Using the Produce Box Tomatoes

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Garden-grown tomatoes or those from your farmer are so much better than store bought. Here’s how to use up the produce box tomatoes.

tomato plant

Tomatoes are a fun fruit to grow. (Yes, they are a fruit.) Depending on what kind of tomato plants you grow, you can have an abundance of cherry tomatoes, romas, beefsteak, and heirlooms. One year my cherry tomato plant was so prolific that I eventually pulled it out of the ground. I just could not keep up with its production.


That was back when we had two acres in the sticks. Now that we live “in town” with a miniature back yard, I let the farmers — and my dad — grow my tomatoes. I’m hoping life will slow down some year for me to give my heart to container gardening. In the meantime, the farmers are keeping me well-stocked.

As I type this I’m munching on a turkey and swiss on sourdough loaded with fresh field-ripe tomatoes. Oh amazing! If you’ve never had a tomato purchased away from a grocery store, then you are missing out. Those bred for commercial uses just don’t have the flavor and texture that heirloom and other varieties have.

Here are some of our favorite ways with tomatoes:

Paso Mom Tacos

Pesto Pizza with Feta

Roasted Vegetable Soup with Oregano

Rice Pasta Salad

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Fresh Salsa with Garden Tomatoes

My girls and I are happy to munch on cherry tomatoes as a snack. So good! Yum!

What’s YOUR favorite way with tomatoes?

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  1. This week I’ve been slicing tomatoes into grilled cheese sandwiches (good wheat bread and mozzarella cheese). I’d add basil if I had it.
    I also like fresh salsa, and pasta sauce made with oven roasted tomatoes and onions.
    This post makes me wish I had more tomatoes. We just grow a few in pots on our deck – I haven’t put enough energy into defeating the critters in the backyard.

  2. Elizabeth says

    My mom makes a delicious salad/side dish by slicing tomatoes and marinating them in balsamic and olive oil. Sometimes she adds slivered onions – seriously good!

  3. This is a great idea. I always seem to have a hard time growing tomatoes in my garden. Usually then end up over-rippening and rotting. Then I don’t get them staked up. Every year I think about doing something like this. Now that I see you post about it in action I will be more inspired next season!

  4. Pico de still my heart!

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