bake according to package directions. Serve with frosting on the side.

Make a memory.

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  1. Very cute!

  2. Donna(mom24boyz) says:

    Those are so cute and yummy looking!

  3. This is a keeper. Good thing I read this before tomorrow’s shopping trip!

  4. How cute! Might have to try this with my little ones this week.

  5. JessieLeigh says:

    This is a great idea! My sister always has clever ideas like this that she whips up with biscuits for any holiday under the sun. I bet the kiddos just LOVE the colored feathers!

  6. I can’t wait to do this with my punks!

  7. I LOVE these. It’s hard to find things you can shape into a turkey. LOL.

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      Ain’t that the truth? Loved your cupcakes. Wish candy corn weren’t possibly cross-contaminated with peanuts. (Baby has allergy.)

  8. Oh my!! I pinned this and shared it on FB. These are darling. Thank you so much. I know a little 3 year old girl that will have a blast making this yummy treat!!

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