What’s Your Single Best Afternoon?

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My best days include these people — and this guy. They are truly what give my life purpose and joy. I am such a blessed woman!

Eighteen years ago, shortly after I met “Fish,” we spent Easter Day together. We had known each other just a few months, having met in his hometown/my college town, but we were already “head over heels.” He picked me up to go to church, then we had brunch with his dad. Afterward we went on a long bike ride, gaining sunburn/suntan in the process. It was one of those hot, but breezy days in Santa Barbara when the salt air mixed with sunshine feels so good. We stopped at a gas station and sat on the curb, drinking root beer. Not wanting to let the day end, we bought a kite at the drug store and went to a local field to fly it. Afterward, we went to a pizza place for dinner. What amazing day! It ranks high as one of the best, memory-filled days of my life.

When I think over the best times we’ve had together as a family, they’re not much different. I guess we love parks and good food! This past weekend we had a sweet time as a family after church. We picked up a take-out lunch and went to a small park. After eating, the kids scattered across the wide, green expanse — some to find pine cones beneath the tree, some to swing on the swings, some to go up and down — and up and down — the slide. It was relaxing, standing in the sunshine watching our kids play. Who knew on that afternoon so long ago that we’d continue to spend afternoons together that way with SIX KIDS?! Next time I need to remember the kite and the root beer!

What’s does your best afternoon look like?

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To enter the giveaway, go vote for your Single favorite town of the ten semifinalists then come on back to tell me what your Single best afternoon looks like in your own hometown. I’ll be picking a winner from the comments here at random. Please make sure I have your email address so that I can contact you when you win. Giveaway is open until Wednesday, March 24th 8 AM PST. Winners will be announced later that afternoon.

I hope you win!

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  1. Absolutely Augusta, GA! We used to live near there and we could spend hours downtown. Some of my favorite restaurants (like Blue Sky Kitchen) and favorite antique shops are there.

  2. My single best afternoon? Oh, that’s hard… but I’m going to go with all the special times I spent sitting on the jutting cliffs of Newport, RI as the waves crashed in… as a young girl with my siblings, later with my best friend, still later with my husband, and- finally- with a baby. So much majesty and peace there simultaneously. Amazing! What a fun thing to think about…

  3. My first thought when reading your headline about what my single best afternoon was immediately went to time alone by myself in a spa getting a massage and pedicure. But then I read your awesome post. And I thought: nope, time with my family is way better. My single best afternoon includes time with my husband, home all day on a weekend and NOT checking his Blackberry every two minutes, at the zoo with our two little ones, ages one and two. Our daughter loves to walk through the zoo holding her one-year-old brother’s hand, acting like such a good big sister. Then we all sit down in the cafeteria (or outside if it’s a nice day) and eat our sack lunch we brought with. Bliss!

  4. My Single Best Afternoon in my hometown – would be a conglomeration of the special days throughout the year that we have here in Clarence Center NY.

    Unfortunately many know our town as one of the places right under the flight path of the Buffalo Niagara International airport and where flight 3407 crashed 1 year ago on February 12, 2009 into a single family home killing all aboard and 1 man on the ground.

    But what people do not know about our town is how that event in addition to all of the others has solidified our love for one another in our community. A place where you can always find someone helping someone else and enjoying life.

    Clarence in is the oldest town (1808) in our county (Erie) in New York State. Here is my best day:

    Wake up to birds chirping, and deer and other critters wandering thru the peacefulness of the backyards. Take a walk with our boys over to the locally owned Mardee’s Restaurant where you are sure to see someone you know as you enjoy an amazing breakfast. On the walk home admire the half barrels of flowers that our townsfolk plant and care for to beautiful our small hamlet. Next we would go to one of the many town parks to enjoy a baseball game with one of our kids playing – our TCBA League is made up of so many volunteers who make baseball a fun learning experience for our kids. On the way home we would stop at the Coffee Co. in the heart of our village to say hi and enjoy a great and unique sandwich. From there we could head up to another town park, where they are either holding the family fun day and a huge parade down Main Street with all the local kids organizations, or to the special day in the park for pets. We might also spend time at the Fireman’s Picnic.
    Our firemen are all volunteers who are ready to serve at a moments notice. If it happens to snow on this wonderful day, you can be sure our neighbors are out helping one another clear the driveways. But if on this perfect day it is sunny and clear, we surely would spend time on one of the miles of bike paths in our town.

