What Does Your Refrigerator Say About You?

Ready to play Remington Steele? I don’t watch much contemporary television; I have no idea if CSI is relevant to this discussion. But, I do have wonderful memories of faithfully watching Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan solve mysteries together every week at 9 pm on Wednesdays. It was Channel 4 KNBC. Circa 1982.

Anyway, today I’m doing something that I really can’t believe I’m doing. I’m showing you the inside of my refrigerator…

without cleaning it out first!

Yes, really. This is like reality TV for refrigerator snoops. I just opened the door and snapped a photo. Take a good look. You ready, grocery geeks? You can totally figure these things out.

What can you find out about me based on my refrigerator?

You ready for the low-down? Here’s my analysis, including a few details that you would be able to see if you were standing here with me.

1. Where I shop

I shop at Walmart, Costco, and Trader Joe’s, among other stores. Kirkland bulk packaging, the GreatValue mark and Trader Joe’s labels are clearly evident. Those are the places where, apart from regular grocery store loss leaders, I find the best deals.

2. I like funky foods.

Hummus, blue cheese, Dijon mustard, basil pesto, garbanzo beans and ginger root are fairly typical ingredients that I cook with, but they are not necessarily mainstream for most of North America. Or are they? You tell me.

3. There are food allergies in the house.

The presence of almond butter and sunbutter signify a peanut allergy while the ground flax seed meal acts as a replacement for eggs, due to my daughter’s egg allergy.

4. I don’t like to waste food.

Leftover pasta sauce, a plastic wrapped container of yogurt, and a tomato in a sandwich bag signify a consciousness about saving food. However, we don’t know if I really use those things up, do we? No mold yet, so we can guess maybe I do really use the things I store. Maybe.

5. I buy my produce at the store.

While I wish that I could make a CSA work for me or better yet, grow my own, I do not. Plastic wrapped veggies fill the drawers. And I’m okay with that — for now.

6. The battle of the yogurts is being waged.

We currently have three kinds: greek, nonfat plain, and flavored Yoplait. Everyone likes a different kind and I use some for eating, some for cooking and baking. We just can’t decide.

7. I’m lazy.

The Red Bull, Diet Coke, and Dr Pepper in the door are not mine. My brother and my mom left them here, but I can’t bear to throw them out — that’s wasteful — nor do I really want to drink them — they’re gross. But, I’m also too lazy to move them to a cupboard and free up the space in my fridge.

The avocados and the kiwis are in the fridge because they’re starting to get too ripe. And so refrigeration will slow them down a little bit. Not feeling highly motivated to use them, though.

So, that’s me — in an icebox. You never knew so much about me, now did you?

What does your refrigerator say about YOU?

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  1. LOVED this post. I equally get a kick out of watching what people pile into carts at the grocers;). My fridge would be telling, too;). BTW that Kirkland brand pesto is really quite authentic, much more than some of the other jarred pesto’s out there… and you are in luck: kiwis last a long time in the fridge. I had a whole case of kiwis a few months back and stored them in my fridge successfully, for weeks!

  2. Shirlene says:

    mine says: she is a wreck!

  3. I enjoyed this blog. My frig is not nearly as full. I have an entire shelf and door shelf to beverages. Hummmm…..
    We have 1/2 of one shelf that is filled with healthy snacks my son knows he can eat whenever. Meat & eggs on the bottom shelf. Cooking needs in the door shelves and top left (the other half my son doesn’t use). That is it. Simple but real. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Okay… stupid question: What’s the advantage to keeping maple syrup in the fridge???

  5. What a fun post! I’ve actually drafted one on a similar topic based on a book I just read, which I reviewed today:
    (Note the paragraph where I mention that the author does a review of a “typical American’s” fridge. Enjoy!

  6. I love that you called it an “icebox” I call it that as well and when I first got married told my husband to put something in the “icebox” and he put it in the freezer thinking “icebox” meant freezer!

  7. Lynette says:

    Mine says, “All nice and orderly clean and sparkling…” because not long ago I did an overhaul on the kitchen – and the fridge was on that list! AND it also says “You are not very full, your condiment drawers have very little in them….” that’s because the relay for the lightbulbs decided to NOT TURN OFF for so many hours (before we discovered it) that things were melting in the fridge (I mean, the butter, literally melting from how hot it was in there!) In a mad dash hubby and I moved EVERYTHING from the shelves and drawers – to our back up fridge in the garage, until a repairman could come and fix the problem. Which he did. Which took him coming on a Friday, than going back to shop and ordering a part – which did not come in until Wednesday the following week, which is replaced Thursday. We could use the fridge, but we had this hanging thing (that had melted out of it’s holders) hangin in there taking up space, and……I’M LAZY TOO!!! I just didn’t want to move everything BACK into the fridge. So, as we’ve needed it I’ve gone out to the other fridge and grabbed it (and a couple other things I can carry in my hands at the same time) and slowly filling up those condiment shelves again. I’m just not really missing the pickles right now – so they can hang until I get the urge to move them back in the house! LOL! And that’s what my fridge says about me….

