Welcoming Papa Home

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Over the month of June I’m delving into a series on honoring the men we know as fathers. It could be your husband, your dad, your brother, or some other man who acts as a father in the lives of the people you love. And I’m not covering the topic alone. Mandi, JessieLeigh, Amy, and Tara are all chiming in on the topic as well.

This week we talked about how to make home a welcoming place. And since the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I, of course, tackled the edible portion of our welcome. Read my suggestions for 3 Delicious Ways to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere.

Just yesterday I made a cheese and cracker tray for hubs to snack on when he came home. He noticed — and he was so pleased. And it went really well with the baguettes that he had brought home for us!

Don’t forget to read what ideas the other ladies have suggested. Be sure to hop around and be inspired:

Do your and your peeps have a special way of welcoming the Big Guy home?

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  1. I always stop whatever I’m doing (this is a HARD choice on more than a few days!) and make a big deal of showing that I’m truly happy that he’s home!

    And it’s been contagious….ever since our children were way too small to think they’d be catching on, they’ve done this, too! Makes our precious man’s day every time—and that makes ours 🙂

    I also read in a book several years ago to try and have something cooking that’s yummy, even if it’s just onions!

    I try to do that once in awhile, and he always comments on how welcoming that is (without using that word). It’s the LEAST I can do in response to his working so hard all day every day—at a job with many frustrating factors—to provide for our family!!!!!

  2. We have a loud greeting for Daddy when he comes home. Last year we started reading the “How to Train Your Dragon” book series as a family at our girls’ bedtime. Dh loved my reading aloud so much that we weren’t allowed to read it when he was on shift (he’s a firefighter, 24 on/48 off).

    When the leader of the Viking tribe entered a room there was a special, respectful and reverent way he was acknowledged and we do that for Daddy.

    We yell: “Daddy’s Home!”
    He hollers: “Hear his name and tremble!”
    We reply: “UGG, UGG!”

    Gets a smile every time. 🙂

  3. We have a special song we sing when Daddy comes home from work. As soon as I start singing, my 14-month-old drops whatever he’s doing and crawls like mad towards the door. He also has this crazy goose-honk-like sound that he ONLY makes when Daddy comes home from work. He’s just completely overcome with excitement. It’s hysterical!