What I Did On My Christmas Vacation

Today is the last day of our Christmas Break from homeschooling. It has just flown by. In case you were wondering, here’s what we did:

  • Attended tea parties.

  • Visited my parents.
  • Cried that these guys are growing too quickly.

  • Strolled along the Embarcadero.

  • Talked for hours with a great friend.

  • Went to the zoo.

  • Said, “Goodbye,” to a beautiful year.

  • Said, “Hello!” to a new one.

What did you do over the Christmas and New Year holidays? Are you ready for 2010?

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  1. Oh my, you've been busy! I really didn't do a while lot worth mentioning. I did just want to say that I LOVE the idea of a 2010 or New Year cake – that is great! And your log with the playmobile is just awesome.

  2. Look's like a GREAT and full break:-)

  3. You packed a lot into your break!

    We just took a couple of long weekends from school b/c of starting super late this year.

    But we had time to have a Christmas party at our house (our first party ever in our new house), sing lots of Christmas carols, do Advent activities, pass out presents of food to patients at the hospital, decorate a tree, then redecorate several times after it fell over, make homemade doughnuts and cinnamon rolls, and spend lots of time with new friends.

  4. Glad you had such a wonderful time! I really enjoyed reading your posts about how you were doing the pantry challenge while hosting company — terrific! It's so tempting to eat out when company is in town.



  5. Jessica :) says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I really admire you! As I was reading this post, it occurred to me how busy you must be all the time and yet you are always talking about spending time with your children, making awesome cakes for their birthdays – and the New Year -, blogging more often than I do {and I don't have any children} … my goodness. I hope someday that I can have as good a relationship with my children as you seem to have with yours and that I can remember that I'm never too busy to do something fun/nice for my family. Thanks for your blog! I love it! {BTW – it looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas break!}

  6. Trixie, if eating out weren't so expensive, I'd have been tempted. But, just to feed my growing boys at a restaurant is a challenge. It made the challenge fun to make it do "fun food." Is a reminder in what's good to keep on hand, too.

    Jessica, You are very sweet to say so. I don't do all I want or should do. But, I'm working really hard to make sure my kids know they are first. You'd be surprised at how easy it is for kids not to remember what you think is an obvious truth. That is my current goal — to make sure they know and feel it. So, you can pray for me!

    Thanks for reading!

  7. I had a great Christmas break but did not get a whole lot “accomplished”. The perfect Christmas break for me is relaxing with the kids! And that is my accomplishment! 🙂

  8. Wait – you’re close to La Jolla? How did I miss that in the past?

    San Diego girl here, fairly close to La Jolla. Sounds like you had fun during the break! We, on the other hand, went back to the Midwest and froze during a White Christmas. 😀

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      Somehow a lot of ppl miss that important fact. 😉 We live in San Diego, moved here in 08 after 5 years in Kansas City.

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