Creamy Layers Gelatin (Ultimate Recipe Swap: Cool Food)

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It’s the dog days of summer. And though we’re already talking about papers, books, and Teacher’s dirty looks, it’s still the good ole summertime. And cool cooking is a welcome relief. I love to have salads and sandwiches for dinner in the warmer months, they are a nice way to avoid heating the kitchen. And as long as there’s some meat in sight, most of the FishFam agrees. Of course, no one complains when ice cream is on the menu and thanks to recent sales, that’s been the go-to dessert around here.

But, besides cooler dinners and ice cream, there are a few other ways we like to “chill out.” One is a recipe that you may be familiar with. Good ol’ gelatin. I’d tried this recipe years ago that called for frozen Cool Whip to be mixed into the hot gelatin and then chilled. Today I tried it a new way — with ice cream! And I think it’s a winner. With real dairy and a few less artificial ingredients.

Creamy Layers Gelatin

1 large box gelatin
3 cups hot water
1/2 quart vanilla ice cream

In mixing bowl combine hot water and gelatin. Stir in ice cream and whisk until ice cream is melted. Pour into dishes and chill several hours. Garnish with fruit or whipped cream, as desired.

What’s a favorite cool dish or drink at your house? Share it with us!The guidelines are here.

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  1. UnfinishedMom says:

    Huh. Never heard of this. May have to give it a try.

  2. Hattie says:

    I tried your recipe from last week for cumin lime pork loin for tacos…a huge hit with my husband! He said that I can fix that for dinner any time.:) Thanks for sharing your recipes with us every week!

  3. Wow, what an interesting sounding drink!

  4. Brenda says:

    About Dave Ramsey: Everytime we'd get a telemarketer phone call trying to get us to sign up for yet another credit card, we started saying, "I'm sorry, but Dave won't let us"!
    Befuddled them!

  5. Love the idea of using real dairy (AKA ice cream) instead of Cool Whip! Any idea how a “large box” of Jello compares in size to a “regular box”? I have 15 or so regular boxes rolling around my pantry… 😉

  6. I made a lemon-lime version of this today- everyone loved it… especially Baby G! 🙂

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