    In the evening if it is fall we might catch a football game whether little league or high school, or perhaps one of the world class concerts at our high school – as our town has been listed as one of the 100 best communities for music education in our country. Whether a concert at the school or in one of the parks we surely will be soothed by a vast repertoire chosen to tempt everyones palate.

    Our perfect day ends with fireworks (they happen 2x a year) that we observe from our porch as we gather with friends from the many local churches and thank God for an amazing community of people.

    I recently posted about my son and myself on our local bike path. It could have been part of my imaginary perfect day – as we had a blast in each other’s company. You can click the link below if interested.

  5. Oops – forgot my email to the comment above. It’s hollytchida at hotmail dot com.

  6. My favorite afternoons are spent at our lake in the warm spring, the nice summer days but especially those Indian Summer fall days, when we go down around lunchtime and end up staying until dark ordering pizza or my husband or I running out to grab burgers and hot dogs – its such a great place to hang out, especially when our friends stop by with their kids. The kids alternate between swimming, building in the sand, playing wiffle ball, reading or any fun pastime while the adults sit and talk or just watch the kids in the water. We alternate going into the water, floating on tubes, playing catch with the kids. Long, lazy afternoons!

  7. My best afternoons are what happened here the other night. We BBQ’d on the front porch, the kids road their 4 wheelers in the front yard, my husband and I got a chance to talk about our day. It was perfect! Didn’t have to go anywhere! But if we choose to, the beach is just a walk away and that’s ALWAYS a good time of fishing, sand castle making, frisbee throwing good times.
    Oh and I picked the Bell Buckle Tennessee town in case you were wondering which I would pick.

  8. My single best afternoon is walking along the riverwalk in my town enjoying the summer sunshine.

  9. My single best afternoon? Whenever we go to Webster’s Falls. We are so blessed to live near there – it is like a fairytale land with walking trails, picnic spots and an amazing view of the falls. Grabbing our picnic and just playing by the stream, watching our little ones delight is the ultimate!

  10. This one is so easy. After 18 months of battling leukemia, my 13 year old son had a bone marrow transplant (from his 11 year old sister) that was anticipated to keep him in the hospital for another holiday season. On Christmas Eve afternoon he was released from the hospital stable enough to spend the holidays at home with his sisters. After weeks of sadness at the possibility of another holiday apart, my daughters cried with joy when big brother came through the door. He has recovered so much more quickly than any of his doctors ever anticipated, and now every afternoon with him is special…but none more that Christmas Eve 2009.

  11. My single best afternoons of course is with my family. I am going to go back a few years when all the kids were young and still living at home. We live in a small town with a beautiful square. When we first moved to town there was a little soda shop on one of the corners. It was so wonderful to walk from our house to the soda shop on a warm summer afternoon for a drink or ice cream and of course some special candy. The kids thought this was the best little place ever. We would then look around at a few shops and play at the park on the square. Oh how I miss those days. The soda shop is no longer there but we still have the park and some great little stores. Now we have a coffee and juice bar. (times change). But I hope someday I will be able to do the same thing with my grandkids.

  12. I think my best afternoon was one day in Cuyahoga National Park with my husband and son. We all love to hike and we were disspointed that the fall afternoon we were in the area was supposed to be a wash out. But then it never rained, and went went for a long and glorious hike and had the place to ourselves since it was supposed to rain. The leaves were turning, but it was warm enough to walk without a coat. My son was just learning to walk and had a great time pushing his own stroller.

  13. Probably going to our largest park in town and playing in the creek with our pant legs rolled up, investigating the bugs and leaves and nature. Then feeding the geese bread and eating our bag lunch in the sun. Sweet!

