Want to be a Happier Mom?

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dumbo ride

A miserable heart means a miserable life;
a cheerful heart fills the day with song.
Proverbs 15:15, The Message

I realized early on in parenting, that despite my overachiever tendencies — or maybe because of them, I could take this motherhood thing to such lengths that I found myself frustrated and impatient. I would overdo until the point of exhaustion.

Who cares if my kid has a great birthday party, complete with golden-scaled dragon, if I’m crabby before it’s even started?

I know that when I use a harsh tone or an impatient word, it seems to have a trickle down effect. Everyone feels it. I’m thankful for the lessons that God has lead me through. Usually they have to do with coming to grips with my faults and sins and realizing where I need to grow.

And sometimes it takes work. That picture up there? It’s me and two of the littles on the Dumbo Ride, one of the most overrated rides in the world. But, I went on it. Even though I’m scared of heights. Deathly afraid of heights.

Sometimes you have to bust out of your comfort zone.

Here is a list of 14 ways I identified as things that help me be a better mom, a happier and more joyful one. I put together a pretty long series a few years ago addressing each one. I’ve realized that it’s good for me to reread it at least once a year. You know what I’m reading this week.

  1. Get a Reality Check
  2. Watch Your Words
  3. Simplify Your Life
  4. Count Your Blessings
  5. Be All There
  6. Get Outside
  7. Get Out of the Kitchen
  8. Be a Yes MOM
  9. Take a Time Out
  10. Live in the Now
  11. Read a Good Book
  12. Encourage Others
  13. Get Thicker Skin
  14. Lean on God

What makes YOU a happier mom?

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  1. Thank you SO much for this! I feel like I struggle to balance everyday and sometimes lose sight of what I should be focusing. I’m going to keep this readily available.