Ultimate Recipe Swap: Lunchbox Love

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Even though my kids spend the bulk of their days at home, I still pack a lunchbox every day — my husband’s. When we first married, we didn’t bat an eye at eating out almost every day. It was something we looked forward to.

Once we bought our first house, however, that habit had to change. We had some fits and starts in the beginning. I regularly packed meatloaf sandwiches for about a year before I clued in that I regularly threw away partially eaten meatloaf sandwiches.

(My husband doesn’t like meatloaf sandwiches. But, he was too kind to say anything about it.)

Eleven years later we’ve worked out the kinks in the system. I’ve learned what he likes and what he doesn’t. I usually prepare his lunch the night before, stashing it on the top shelf of the refrigerator. He knows that all the bags and boxes congregated there are his for the taking. He has a medium sized cooler that he packs it in along with some blue ice. In the old days (like last year) I always prepared a cold lunch. But, now that he works at a regular location with an office, fridge, and microwave, I often send leftovers. Except meatloaf.

Since FishPapa leaves quite early in the morning, I include enough food to serve as breakfast, break, and lunch.

A lunch box in the FishFam might include:

  • pasta salad with chicken and garbanzo beans
  • fruit
  • dip and veggies, like carrot sticks, cucumber slices, red bell pepper strips
  • yogurt
  • banana bread or cookies
  • granola or energy bar

What do you pack in the lunchboxes at your house? Share your ideas with us so that we can each be inspired and refreshed when it comes to acting as the Lunch Lady.

Feel free to share a recipe, serving suggestion, or fun idea for packing a lunch.

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I can’t wait to see what kind of love you pack in a lunchbox!

Next week on Ultimate Recipe Swap: Better-for-You Snacks!

Think Tailgate Party foods that aren’t gonna kill you if you eat them. I have a super cool prize lined up for next week, awarded to readers’ choice, based on taste and healthfulness.

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  1. Young Wife says

    What a great post! I'm always looking for healthy lunch ideas for my husband's lunches. The best thing I discovered is the 100 calorie packs of Wholly Guacamole. Homemade guac turns brown in a lunch box. Hubby eats it with chips or uses it on turkey wraps.

  2. Hoosier Homemade says

    I usually pack leftovers for my husband. It's easier that way and I know they will get used up.
    Thanks for hosting!

  3. Courtney says

    My husband is very attached to routine. He always gets a turkey sandwich, a piece of fruit, a bag of chips and a treat. Sometimes I change up the type of bread. And I try to make the treats homemade.

  4. I've joined in for the first time, it has been interesting reading the posts and seeing the different ways people do things, gives me some ideas to take on board

  5. My hubs works out of a van, so his lunches are pretty much the same old, same old: Sandwich, chips, 1 soda, water and/or Gatorade, cookies or something similar if I have them made. I try to mix up the meat & cheese combo for variety, sometimes I'll imitate Arby's turkey, ranch & bacon sandwich – those are yummy! Fruits & veggies don't get eaten so I stopped putting them in there b/c they would just sit and go bad. So to "healthify" his day, I send a tall glass of OJ with his breakfast sandwich (egg, toast, cheese) every morning.

  6. K&E'sMama says

    The FishFam needs some Bento boxes!!
    It is the perfect solution for packing lunches, especially for what you had in your example lunch.
    You don't need an official Bento box (though they are so cute!), you can get a Tupperware or Tupperware look-alike container that has different sections.
    Easy to use and no more plastic baggies! You can buy in bulk and portion things out right into your Bento!

    There are a ton of resources, here are two I refer to often:

  7. SarahJane says

    We eat alot of leftovers: spaghetti, enchiladas. Tacos are our favorite. The meat, beans and cheese go right in the pyrex container, lettuce & tomato are in a baggie. Sour cream and salsa in a snack sized ziploc.

  8. Everything looks so yummy! I posted a Pumpkin Gingerbread Cupcake that I made last year for a cupcake challenge. It is perfect for lunchboxes and with pumpkin…it's even healthy…kind of:-)

  9. Brown Thumb Mama says

    Jackjack won't take a lunch until school starts next year. But we always pack lunches when we go on weekend road trips!

    This will sound like the weirdest thing ever, but he likes cold french toast with peanut butter sandwiches. BrownThumbPapa and I stick with "regular" sandwiches or tortilla roll-ups.

  10. I don't have any good suggestions- I am looking for yours. I have been reading thru other's posts and have to work on a plan for us over here. I am looking forward to next weeks too- I need some healthy snack suggestions to put into the lunch box!

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