  8. Mine says “Preggy in the house who’s desperate to find anything she can keep down.”- it’s full of packages and containers with just one bite missing!

  9. Mine says, ” I want to look like Jessica’s when it hasn’t been cleaned.” 🙂

  10. Mine says we drink way too much diet soda! It also says I have lots of left-overs and I don’t like to throw anything away! Not throwing anything away is a good thing not a bad thing because the left-overs are all going to be used, not wasted!

  11. I had to laugh when I read this post and your pantry post. My mom and grandma call me the “kitchen nazi” because I will go through their pantry and refrigerator looking for expired foods. Mine don’t have expired food but they are quite the mess. I certainly don’t keep my pantry as neat and organized as yours!

  12. If those are funky foods, then I eat funky foods too! 😉

  13. I have to tell you I read your post this morning about organizing the pantry and I thought you know I really do need to wipe out all my cabinets (they aren’t really disorganzied but you know how they get crumbs here and there?) and planned to do that today but then I went out to my shed and realized that today was the day to get it cleaned…I should have taken before and after pictures, it was gross. Then I read your post about the refrigerator and thought “oh please don’t look in my refrigerator…it looks nasty”. My house don’t look bad at all but my refrigerator was terrible. BUT now, my refrigerator is clean. LOL. And the best part is it is almost empty and nice and clean before I go shopping tomorrow (I always plan to clean before I go shopping but it usually doesn’t get done). Just thought I would share.

  14. We had FOUR types of yogurt in our fridge until a few weeks ago. In an effort to cut costs, I dug out my old yogurt maker. I use whole organic milk and keep a container of frozen raspberries cooked down to sauce with a little sugar into it. Toddlers to teens and husbands) all loved it!

  15. I just KNOW we would get along in real life. I have all 5 seasons of Remington Steele on DVD. Yes, yes I do. Love!

    My fridge? It would probably say that we’ve been going out to eat too much lately (which I’m trying to change with a little pre-prep/freezer cooking), that I hate to clean (please excuse all the crumbs), and that I can’t say no to those green “Manager’s Special” stickers in the produce section. 🙂

  16. Your fridge tells me we have lots in common! Milled flax seed, Sunbutter – I’m right there with you! My son is allergic to eggs and nuts. Also, I love basil pesto, hummus & fresh ginger! I have 2 of the 3 in the fridge right now – going to plant more basil today!

  17. Danielle says:

    How did you figure out that your daughter had a nut and egg allergy? I’m trying to discern if my son is allergic to milk and eggs.

  18. My frig says that I am cheap:-)

  19. My refrigerator would say that our family has eclectic tastes in food. Currently, stores are pretty light as payday is approaching. We have homemade salsa, hummus or white bean dip…usually stored in re-purposed peanut butter jars. We, too, have 2-3 different kinds of yogurt at all times…vanilla, yoplait cups for the kiddos, and Greek as a substitute for sour cream (which we use OFTEN). We also buy milk and yogurt organic (but as I can’t bring myself to pay double for it, not butter). Our eggs are cage-free but not organic (again, frugality steps in as we use a lot of eggs.) We drink beer and hard cider (the bottom drawer is used for these), and we always have baby carrots in the crisper. My DH drinks Dr. Pepper–which I, too, think is vile. We also have a drawer solely dedicated to keeping cheese fresh: shredded cheddar, blue, string, Parmesan…and any other variety that we discern is necessary, even the occasional Gruyere or Parrano. The door stores most of the condiments…some for nearly every global region: sriacha, soy sauce, ketchup, the usual 3 varieties of mustard, mayo, curry paste, and various salad dressings (most are homemade).

    My point in this very detailed explanation is to let you know that you are not alone in having a rich epicurean sense and a strong desire to pass it on to your children. Happy cooking!

  20. This is funny! My fridge says it’s been too long since it was cleaned out!

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve often thought about writing a post with pictures of what my house looks like on any given non-company day…but I haven’t yet.

    Yesterday I did write a post with before and after pics of my dirty sink – cleaned with only baking soda. The baking soda worked great! You can see it here if you want:

  21. I always think you can tell a lot about people by the contents of their fridge.

    Mine has tons of canning jars, from home canned foods (like applesauce, jelly, and pickles) and homemade dressings. I have lemons from my sister-in-law’s tree, and 5 liters of water that we keep filled at all times, so that there is plenty of cold water to drink.

  22. I’m curious about sunbutter. My (nursing) daughter is allergic/sensitive to peanuts and almonds and I really miss peanut butter. I can have soy so soy nut butter is also an option for us.

    Do they taste and act like peanut butter?

  23. mine says you need to go grocery shopping. I have been shopping out of the pantry but I am low (almost out ) or fresh vegs and fruits. so I guess I will be off to Aldi’s tomorrow.

  24. DanielleW says:

    My fridge says I need another one because there is never enough room in this one. I do have a tip though….I keep all of my dressings together on the removable shelf on the door and then all the condiments together on another, and all the cooking sauces on their own too. That way when we set the table and we are having say salads we simple remove the shelf of dressings and place it on the table. Thank you for sharing your life as a mom I am totally enjoying you tips!

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