  14. My hometown of San Diego (Carlsbad) allows for access to ALL types of fun! My best would be a snow day, packing the car with snowboards and gear, lunches, hot chocolate packets and a thermos of hot water… With 4 kiddos in tow, I always remember my camera!

  15. I’d love to spend the afternoon walking up and down our main street going into all the little shops and having lunch in one of our cute little restaurants. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. since I’m 3 days away from my due date and as impatient as anyone to see the baby and be done with pregnancy, I’d have to say that at this point in my life, my single best afternoon would be to have delivered the baby safely and successfully, rested an hour or two, and have my husband bring my other boys to the hospital to meet their little brother or sister. If we celebrated with ice cream together, that would be an added bonus (especially for the boys – ages 3 and 1 1/2!).

  17. The best afternoons are at home, on a late summer evening. We love to head out after supper and let the kids run & play. Our house sits in a very quiet neighborhood, surrounded by family. After a crazy week of work and school, it’s nice to get outside and just enjoy being together. Breathe fresh air, listen to the birds sing, play in the creek, and watch the sun set. The kids can be loud if they wish, because we are the only ones that hear them.

  18. Our hometown (Miamisburg, OH) has so many options for fun things! Our best afternoon would be to take a long bike ride on the bike path along the river, stopping for a picnic lunch and playing at the park, then heading to the aquatic center for some more fun in the sun. We like to end our summer days with dinner on our back patio and a creek walk in the creek behind our home.

  19. That’s pretty similiar to my perfect afternoon:-)

  20. I voted for A Stitch In Time. Looks like a place I want to visit.

    My best afternoon would be spent outside in the sun with a gentle breeze blowing. It might include some bike riding, and maybe a shade tree for reading. Ice cream or a soda float would be super nice.

  21. Going up to the mountains with my family and having a picnic and a hike and finding some of God’s wonderful natural gifts. One day it might be a hidden waterfall, the next a herd of deer and another some wild goats. Beautiful and treasured time.

  22. My single best afternoon in Minnesota? In the springtime, I’d love to go outside with my husband and son and spend a little time out in the boat (my husband loves fishing). Then we’d come back on dry land and enjoy a picnic in the grass, where my son could play and then take a nap while I read a book and my husband naps or fishes some more. I can’t wait until the weather gets warmer so we can make this happen!

  23. A run along the river trail with my husband pushing our boys in the double jogger (we actually did this yesterday in the warming spring weather, wonderful!)

  24. My best afternoon involves heading up to the mountains. It’s a total getaway but is only a 20 minute drive from our house. In the summer we go to Jubilee Lake…it is beautiful. We can picnic, swim, boat, fish or hike around the lake. Our daughter loves it and I’m sure our son will love it too. I can’t wait until the snow melts and we can get up there again.

    During the winter we can still head up the mountain. There are tons of great spots to sled or just play in the snow! Any time of year there is a little hole in the wall restaurant that makes the best pizza…we love to stop there! Just writing this makes me want to head up there this weekend…get a last taste of winter at the beginning of spring.

  25. Oh, my best afternoon was my first day with my partner. We met at a party, and the next morning he made me breakfast, we walked along the lawn, played frisbee, climbed on the roof, met his friends, were like little happy lovebirds. He gave me a flower when I went home, and when I got home, I told my roommates I’d met a boy with a HUGE grin on my face. 😀

  26. Well, many will find this odd, but the day we gave birth to our daughter is at the top of my list along with my wedding day! Labor started around 6:30 am (well, it really started the night before but wasn’t 5 minutes apart until 6:30 am.) My husband and I stayed home all day going through each contraction one at a time, completely in awe of what we knew was happening with each one… each one was getting our little girl that much closer to the position she needed to be in to meet us! And with each contraction came a little more pain, but with that extra pain, the Lord met us and completely showed Himself in an indescribeable way. We really felt like there were three of us in the room that day! We went to the hospital around 10:00 that night after my water broke at home and our little girl was born 2.5 hours later. Such a miracle – I still remember the day like it was yesterday!!!

