Use Pinterest to Find a New ‘Do

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Over the years I’ve used a number of bookmarking methods. Saving the url in my browser, stumbling it, and other such means worked, but sometimes I would forget where I bookmarked it.

Pinterest is different. Since it’s visually driven, I tend to remember the photo associated with the post or webpage and I am better able to access that information again.

In fact, due to the wealth of visuals involved and the method of creating  a pinboard, I find it more enjoyable as well as more practical than other means of bookmarking. I’ve used Pinterest to track ideas for Christmas, homeschooling, freezer cooking, fashion ideas, and recipes that I want to try.

Get a New ‘Do

One way that I’ve really put it to good use was to find a new hairdo

Yes, really.

I’ve always felt like such a geek when it comes to “beauty and fashion.” I don’t know the names of things. I don’t know what’s hip. I don’t know what’s out.

So, having a picture and telling the stylist, “I want this,” works well for me. Provided that no one starts pinning outdated hairdos that I actually like, of course.

Melissa-the-girl-who-does-my-hair got all happy when she saw I brought pictures. I ended up going from longish hair to the shorter wedge bob, the one on the bottom right. I love it! It is easy to care for — and as Melissa said, one of the easiest haircuts imaginable.

(Obviously, it wasn’t the best hair day when we took this picture. But pics of the Mama are few and far between. You know the drill.)

Anyway, my point is that I was able to use Pinterest to help my real life, not just to look at pretty pictures. Thought that’s cool, too.

You can do this for absolutely anything. But, I’d suggest working on your areas of weakness. If you see a pin of something that you wouldn’t know how to do on your own, in my case, choosing a haircut, pin it to its own board. After a few weeks, you’ll see a trend among the things that you pin.

The pins of short haircuts on my hairdo board are not really all that different from one another. Melissa was easily able to identify that and to apply it in a way that worked for me and my hair.

How does Pinterest help you?

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  1. It has helped me greatly with organizing my recipes that I’ve collected over the years. And also with party & craft ideas-everything is in one place & so organized & easy to find. And I too LOVE the visual part of it.

  2. While I think a lot of Pinterest users pin “pie-in-the-sky” items that might never happen (elaborate engagement photos, fancy home decor and architecture projects, etc), I’m with you on the idea that Pinterest can help in my real life. More than any other Internet resource, it’s inspired me to be crafty and creative in the activities and toys I provide for my son. We’ve done cornstarch painting, created a “busy box,” and made a play kitchen out of an old end table. I’ve also used a tutorial there to learn to sew my own place mats. All this in the last two months from a mom with a toddler! Good stuff.

    1. How wonderful! I made several apple desserts for our fam that I might not have done with some other method of bookmarking.

  3. Yes, recipes, recipes. I love that I can pin them instead of printing out one when I see it. A place to collect them all and pull up on my computer when I am cooking.

  4. I LOVE pinterest…(and your hair cut). I’ve actually DONE the projects that, before, I would have bookmarked and never gone back to. I mostly pin crafts for the kids and me, and learning ideas. But I recently read that if you pin up wardrobe ideas, you’ll see a trend in that, too, and know what to buy instead of guessing and hoping. It really is so useful!

  5. I like to make crafts when the mood strikes, but I’m not exactly “crafty”, so I love finding ideas on Pinterest and then actually doing them. I can make it happen, but I need the idea first. Right now, my favorite craft to do is the photo frame with the “I {heart} you because…” and a dry erase marker to add why you love the person. I started by making one for the hubby and me, and now I’m giving them away as wedding gifts! 🙂

    I also found a delicious soup recipe, the Lasagna Soup recipe – look it up if you haven’t – WOW! It was so good that I ordered the cookbook from Amazon (300 Sensational Soups), and having now tried several reciepes with NO flops, I’ve been giving away copies of that too! 🙂

    In fact, to celebrate 2 years of blogging, I’m doing a month of giveaways – tomorrow I announce the winner of the first giveaway (which ends today) and I’ll be announcing what prize package #2 will be (shhh…don’t tell, but it’s a copy of the cookbook!). 🙂

    So yes, Pinterest has been of great help to me in real life!

  6. Thank you so much for recommending Pinterst. It is my new LOVE! Plus I have recommended it to several friends and not it is their new LOVE as well. Plus one of my friends is getting married next year so we all get to pin things on a board for her. I wish it was around when I got married!

  7. Our youngest daughter uses it for her photography.

    I know someone who uses it for sewing clothing (design ideas)…I also know another young lady who used it for her wedding colors.

  8. I love it too! And, your hair looks great! I find it to be the most awesome virtual ‘filing’ system ever. Also, I don’t have to ‘store’ it anywhere. It’s all safely ‘stored’ online… where I can easily get to it… and share it. I also think it’s a great way to learn new things. I learned how to make a faux roman shade and now have new homemade ones hanging in my kitchen. What fun!

