Two Left Feet

A small price to pay in exchange for help getting out the door on time.

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  1. Mrs. Querido says:

    LOL…at least she got the color the same 🙂

  2. Zimms Zoo says:

    That is so cute! Poor kid. Did her feet hurt? The males just don't pay much attention, huh?

  3. FishMama says:

    I took the picture outside of the movie theatre one morning for our free movie day. Yes, her brothers helped her. And, yes, her feet must have hurt because she ended up going barefoot – in the theatre. Eww! I know.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Cutest thing I've seen all day, thanks 🙂

    (I've done that and I'm 37)

  5. Jessika says:

    She did pose nicely though. 🙂

  6. Stephanie says:

    Both shoes are so cute! And they *almost* look like they match. 🙂

  7. lol… looks like something I might do… to myself 🙂

  8. Webster's says:

    How funny! I love to see another mom "let it be okay". I have twin 2 year old girls, so there are 2 pairs of most shoes. Many days, one princess has two left feet while the other has two right feet. But, they did it themselves!

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