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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You know this. You’ve known since you were in third grade and they played those animated commercials of kids eating peanut butter toast with a slice of cheese and a glass of milk. Remember those?

A healthy breakfast can give you and your kids a good boost of energy to get the day off to a good start.

At our house, breakfast is also one of the culinary highlights of the day, along with second breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Man, these kids can eat! I run the same basic schedule every week:

Sunday: cinnamon rolls
Monday: Apples and oatmeal
Tuesday: eggs with one or a combo of the following: bacon, ham, toast or hashbrowns (My most favorite egg dish recipe is here.)
Wednesday: cereal
Thursday: baked goods, such as muffins or scones, and smoothies
Fridays: waffles
Saturdays: pancakes

One of our favorite once-in-awhile breakfasts comes courtesy of my mother-in-law. Boy, is it good! Enjoy!

Buckaroo Potatoes

1 pound bacon
6 potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced
salt and pepper

In a large skillet with a lid, layer the bacon pieces, overlapping and crisscrossing the slices. Yes, all of them. Next lay down the potatoes, overlapping slightly. Salt and pepper each layer. Secure the lid and place over medium heat. Cook for about 40 minutes until potatoes are tender.

Did I mention that this is a recipe that would NOT be mentioned in a nutrition commercial?

What’s a great recipe that you make to start the day right? Share your favorite breakfast recipe with us!

1. Post your recipe on your blog. Please mention in your post. Then, come back here to add your link to Mr. Linky below. (Find instructions for Mr. Linky here.)


2. If you don’t have a blog, simply tell us about your recipe in the comments section.

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  1. Katie @ goodLife {eats} says:

    I had a hard time choosing, but my favorite scone recipe won out. I love to do big breakfasts on the weekend. French Toast, Waffles, Muffins, Scones…those are some of our favorites.

  2. We love breakfast and very often have it for dinner.

    We love scones, pancakes, and egg casseroles.
    Thanks for posting these! I can hardly wait to try some.

  3. Danelle Ice says:

    Oh no- I did next week’s theme of pasta! I’m sorry! Thanks for hosting 🙂


  4. One of my favorites I got from my sister. It's a crockpot recipe so you start it the night before-I used to make this for MOPS a lot since it didn't require anything from me in the morning.
    1 32oz bag frozen hashbrowns, partially thawed
    1 pound bacon,diced,cooked & drained
    1/2 cup chopped onion
    3/4 pound cheddar, shredded
    12 eggs
    1 cup milk
    1/4-1/2 tsp dry mustard
    salt & pepper
    Put first four ingredients in crockpot in order half at a time. making two layers.
    Beat together eggs, milk & seasonings. Pour mixture over all.
    Cook on low 10-12 hours.

  5. Ooh, that sounds SO ridiculously good! How can you go wrong with bacon and potatoes?

  6. I’ve been cooking from scratch for a l-o-n-g time, but I have wondered if soaking/rinsing the potato slices in a recipe like Buckaroo Potatoes is a good idea? I have 10 people in my family, so we make BIG meals (DH works from home and we hs, so we are all here for all meals) I usually slice the potatoes and put them in water so they don’t brown while I slice the rest.

    So, do you just slice and cook the potatoes, or do you rinse the starch off first?


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