What do you want most out of Life as Mom?

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The new year is under way. Goals are being set. The daily grind starts rolling tomorrow.

One thing that I would love from you is your feedback. How can I and the writers here at Life as Mom serve you best? We want to serve you, to encourage you, to help you know that you are not alone.

Do you have a minute to leave a comment? If you do, I would be so honored if you would do so, and let us know what types of posts, printables, and content HELP YOU MOST in your life as Mom.

Our time is limited, as is yours. So let’s prioritize! Help us help you!

What do you want most out of Life as Mom?

Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback!

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  1. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    What I enjoy reading when I come here is real life. There are a lot of blogs that show the pretty and seemingly perfect. When I come here I feel at home. I like that it’s more like a conversation. I can’t talk back but I can totally relate. I also like the writers from different walks of life with different things to teach me.
    I don’t homeschool but love reading about yours. I’ve learned so much and I do try some tips and tricks when we get into homework mode around here! I deal with one child that struggles so much with the work (even though she CAN do it…just doesn’t want to and has a lot of trouble focusing) and she takes so much time. Then another who is VERY bright but I know she feels like she takes a backseat to her sister (sometimes she does). So maybe more on how you handle so many at different ages and maybe different needs/struggles together without someone feeling left out.
    I think what you do here is great and I appreciate you letting us in to your life, home and family.

  2. I like short posts, usually including bullets rather than prose/paragraphs.
    I teach full time so I need to maximize every minute. It would be nice to see a little more for teaching moms that includes extracurricular responsibilities (feels like my husband and 7 year old are on Student Council too!)

  3. I am not interested in homeschool. I love the routines , organization and learning to take care of myself better , I am a mom of four, also tips and tricks for travel and outtings, emergency storage, I love reading both blogs. I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO,

  4. I love the posts on home routines, organization, goal setting/meeting, and other planning. I read everything on GoodCheapEats as well. I enjoy your perspective showing the good, the bad and the ugly of momhood.

  5. I’m preparing for this months pantry challenge and wondering where I can find the recipe for the yogurt pancakes. It is a make ahead mix recipe. Thank you!


  6. I agree with the above comment that I love your real life focus. I get overwhelmed with the slick and pretty blogs. They’re beautiful but I know they’re not the whole story of someone’s life. I appreciate your honesty here.

    I don’t really do printables or planners from blogs. I love your recipes, pantry topics, and your spiritually focused posts. Your weekly ramble is always a fun read. I’m not actually a mother but I enjoy reading homemaking blogs. A lot here is still relevant to me even though I don’t have kids. I come here for cooking and homemaking tips and for encouragement to keep on living my life walking alongside the Lord.

    • I’m with Elizabeth. I like your real pictures that I can tell you’ve really been working on over the past few years, but reflect real life. I don’t do the printables, sometimes just because I don’t have a color printer. I like the recipes because your family’s tastes are similar to my family’s tastes. I love, love, love pantry/food storage topics. I usually only quickly read the spiritual posts and I’m not a homeschooler, so not too interested in that topic. I also really liked the articles about how you helped your kids clean up their rooms. Giving them “permission” to get rid of absolutely anything was a game-changer in my own mind. I read and like both blogs. I do find myself frustrated with all the clicking I’m having to do to get to some recipes and so forth these days. I realize it probably maximizes your page views, but sometimes if I find I have to click AGAIN, I just don’t.

  7. Love both blogs! I’m fairly accomplished and comfortable in the kitchen, but I still love the recipes. In fact, I made the garlic brie bread with my kids yesterday, and I’m pretty sure they now think I’m the most amazing mom ever. It was sooo good!

    I struggle with the organizing, the decluttering, the cleaning routines. That’s where I need help!

  8. For the most part I love what you are doing. I love the more old school feel of this blog. More of a friend than a slick production or all picture perfect and staged. In the very best way. I like knowing about your kids, and your weeks. And your food. I love your cookbooks.
    I don’t do printables, or periscope (but I love Instagram and enjoy your on there)

  9. I would suggest that you keep doing what you have been doing! 🙂 Your blog is my favorite and I have even been looking back at the archives. I have children the same age as yours and I can really relate to you. I homeschool so I am interested in that topic as well as decluttering, home organization, snack and meal planning, etc. I am also turned off by blogs that seem too perfect. I am inspired when people share their real life problems and solutions. I am always looking for inspiration and how to do things better.

  10. I like that you keep it real. I like your recipes, routines and musings on life. One of my favorite posts was a picture of your laundry room. Yep. That picture put a smile on my face all day!! No matter how hard we all try to keep it all together there are days when you just need to succumb to the disorganization of kids, husband and home. It is hard to be a mom, wife, cook, housecleaner, housekeeper and you add teacher, cook book author, blogger to the list!! Keep doing what you are doing.

