Weekend Trip: An Eating Tour of Santa Barbara

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We spent the weekend away, back in our old stomping grounds. What a walk down memory lane! FishPapa grew up in Santa Barbara. I went to college there. We met and married there. FishBoy 11 was born there.

The place is full of memories. That is for sure.

If you’ve ever been to Santa Barbara, you know that State Street is the main drag. It goes for several miles, ending in the Pacific. Literally. As we cruised it, I found myself pointing out all the restaurants I’ve ever dined in. And you know what?

I could do it from beginning to end. I could narrate the entire street based on the culinary delights, both past and present, that it holds.

This gives me pause. As it should you.

What kind of freak am I?! Just makes me wonder if food is just a tad too important to this ol’ tummy of mine. Hmmmm….

Anyways, in case you were wondering:

** La Supericas, though not on State Street, is still as good as it always was. It was Julia Child’s favorite Mexican food restaurant. It was a well-kept secret until she told the press. And now the word is out. The lines can be a block long. We beat the rush. And it was fantastic. I recommend the Number 8. Sorry, no picture. Have you ever tried feeding six children in a crowded taco joint? Yeah.

** Rudy’s is probably our second favorite Mexican food place in Santa Barbara. The sopes were wonderful, exactly as I remembered them.

** Peets Coffee has now opened a second location. And while my sister and her husband prefer the Upper State shop, I have to say that I prefer the one downtown. They made my mocha to perfection, right down to the pretty drizzle of chocolate sauce over the whipped cream and a fancy schmancy bag to hold my coffee purchase in. I can compare the two locations, because of course, I went to them both two days in a row. (Can you say glutton?)

** Blenders was a brand new wheat grass/smoothie bar some 15 years ago. Now, they have multiple locations. It’s still as good as it always was. We recommend the Red Orange.

Some places were no longer in their proper places. Some have closed. Some were closed when we were ready to eat.

They say you can never go home again. But, me and my stomach? We’re sure going to try.

What’s a culinary indulgence of yours that reminds you of the good ole’ days?

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  1. Great timing on the Santa Barbara post. We will be there in a few weeks. We didn’t grow up there but we honeymooned there and have spent many “getaways” there!
    Anyway, in my hometown we had this little taco stand called ‘Taco Tia’. AHHH, it had the best bean and cheese burritos! The tortillas were the good flour kind that I just can’t find anymore. The cheese was always at the bottom of the burrito…mmmmmmmm. The beans were the lard ladden unhealthy kind but I was a kid and, well, who cares! I miss that place!

  2. I grew up in metro Atlanta and the BEST place to get chili dogs and greasy fries is “The Varsity” it is across from GA. Tech. You can still dine outside and have a carhop wait on you or go inside to one of the many, many dining rooms to eat. It is an experience! The Varsity has been featured on several Food Network shows. It is an acquired taste if you don’t eat much fried food. We are trying to eat healthier everyday but if in Atlanta and given the chance I will get a chili dog and fries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, some of the employees have been there for 3 or 4 decades!

  3. Does Thrifty’s Ice Cream count?

    And I remember Bob’s Big Boy… and Farrells. Uh, why am I only thinking of junk food places? How bout Macayos and Manuels–great Mexian places… in PHX that is… oh great. Now my mouth is watering. Thanks.

    ps. You are making me want to go to Santa Barbara someday….looks and sounds wonderful!

  4. Ah, this post makes me want to go back so bad! I went to college in good ol’ SB, too and hung out at many of those same places- amazing, I used to think I couldn’t get through a week without a smoothie from Blenders! And I love Rudy’s! 🙂 Can’t wait until my kids are a little older so I can take them back to my old stomping grounds- Santa Barbara was/is such a great college town! 🙂