Unsolved Mysteries

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Why do they insist on going outside in stocking feet?

Why do these little girly strollers always come apart?

Why does sauerkraut have only 5 calories per serving, but chocolate ice cream has 140?

Why are there never any spoons?

Where did all the other socks go?

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts to date! It's so good to know that these unanswered questions pop up in other peoples lives.

  2. So true! I think the spoons are gone because of the ice cream. I have extra socks with and without holes. Should we have a sock exchange? 😀 Or just make sock puppets?

  3. I thought I was the only one with the missing spoons–seriously, we have a sock monster and a spoon monster in this house.

  4. Monthly I have a "socks without partners" meeting at my house! If after 2 months some still don't have partners….they are out of here!

    Hummm…maybe is you eat sour kraut and chocolate ice cream together you would burn more calories? Don't think I want to find out.

    Here is another one for ya…how come when its school time, no one can find a sharpened pencil?

  5. Do you live at my house? I even called my husband over because these same mysteries occur at our house, too. (Except for the sauerkraut. None of that here!!).

  6. There are a few years between my husband and I. My husband was a bachelor for 14+/- years before we met and got married. He CLAIMS (not that I am saying he's not telling the truth…LOL) that he never had missing mates to socks until I came along and started doing laundry. I'm not sure about that but I am so glad to hear that someone else has a sock eating monster at their place.

  7. Ah, the great mysteries! At our house, we have a hard time with dishes mysteriously dissapearing. I still can't figure out what happened with those two bowls, the one plate and the saucer. 😀 Great post!

  8. A pair of my daughter's capris have mysteriously disappeared. She wore them one day a couple weeks ago. I could have sworn that I washed them (and the matching shirt). The shirt survived, but I have not seen the capris since.

  9. Oh how misery loves company. Last night, I got my green laundry basket out and started pairing up missing socks with their partners. It hasn't been done in a good long while. As we speak, I had to put about ten single socks back in the basket and in my laundry room and wait for the pairs to come out of hiding…. *sigh*

  10. OH LOL to Funny! I believe our socks just run away from home! they run in FEAR of my kids! We are always missing drinking glasses at our house and spoons.Oh and ink pens!!
    I guess when they are all grown we will miss these crazy things!

  11. Our stroller is constantly having to be fixed so that dolly can sit back down.

    Great post!

  12. I finally caved and bought a box of plastic spoons to cover me when we ran out, which is frequently.

  13. Love this post. I have the same EXACT issue with spoons. I just had to buy a set of 8 spoons at Target that kind of match with the other silverware. Where did they all go??

    Erin 🙂

    1. @Coupon Cravings, We found a few outside; INSIDE the couch…I’m talking in where the springs are!; and of course…the kids room in drawers, under the matress, and under the dressers!