  11. I love your encouragement for moms at every stage. You have so helped me, and the personal touch relieves this mama of 1 toddler. Knowing what’s to come is also very helpful for me. Having an expectation allows me to be calmer when change occurs. I also really like the free freezer meal ideas. I was able to help with Thanksgiving for the first time because of the sides post you did.

  12. I like the meal plans, the freeze-ahead show and tells and the real life info on how you organise things at home. I also liked the book club.

  13. I agree with the other commentors, I love how you keep it real, not staged and perfect. 🙂 I LOVE your homeschool posts and read them over and over, so please don’t stop posting them! As a fellow homeschool mom of 6, I find it soooo encouraging to see how someone else does their homeschool! I’m also a big fan of any organizing/keeping up the home type posts and would love to see more of those. The pantry challenge is a fun read and I usually follow along without commenting. Basically, keep doing what you’re doing, I enjoy it so much!

  14. I really appreciate when you share your “tricks of the trade”; meal planning/prep, organizing, and debt free living.

    I am a single mother of a toddler and your planner helped me get my head back on straight in those early days of motherhood trying to figure out how to get everything done by myself (time management, organization, meal planning, etc.). Also, your posts about living debt free are a huge blessing to me, I find a lot of encouragement in them and they have helped me realize my own goals for debt free living. And finally I think the best of all are the times you share tricks of the trade, you have raised/are raising six kids and that’s nothing to turn your nose up at. I figure if it’s worked for six it will work for one 

    I think someone posted earlier that coming to your blog is like a conversation, it’s like coming home and I feel the same way. Now with your scopes I feel like we’re just friends hanging out having some coffee chatting about life (hopefully that’s not too weird). I appreciate what you do and offer so thank you!

  15. I love your current content! I enjoy the planning/goal setting/travel posts. All of your tips are fantastic. What I personally need to do more of is read Good Cheap Eats more often. I like it when you talk about food here but totally forget sometimes that you’ve got the other site. You’re real and honest and I appreciate that. 🙂

  16. I like that you tell it like it is. You don’t sugar coat it! We live in a world today where everyone hee haw’s around the truth. It is refreshing!! Keep it up!! A+ in my book! 🙂

  17. I’ve been reading here for a long time, and I love that it always feels like a conversation with a friend. You keep it real and encourage me with your posts, and I so appreciate that! As a fellow mom of 6, I feel like I need all the help I can get keeping my house and life organized, so those posts are on the top of my list this year. That being said, I tend to find nuggets of help and encouragement in most of your posts, so keep on posting and I’ll keep on reading. 🙂

  18. even more personal life – like food allergies, slower homeschool schedule, etc.

  19. I love your weekly ramble. And I love how you keep things on here real.

  20. Even though I didn’t homeschool, I appreciate the content on your blog. I have friends and coworkers who do and feel that I can be more supportive and encouraging towards them because of your sharing.

    I enjoy your Weekly Ramble.

    I enjoy the David Crowder Christmas CD I won a few years ago in a giveaway you had. I also have to thank you for the Daily Walk Bible I won last year. I use it 🙂 It helped create a daily habit that I don’t ever want to stop.

  21. I like variety. I always appreciate the “we were struggling with __ aspect of homeschool, and here’s what I’m trying now to fix it.” We’re not totally into homeschooling yet but we will be soon and it seems right to try anticipating what struggles will happen to be prepared to combat them 🙂

  22. Not gonna lie: I never miss a Weekly Ramble. It is fun to me to see how other folks live their lives. I also enjoy reading about organization and parenting. I don’t homeschool, but it fascinates me so if I have time I’ll read.

  23. I have enjoyed your blog for many years and have a stash of your lists to show for it. I do love them! I just finished homeschooling our youngest, number 7, so now my focus is more on the home. I love your weekly ramble, the lists and pantry makeovers. Your blog is a delight to read and so helpful to boot.

  24. I like pretty much everything. I like hearing what you and your contributors actually do. I need encouragement not to be a crabby mom. I miss the book reviews.

  25. I like the blog as is. Even though we are seniors, we use your ideas for conserving resources while continuing to eat a healthy diet. Insurance and food costs keep going up, yet we saw no increase of income this year, and that makes budgeting more important than ever. Most of the blogs have the same easy menu ideas, but I really enjoy your recipes and your cookbooks, which offer quite a lot of French cuisine and old world cooking. It reminds me of the way my mother cooked.

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