  9. Yes! I do this and it’s GREAT! For my last cut, I brought in some hairstyle photos I’d pinned to my style board. My stylist was super-happy that I’d brought in images for her to work with, and I was very happy with the results.

    Yay, Pinterest!

  10. Before Pinterest, I had hundreds of starred items in Google Reader. Now, unless I only need to refer to it short term (like store deals), I pin the post instead.

    My style pin board has helped me figure out what my style is. Now, before I buy any new clothes, I think about how it will fit with clothes I own and the wardrobe I want to build.

    At first I resisted using it for recipes since I was already using Allrecipes, but I’m much more likely to try a new dish when I have a whole wall of yummy photos to look at!

  11. I have browsed Pinterest and have really enjoyed it! I even tried to join but I don’t get it! Do I need to be “on Facebook” in order to join Pinterest? I am completely lost. My under education when it comes to the computer is showing.

    1. You don’t have to have a FB account. I requested an invite a few months ago and then joined via my twitter. That was an easy way to connect right away with people I knew. Do you want me to send you an invite?

  12. Hi Jessica,

    This seems really cool and I want to check it out. I am wait listed for an invite from them- do you have an invite you could send me to get me started sooner?


      1. Got it! I’m in!
        Now I just want to go have fun there all day instead of my regularly scheduled activities…! Maybe later when the baby is napping…
        Thanks again – Martia

  13. I LOVE pinterest! I really like it for style boards – I have a really hard time putting together outfits, so when I find one on pinterest I like, I pin it and it helps me get inspired with what I already have in my closet.!

  14. Pinterest is amazing!! I think I have re-pinned some of your pins. =) I love it for new recipes to try, among so many other things. It has really helped me with home organization. I have redone my laundry room, my bathroom cabinets, my master closet, and now my linen closet.

  15. I love Pinterest! I have so many food boards it’s ridiculous, but I also have one with hair styles…and I did the same thing, took some pics to the stylist and now I have a new do 🙂 (which was long over due!)

  16. This is a good idea and these cuts are cute. BUT you mentioned you don’t like hair on your face. I finally grew out my bangs for the first time ever and then got a fairly short cut so they could blend in nicely. All those kind of styles make the hair in your face! UGH! Now I’m constantly stuffing it behind my ear which plasters it flat. BLech…so just keep that in mind before you bust out the scissors.

    1. Well, I might have said I dislike bangs, but I love this cut. I actually had it done in the summer and it’s been great. Much easier to deal with than the sidebang thing I had before.

  17. I saw on a different blog that she had a Pinterest Link after each post (along with the Twitter, Facebook, ect links). It made it really easy to “pin” one of her ideas. Thought I would share in case that was something you would be interested in doing too.

  18. I have been waiting FOREVER for Pinterest to pluck me off of their waiting list! I’m dying……… Not really, but I would love an invite. I’m desperately wanting to pin some Christmas crafting ideas!

  19. Okay, you’ve completely sucked me in with your recent posts about Pinterest. Please, may I have an invite too?

  20. i have also been wait-listed could you please send me an invite i can not wait to use this amazing resource!!!Thank YOU!!!

  21. Can I get an invite too? I’d like to be able to use Pintrest to organize recipes and crafting ideas,.

  22. I used Pinterest for the same thing! I cut off 2 feet of my hair in July and knew I wanted to go really short, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. I found a website full of short hairdos on celebrities (because I am pretty fashion-illiterate myself) and pinned a dozen or so hairstyles I liked, and posted them to Facebook as I went. That way I got the input of my best friend and my mom and sisters without having to send texts or emails. It was great! I ended up going against nearly everyone’s advice and cutting it as short as the shortest style and I LOVED it! It’s now progressed through several of the slightly longer styles I considered and I have loved each one. The bonus is that I haven’t needed another haircut yet, a bonus for the budget-strapped mom who’d rather spend $30 on books at Goodwill than on a haircut 😀

  23. I’m also very interested in Pinterest and I’ve heard a lot about it in various blogs I read, but it wasn’t until reading this post that I thought I’d check it out. I just discovered an awesome (and easy) mac ‘n cheese recipe that I was hoping to pin, only to discover that I couldn’t join immediately, so now I’m on the wait list.

    Your haircut is great — very flattering! And, I love your blog and all the encouragement and inspiration you provide!

  24. I am your newest follower! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post about Pinterest. I am on the waiting list as well. Do you happen to have any more invites left? If so, I would love one. Thanks a bunch! 😀 Hope your Tuesday is fabulous!

  25. Great idea for hairdo’s. I’m a ponytail mom. I know I need to branch out. Maybe when the girls are old enough to get ready in the morning by themselves. 🙂 Found you through Simple Organic’s link up!