Wanna Be a Coupon Queen?

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You’ve probably seen her before. She stands in the checkout line in front of you and hands the clerk a stack of coupons. You roll your eyes, wondering how long is this going to take? You look to the tabloid covers to kill some time. But, when you hear the numbers, you pay a little more attention to the transaction at hand. Before money saving coupons, her total was over $100. She leaves, having paid about twenty bucks. What just happened here? And why does your cartload cost five times as much as hers?

To read the rest of my article and to get tips on how to start couponing, visit this month’s online edition of Houston Family Magazine.

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  1. Anonymous says

    funny that you posted this today… I just returned from my store and paid $35 for $100 worth of groceries. The checker that helped do my self check told me "you sure can save if you cut coupons…." I had to do 3 transactions, but the planning and knowing my prices and matching up the coupons is well worth it for my family. Thanks for all you do! Off to read the article now….

  2. Stacie says

    I just came back from my shopping trip! I saved $53 and spent $49! Most of the items I "purchased" were free after the sale price and double (woo hoo!) coupons. My cashier was very nice and asked me where I normally get my coupons and I said "everywhere"!

    Guess I'm going to need a tiara!

  3. JessieLeigh says

    Great article- I'm proud to be a "coupon queen" and it's one battle I'm prepared to fight. 🙂 Lots of fabulous tips for getting started!

  4. Rebecca says

    I'm a pretty frugal girl who really knows how to shop, but I am still amazed at $100 of groceries for $20-30? I do deals like that at Walgreens with their Register Rewards, but for ordinary grocery shopping, I purchase a lot of store brand items if the price is still less than the name brand minus coupon. I do love it when my Kroger store sends me "personalized coupons" for $5 off my shopping order, $1.50 off ice cream, or free eggs.

    You may call me Princess Rebecca, and I will continue to bow down to you Queens. 😉

  5. I actually never bother with coupons, choosing to buy very cheaply in bulk from a local mom and pop store, except for butter and milk which come straight off the farm. For instance, this week, I bought 75 lbs of assorted organic beans, 50lbs of organic barley,and 50lbs of raw sugar. Of course, that might not work for everyone, but that is how I handle groceries.

  6. Macomb Money Savers says

    Loved this article – I thought it was very well-written! Thanks for sharing!

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