Weekend Giveaway from Gorton’s (now closed)

I love fish. Not only did I marry one, but I love the image of Jesus feeding the multitudes with just a few fish, of his calling to his disciples and promising to make them “fishers of men,” of his preparing a meal for his men after his resurrection.

It’s no wonder that fish plays a starring role during Lent, as we give extra special attention to what Jesus did before, during, and after the Cross.

As a child, my mom only prepared one fish dish that I can remember. It was sole in lemon butter with almonds. She never served it to us kids. It was just for her and my dad. And yet, I always wanted to sneak a few bites. Except for the bones, I loved that fish.

What I’ve learned is that fish vary so much in flavor and texture, that to say you “don’t like fish,” really isn’t an accurate statement. Perhaps you don’t like the kind you ate, or maybe what you ate wasn’t prepared properly.

Fish is a great protein to add to a meal.

This weekend Gorton’s Seafood is offering a special giveaway to LifeasMOM readers. From Gorton’s,

Gorton’s Seafood has more seafood selections and a Mercury free promise, making it easier than ever to get your USDA recommended two servings of fish a week.

Registered Dietitian Sylvia Melendez-Klinger offers the following tips to help your family fight obesity and improve your overall health:

  • Look for easy swaps. Add more fish and shrimp to your diet by preparing one of your family’s favorite recipes and swapping the protein for fish or shrimp. Seafood is great on salads, in pasta, tacos or in a stir-fry.
  • Stock your freezer. Avoid high-calorie, high-fat food temptations by stocking your freezer with a variety of options. With frozen seafood, like Gorton’s flame grilled fish and shrimp, you can prepare a nutritious, delicious recipe in minutes.
  • Make colorful, healthy toppings available. For a quick-and easy lunch or dinner, serve whole wheat tortillas or sandwich thins with prepared grilled tilapia or salmon. Then present a host of toppings, like avocado, tomato, cucumber, or spicy or dilled yogurt, so everyone can add their personal favorite.

Try Gorton’s for yourself

This weekend five LifeasMOM readers will each receive a coupon good for a free Gorton’s product.

Simply leave a comment, telling us about your favorite fish meal.

For an extra entry, “like” Gorton’s facebook page and come back and leave a second comment, telling me you did so.

Comments will be accepted until Sunday, April 10, 2011, at 8 pm PST. Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winners:


Disclosure: I have been compensated for time spent in conjunction with this giveaway. I was not compensated to publish positive comments. My opinions are my own.

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  1. great giveaway.

  2. I “liked” gortons on facebook!

  3. I love the way my brother-in-law prepares salmon. Still not sure exactly what he does, although I think he follows a different recipe every time. It’s been amazing every time, with fresh lemon juice squeezed over it.
    And get this, my brother-in-law is 14.

  4. I love salmon with potatoes on the side!

  5. i love fish tacos.

  6. i liked gortons on facebook

  7. I honestly don’t have a favorite fish meal. I used to say my favorite seafood was hushpuppies!! My taste for fish is growing and I am trying new stuff for my family.

  8. Love to BBQ salmon.

  9. Arena Thompson says:

    Fish Tacos!

  10. Nanci Rogers says:

    I love fish and seafood, I like to make shrimp and garlic sauce Chinese food, and I like to make salmon grilled with or without a sauce usually grilled or broiled.

  11. Arena Thompson says:

    I am a fan of Gorton’s on FB

  12. yum – i love fish, preferably grilled!

  13. Nanci Rogers says:

    I liked “Gorton’s” Facebook Page

  14. Melanie says:

    Our family loves Pioneer Woman’s Shrimp Penne Pasta (if shrimp counts as a fish that is!)

  15. Ashley H says:

    It’s not a “fish” but I love grilled shrimp.

  16. Jacqueline says:

    I love grilled salmon and steamed veggies!

  17. There isn’t much fish I don’t like, but fish tacos are probably my favorite!

  18. I know it’s not as good for you, but I loved the cornmeal fried fish my mom used to make.

  19. I liked Gortons on FB!

  20. Baked Salmon is my favorite!

  21. I’m not a huge fish fan but I’m slowly learning. My favorite fish meal is tilapia with rice and steamed veggies. Yum!

  22. (Looking around to make sure nobody’s watching before I make my confession…) I love fish sticks. Yes, those breaded planks of fish. But I love Spicy Tuna Rolls too- does that count?

  23. And I “like” Gorton’s on FB.

  24. I enjoy the Gorton’s breaded fish fillets. Leave off the tarter sauce or anything else and just enjoy them with a side of your favorite veggie. It makes for a delicious meal!

  25. p.s. I already like following them on facebook!

  26. We like baked salmon or tilapia topped with pesto.

  27. Shrimp & Pasta

  28. Theresa says:

    I love grilled cod

  29. Christy says:

    I am guilty as charged: I say, “I do not like fish.” Except frozen fish sticks and canned tuna. But I know I should! Help me try!

  30. I hate to admit it, but I really like fish sticks. I like other kinds of fish, too, but I think that’s my favorite. I just don’t have a very developed “palate.”

