What Effect Could YOU Have? Contest and Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I was blessed by the number of guest bloggers who taught us about a whole host of eco-friendly practices that they are doing in their homes. If you missed what these moms had to share, check out the Going Green series.

Were you inspired to try something new at your house that helps the environment? I was – in a myriad of ways. So far the one that I’ve implemented has been to increase my collection and usage of resusable shopping bags. (Albertson’s has some really cute ones right now.)

If you’ve got a great idea, enter The Green Effect Contest sponsored by Sun Chips and National Geographic. Five winners will receive $20,000 to implement their clever ideas for environmental conservation. The deadline is June 8, so enter now.

Do some brainstorming with your peeps and submit your bright ideas today!

(Our family recently had a chance to sample Sun Chips snacks as well as try out a new kind of shopping bag. Go here for a chance to win your own Sun Chips and compostable EcoBag.)

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