  27. My single best afternoon would start with a cooking class at one of the local downtown shops and when we would go across the way for some yummy ice cream or a caramel apple. Then we would walk down the bluff and go on a carousel ride before we spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying a nice walk along the beach.
    I can’t wait for summer to come to SW Michigan!

  28. One of my best afternoons has to be strolling our old downtown square. They have restored the area and many new shops are now open. A stop in the bakery for a snack, a drop in the coffee shop or just sitting on one of the park benches reading the paper from the Bookstore that has been on our Square since 1892! And you HAVE to pet the cats that are residents of the book store while there. Our town has a down home feel and I love just spending a pretty afternoon with my teen daughter, partner or friends wandering around.

    Another best afternoon would be a family cookout and picnic at our local state park. It’s a 10 minute drive into the country. Located on a lake with grills and picnic tables. The PERFECT casual outdoor get away for ‘cheap’!

  29. My perfect afternoon would be similar to yours…time with my son and husband, close to home (maybe at the park down the street). Some favorite foods…and my camera to capture the moments.

  30. Some of our best afternoons here in Oregon involves food and family fun! We often ride bikes, or play at the nearby parks, or eat ice cream (in the summertime!). For now, we have enjoyed some indoor family fun with some family friendly shows (Thanks, Jessica) We just watched Swiss Family Robinson for the first time and have a list of others to enjoy together. This has been especially nice while I am undergoing chemotherapy with 3 small children. However, our best afternoons always involve outdoor time, there is something ‘so good’ about the fresh air for all, the view of Mt. Hood, and the beauty around us.

  31. My single best afternoon would be a lot like yours. I love being outside so we would go to the park, maybe swim, have a picnic and take a stroll through the neighborhood. I wish there were “fun” things to do here, but at least we’re saving money by being outside!

  32. My single best afternoon consists of watching my oldest son play baseball, with my husband coaching. (of course my son hits it out of the park!) While the game is going on, I’m playing on the picnic blanket with my middle son (playing cars/trucks), and the baby is trying to roll over. The temperature is in the mid-70’s, and life is perfect at this snapshot in time.

  33. The best thing is going on a long bike ride with my oldest son. We stop off at the half way point to get frozen yogurt! Yum.

  34. My single best afternoon is anytime spent with my 4 favorite guys–my husband & 3 sons. In our town, Indianapolis, IN, a favorite way to spend the afternoon together is a trip to Holliday Park to play on the “big boy slides” and then hike through the woods down to the White River. We love being in nature together. Then we head home for a nice dinner (on the deck if the weather is nice). 🙂 Love spendin’ time with my men!

  35. My family has visited three living history farms over the past year. We all enjoy them, probably all for different reasons. I feel transported back in time to a simpler life, my husband loves the hands-on aspect of the farm, my daughter loves petting the animals, and my son loves the physical aspect of farm living.

  36. My single best afternoon is taking the family to the local park for a picnic and watching the ducks at the pond, playing at the playground, and taking a relaxing walk as a family!

  37. We definitely don’t live in my hometown so I’ll have to answer for the town we currently live in… Virginia Beach. It could go one of two ways. Whenever I think of my favorite afternoon, this one comes to mind. I blogged about it I loved it so much! That or laying out under the warm sun on the beach just letting the boys play with their shovels and pails on the beach.

  38. I’ve lived many places, so I’m going to choose the best of the best. In Milford, Ohio the perfect afternoon is floating in a tube down the little Miami river on a hot summer’s day with all the family. It cannot be beat!

  39. My single best afternoon is when my husband and I take our 2 boys (ages 4 & 1) and our 2 dogs for a walk in early spring. We are so appreciative of the warm weather and that all the snow is melted! My husband and I have always loved taking daily walks and now we get to enjoy them with our family. It is the single best way to unwind at the end of a busy day and take in all the sights and sounds of nature!

  40. Summer days in our hometown start with taking the dog to the dog park, and playing the beach most of the afternoon. Their are town fountains that were built for the children to play in, for families to have picnics near by. My kids love to play in the water, love to spend the day in the sunshine.