  31. karen S. says:

    Our favorite fish meal is fish sandwiches–using Gortons, our fav–and homemeade french fries.

  32. karen S. says:

    I like Gortons on FB.

  33. salmon with dill sauce 🙂

  34. I also like Gorton’s on FB!

  35. fish tacos!

  36. I love a delicious a delicious Steelhead or Salmon. I’ll eat it cooked anyway practically, lol!

  37. I’m a fan of Gortons on FB!

  38. I like baked tilapia with garlic and lemon sauce

  39. I liked Gortons on FB

  40. opps, meant to say we love fish tacos and gumbo

  41. Fish packets. Foil, talapia, lemon,diced peppers, & lemon pepper.Easy freezer meal. Bake 350 10 min.

  42. Michelle P. says:

    I just “liked” Gordon’s Seafood and entered to win a trip to Italy on their website! Thanks!

  43. We never ate fish at home, hence never learned to like it. Occas. I eat fish and chips….definately not the healthy choice!!

  44. kathy f says:

    We love fish sticks.

  45. Lisa H. says:

    I remember fried trout as a kid that my dad caught! Brings back memories.

  46. Trish Elms says:

    I LOVE tilapia! Anyway…anywhere…anytime!

  47. I am in love with Basil Pesto Tilapia right now!

  48. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    I love a fish fry!

  49. FB fan

  50. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    I liked gorton’s on facebook

  51. Robin H says:

    I love tilapia with chile lime butter and pilaf.

  52. I don’t really care for fish except for fish sticks, i.e. fake fish. 🙂

  53. As a kid we would go to Grandmas cabin in the Ozarks and spend 3 day weekends. Always on Sat night after a day of fishing off the dock we would have batter fried catfish! The best!

  54. Corissa says:

    Popcorn shrimp is oh so easy on a night I forgot something.

  55. Liked Gortons on FB!

  56. What an awesome giveaway! I do not know if I could list a favorite as I like so many. Grilled salmon, grilled tilapia, and grilled trout are just a few. Please enter me in your giveaway!


  57. I love teriyaki salmon with a pineapple mango salsa on top. Yumm!

  58. My favorite is Salmon grilled after being marinated in a bit of teryiaki. Then when I eat it i dip it in a little soy sauce. Very good!

  59. I “liked” it on facebook!

  60. Mami2jcn says:

    I love salmon, red snapper, tilapia, and flounder. I’m a big fish fan!

  61. Mami2jcn says:

    I like Gorton’s on Facebook with my username Mary Happymommy.

  62. I love the battered fish with malt vinegar.

  63. AllieZirkle says:

    What a fun giveaway! We could use a little more fish in our diet… lol

  64. Grilled salmon

  65. I like Gortons on FB

  66. AllieZirkle says:

    I’m a fan of Gorton’s on FB

  67. I’ve always loved the fish nuggest my mom made when we were young. Deep fried bluegills dipped in a wet batter isn’t exactly the healthy option that I might make today, but every once in awhile I crave ’em! Thanks!

  68. I dont like fish but the rest of my crew does! Their favorite way is simply baked int he oven, with some seasonings!

  69. We love salmon drizzled with a little olive oil and fresh lemon. Delicious!

  70. Susan T says:

    I liked salmon prepared any way.

  71. Susan T says:

    I liked Gorton’s on facebook.

  72. Emily E Lah says:

    My family likes to eat the popcorn shrimp with bake potatoes and salad.

  73. I always thought I didn’t love fish until my husband and I moved to Florida for five years. I fell in love with grouper sandwiches.

  74. I like to grill salmon on my George Foreman grill.

  75. To be honest, I don’t care for fish. However, the other 4 members of my family do. They will try just about anything.

  76. fish and mac & cheese!

  77. Sarah V says:

    I love shrimp and I like fish grilled with lemom pepper seasoning.

  78. I just know how to cook Tilapia! 🙂

  79. Marissa says:

    All of it! We love tilapia with butter lemons and seasonings on the grill.

  80. Salmon with lemon butter and capers!

  81. I “like” Gorton’s on Facebook

  82. Emily Jo says:

    I am not much of a fish eater. In my defense I live in the midwest and fresh fish is a bit of an understatement. So much to what I am sure is someones dismay I have to say my favorite is Long John Silvers fish!

  83. We eat salmon once a week. I usually just prepare it with some lemon and s&p. but sometimes I make teriyaki salmon.

  84. Trina Miller says:

    I LOVE fish tacos.

  85. Salmon – cooked almost any way. And sushi!

  86. Natalie Q. says:

    My family loves broiled salmon with my homemade basil pesto. Yum!

  87. Another vote for fish tacos – yum!

  88. Pamela J says:

    Tuna and noodles with lots of cheese. Thanks for a nutritious “contest”!

  89. i love pecan crusted salmon! its a recipe i found on allrecipes. thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  90. I found a recipe on food network for (fish) with Zesty Basil Butter- it is amazing! Basically a scampi with butter, garlic, red pepper flakes and basil…. Pan fry mahi mahi, tilapia, or whatever you have on hand and top with sauce before serving…. uhhhmmmmm…. (homer simpson drool)

  91. We like baked salmon with lemon juice and herbs.

  92. Jennifer says:

    I really enjoy fish! We need to eat more of it!

