What Works in Our Homeschool

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I’m over at Simple Homeschool today sharing the curriculum we used this year. Some things worked, some didn’t. Hop on over there and check out the FishFam’s reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic choices.

And I’d love to get your two cents about next year’s options!

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  1. In our home school we are using Ace Ministries. It did not work for me this year. My husband and I plan on going with Abeka for next year. I feel that Abeka is a lot more solid in their teaching. Next week I will be looking more into it. Ace is good too in some ways. It has a slower pace and the students can work independently while you get things done. My oldest daughter struggles and this works for her but I feel their is something missing from Ace. My youngest daughter is bored and need to be challenged some more. With Abeka they will most definitely challenge you.