  41. Monday night is library night at our house. In the summer, we pack up the kids in the bike trailer and ride over to the library with a picnic dinner stowed away in the back. We picnic at a little park near our library and then make our selections and load them into the trailer. We are exhausted and happy by the time we get home.

  42. San Francisco…what a fun place to visit. There are so many great things to do. Grabbing some clam chowder and warm sour dough French bread at Fisherman’s Warf. Walking around Pier 39 and watching the Sea Lions. Having lunch in China Town and shopping. Taking a walk on the Golden Gate Bridge (don’t forget a jacket, it can get windy) Taking a picnic lunch to a park and just people watching. I have spent some amazingly fun days in San Francisco and have some great memories there. The weather is un-predictible…but if you’re prepared, you’ll have a great time. Oh…and don’t forget to take a cable car ride !

  43. Jessie C. says:

    I voted for Colorado Springs is the place to be.
    My single best afternoon is the summer picnic in the park with kids and hubby.

    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  44. We have recently moved back to Dothan, AL and we love our neighborhood. A great afternoon is spent with all the kids going from one yard to the next playing together!

  45. I voted for Gaston NC because we are in NC right now:) Our single best afternoon was going to a petting zoo with the grandparents and our two little girls.

  46. My best afternoons with family have to be when we pack a picnic lunch and ride the 4-wheeler through wooded trails across from our house. We will ride awhile and then find a shady spot where we lay out a blanket and have lunch from our picnic basket. The kids like to explore the woods after lunch. It’s a great time to soak in the moment. It’s just a simple thing but the kids love it.

  47. I voted for Girard, IL. The old soda shop reminds me of the little shop in my own hometown. Growing up we spent many wonderful summer afternoons buying penny candy and then playing around outside and just being kids. Now when I go back to my hometown I love to walk on the beach with my family and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. The best afternoons are always spent outside.

  48. We would spend the afternoon at the park also. We would probably have already eaten lunch and then stopped off to get a slurpee or snocone. The park offers a lot of options for our big kiddos and our little ones….it really bridges the gap as far as interests 🙂

  49. Your afternoon sounds great. We like to do stuff outdoors too. We live near five small lakes. We ride our bikes from home around the lakes and stop at the park for lunch and then ride home. It is great on a Spring day, here in Niles, CA.

  50. I voted for Colorado Springs.

    When i’m at my hometown, I love to go hiking. Now that we have two young children, the hikes are shorter, but there’s lot of exploring on the way. Love to pack a picnic and go down to the river. Perfect.

  51. My hometown is Maple Grove, MN. My best afternoon is going to a local park (of which there are many) and having a picnic with my family. Then some outdoor games followed by watching the kids swim

  52. Perfect afternoon in my hometown: taking the boys and our dog hiking. Collecting pretty rocks and leaves along the way (and maybe an insect or two, or a worm for the “wormery), sitting on a bouldler eating PBJ sandwiches and apple slices, then heading home for an early dinner of homemade soup and fresh salad. Days don’t all come together like that very often, but when they do, they are delicious.

  53. My best afternoon in Bradenton would be barbequing at home with my wonderful family! We live in paradise, so the beach comes in as a close second, but definitely hanging out at home with the hubby, kids, and extended family is too much fun!

  54. Eating popsicles with the kids on the front step. Low-stress because I don’t worry about them dripping! The best part is that if it’s really hot out, I get to say “yes” when they ask for a second one.

  55. Deirdre Hopkins says:

    My single best afternoon in my hometown would be a big afternoon meal- home cooked or takeout of course- followed by relaxing on the back porch at my Grandma’s house. She lives in Centennial, CO and the sun shines 350 days of the year. Sitting on the back porch on the swing next to my man, watching our kids run around the back yard, laughing and don’t forget the occasional beer or glass of wine. Ahhh

  56. A LONG sunday afternoon nap followed by a sunny afternoon in the park with my family. Then, soaking my feet in a nice, hot bath while reading a book and preparing for the week that lies ahead.

