Wanna Make a Pretty Cool Cake? Buy the Ebook

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I’m no expert, believe me. I’m just a mom who likes to make cool cakes for her kids. When they told me that I couldn’t make them pie for their birthdays, I had to get creative. My basic formula is to take what interests my kids, find toys and candy to go with the theme and then create a scene on top of a cake. Think third grade diorama and make it edible. It’s pretty much what the bakery does, only

  1. My kids have a lot of creative license in choosing a theme. The sky’s the limit in terms of themes.
  2. The birthday child gets to keep an entertaining functioning toy rather than a useless, plastic cake topper.
  3. I don’t pay a small fortune to celebrate with a festive cake.

Still not convinced you can do it? Then consider purchasing my ebook, Pretty. Cool. Cakes: A Baker’s Dozen of Creative Birthday Cake Ideas. I promise you will feel inspired. This 34-page book includes photographs step-by-step instructions of thirteen different birthday cakes. Each one is based on a theme chosen by real live kids infatuated with fantasy heroes and storybook characters, just like every other child. Each cake can easily be adapted to your own child’s interests if ours aren’t his favorite. The many ideas represented here range from Star Wars to the Rainforest to Fancy Nancy as well as a few that will please older children, college students, and adults. But the best part of this book is the encouragement and inspiration it imparts. You will see that it really isn’t difficult to create a festive, fun, and frugal birthday cake to celebrate the milestones in your family’s lives.

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  1. I have a bakery from home. Or on a good day that's what I call it. On the regular days, I call myself a baking fanatic who begs friends and strangers alike for the opportunity to bake for them. I love cakes, cookies, pies, the gamut and recently realized again my love for cooking as well. Julie and Julia was quite the inspiration!

    I look forward to making your Indiana Jones cake this month for a friend. I looked into it about a year ago for another client, but then the theme changed on me. I'd love to share pictures with you as well, if you are interested.

    I'm thinking about buying your ebook as well, but wonder, is it possible to preview first? I've taken Wilton classes and made literally dozens over the years (I started when my almost 10 yr old turned 1) and can't decide if I should spend the money…

    Thanks, either way, for inspiring me.

  2. Steph, I'd love to answer your questions, but you haven't made your email available on your profile. Why don't you write me?

  3. I found out about your blog and particularly this book after a google search and am sad to see that it looks like you no longer offer this book 🙁

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