What’s On Your Plate?

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Today over at GoodCheapEats, we’re sharing what’s on our plates. It’s a peek into each other’s dining rooms and kitchens.

What are you eating? Was it good? Did you try something new, and it was da bomb? Or was it a total bomb? Did you score some great deals at the grocery store or farmer’s market, making it a tremendously good, cheap eat?

Inquiring minds want to know.

So, go check out What’s On Your Plate? and meet a whole world of good eaters.

As for me, we are grilling up a storm at our house. This is the season for great deals on fresh produce and grilling cuts of meat.

Have you ever tried potato packets on the grill? They were so good! I tossed peeled, chopped potatoes and peeled garlic cloves with olive oil, salt and pepper and sealed them up in individual foil packets. They cooked on the grill for about 40 minutes. Then we let those steam off the grill while we threw on spice rubbed chicken breasts. I just used some leftover Emeril Chicken Rub I had. A big salad on the side with sliced beefsteak tomatoes made a great supper.

What’s On Your Plate?

Do tell! Pop over to Good Cheap Eats.

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  1. Is that your actual dinner plate? It looks delicious!!! I have never tried potato packets on the grill. I think I might put that on the next menu I am working on.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Judy, yes, that’s my plate. M husband has almost stopped rolling his eyes when I take a picture of my dinner. LOL

  2. Amanda Y. says

    They sound delicious, but my thing is 40 minutes on a grill for some potatoes? That’s a huge cost in propane…. I live somewhere the cost of water is super high (but we use rain barrels and minimize wash and showers accordingly), electricity is not too high compared to some places I guess, but I always think that how you cook & cleanup from a meal needs to be accounted for in meal cost, and though I love grilling, the cost of to refill a propane tank nearly gives me a heart attack, so we don’t grill near as often as I’d like..

    • Jessica Fisher says

      You make a good point, Amanda. I don’t think propane cost is high here, but I’ll have to ask my husband. Yes, your cooking energy does add to the cost.

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