  93. Rebecca W. says:

    I would really like to try something new.

  94. We like tilapia just pan fried with a little butter and seasonings.

  95. Nina Terheyden says:

    I absolutely LOVE fish! My biggest pet peeve though is having to spend more time picking out the bones than eating it. My favorite way to eat fish is grilled, but a close 2nd is fried fish ….i think i’m drooling! Gorton’s makes some fabulous frozen fish w/ sauce on salmon…so yummy and doesn’t taste like you’ve eaten frozen fish!

  96. Nina Terheyden says:

    I just “liked” Gorton’s! Great giveaway 🙂 Thank you!

  97. We love broiled fish with a topping of mayo,butter, parmesan cheese, and green onions. Yummy!

  98. Fish and Chips of course!

  99. ‘liked’ Gortons on FB

  100. Mary E.S. says:

    I buy whiting fillets and make baked lemon pepper fish with it. Its always a hit at our house.

  101. Angela Slate says:

    I like either baked salmon or baked talapia on a bed of brown rice!

  102. I love fish when it’s simple, not fried, not blackened just a little butter and seasoning with lemon juice and then seared. Yum!

  103. I just liked Gorton’s on FB Jessica, thanks!

  104. We love grilled tilapia.

  105. Miranda says:

    I like baking halibut

  106. Alycia M says:

    I love it when my husband cooks Tilapia on the grill. I honestly don’t know what he does to it but it tastes great! My children love when I declare it “Red Lobster” night at home. That means I cook popcorn shrimp, garlic bread, a vegetable and apple sauce! I don’t do it too often but they sure love it! 🙂

  107. Alycia M says:

    I “liked” Gorton’s on FB too!

  108. salmon rubbed with brown sugar and dill and grilled or tilapia covered in mango salsa and baked 🙂

  109. Stephanie K. says:

    I’m not crazy about fish, but I can handle fish sticks & fish fillets. Hoping to get better at eating grilled fish, so much better for me. My kids love fish sticks & fillets too. 2 of my kids will eat most other fish too.

  110. Stephanie K. says:

    I “liked” gorton’s on fb too 🙂

  111. My favorite fish recipe came from Trader Joe’s 🙂 Fish tacos! Baked breaded fish potions, shredded green cabbage tossed with cilantro dressing on a tortilla! Kiddo snarfed it down without asking questions – ::confession:: He did accuse me of trying to poison him once he found out it was cabbage… He thought it was extra crunchy lettuce…

  112. Cyndi Stevenson says:

    My husband does a nice mahimahi on the grill

  113. well for myself and my kids, its just about any fish out there but my husband sticks more with fish sticks, shrimp and sometimes fish tacos. i’ve been trying to find ways to get more fish in our diet

  114. Fish tacos! Yum!

  115. I love fish tacos with mango salsa & shredded cabbage. Yum!!

  116. I LOVE fish, however, my husband is a bit more picky when it comes to seafood. He does enjoy smoked salmon though, so we occasionally have that for a special dinner.

  117. I liked Gorton’s on FB.

  118. love red fish baked with tomatoes ontop

  119. liked Gortons on facebook

  120. I love fried fish.

  121. I just “liked” Gortons on FB.

  122. I love Shrimp and Fish Tacos!!

  123. I also “liked” Gortons on FB. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  124. Angela Lierman says:

    Our family loves Gorton’s so much, we visited the factory during our vacation to Boston last summer! 🙂

  125. Fish tacos are the hands down favorite.

  126. Love me some Gortons!!

  127. We love baked tilapia with “butter” and seasoned salt — lemon juice. Also like baked Gorton’s fish portions.

  128. “liked” Gorton’s on facebook

  129. i can’t say i really have a favorite fish meal, but we eat fish once a week here. i typically just bake it with some lemon, salt and pepper and we like the way it tastes. we do eat a variety though, such as flounder, whiting and tilapia. i got some shrimp cheap the other day and am excited to make that soon!

  130. My friend who grew up in China makes the best ginger & soy trout. It’s so very good, even my toddler was asking for more!

  131. Caroline says:

    A stirfry with shrimp is my family’s favorite.

  132. bridget says:

    we loved grilled fish tacos. yum!

  133. I unfortunately am a fish sticks or canned tuna kind of mom. Fortunately my oldest is much more adventurous in the fish eating department (takes after her dad) and has yet to find a fish she doesn’t like. Yesterday we went to a Seafood restaurant and she devoured her fish and ate off everyone else’s plate as well, yet never touched her chips (french fries). Hoping the youngest has the same love of fish as her sister.

  134. I absolutely love Gorton’s fishsticks. They make a great meal, and there are no better fishsticks!!

  135. like gorton’s on facebook

  136. my favorite fish is a cod and potato dish – I don’t make it often as only my husband and I eat fish but I do love it!

  137. grilled tuna is probably my all time favorite meal!

  138. we love fish…usually it’s oven baked and then with a lemon juice-butter sauce spooned over the top. Even my toddlers eat it up.

  139. fish sticks!

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