  57. Our best afternoon is a picnic and a walk along the creek.

  58. My favorite day is hanging out at the beach on a friend’s farm. We bring a picnic lunch, beach toys and a few changes of clothes. The kids find new activities (one day last year they discovered wild blackberries in the woods!) each time, naps happen on a pontoon ride and the day ends with hotdogs cooked over a fire and smore’s. Hopefully our kids will look back on those days as fondly as we do!

  59. Tracie Trump says:

    deinitely Augusta, GA

  60. I voted for Girard IL…looks like a wonderful place to live.

    My idea of a perfect afternoon would be the following. We have lived in this small central California town for three years and never really explored it. Sure, we know where all the main stuff is but I think it would be fun for my family and I to spend the day as “tourists” exploring all the places we have not been to and learning about the history of this wonderful small town we live in. We could go to the museum, the cafe for a milkshake, the antique stores, ect. There is a nice river & park near us so we could end the day with dinner by the river and just relax on the blanket together and watch the sun set.

    kcparreira at comcast dot net

  61. Carly Harrison says:

    My best would have to be… spending it with my 3 favorite guys- my wonderful husband and 2 sweet little boys! I just enjoy being “together.” We love to be outside in the beautiful sunshine! On a cruise ship makes for a pretty good afternoon too!

  62. My favorite afternoon is riding our bikes as a family downtown, getting ice cream and people-watching at the river.

  63. My best afternoon in my hometown would include getting up and taking a walk with our dog down the bicycle/walking path then riding our tandem bicycle uptown to the ice cream place and eating lunch outside on one of their picnic tables and visiting with others in town doing the same:-) It’s a very small town.

  64. A picnic at the beach. Our youngest is big enough now and our oldest has fully recovered, so the beach it is…at her request.

  65. my single best afternoon………just spending a nice, sunny afternoon at the park with my husband and son. a nice picnic, lots of swinging, and lots of love! 🙂

  66. my best afternoon would be a sunny august afternoon….We’d be cookin some burgers, sitting on blankets or swimming in the pool. Something about the warmth of summer and the fresh air…makes me so relaxed! My little ones can run around and enjoy their innocence and we can feel like theres not a care in the world…

  67. A perfect afternoon includes a sunny day, but not too hot, the flowers blooming, playing in the sandbox and heading to the parks that our boys love, and running up and down our hills. We can hit Deanna Rose and end up with yummy ice cream!!

  68. A single best afternoon would include the sun shining, birds chirping, sitting around in the back yard with my four happy kids and husband, fudgesicles, jumping on the trampoline, kicking around the soccer ball, just hanging out, having fun. No arguing, no crying, no fighting, and no worries. Thanks

  69. Leslie Price says:

    Living on the beach, my single best afternoon involves a beach chair, a warm day, and a great book. What more do you need?

  70. My husband and I are very simple people, and we love to just spend quiet, peaceful afternoons walking to our local park with our little one. We like to grab sandwiches, picnic, and on the way back grab an icecream cone from the little icecream shop around the corner from us. We love the simple life. :0)

  71. I voted for Gastonia, NC.

    I agree with several commentors. Pretty much, any afternoon that my family and I can just relax and hang out is ideal.

    My most favorite afternoon was during Summer 2008. We had our first family vacation in conjunction with my cousin’s wedding. After the festivities, we went to the beach, just the four of us, and had a picnic lunch under our umbrella. It was perfect.

  72. My single best afternoon in my town of Woodland, CA is spending time in our big backyard on a warm but not-too-hot Spring day with my 2 little guys and 1 big guy. The perfect afternoon includes a run through the sprinklers, a yummy early evening dinner of grilled tri-tip, corn on the cob, rolls buttered and bbq’d as well, baked beans, & watermelon slices. There’s plenty of parks and fun stuff to do downtown here, but just being able to open the slider & have access to relaxation with my family makes it perfection for me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. Well, I’d have to say that being able to see my first grandchild’s birth (and the ones that followed) pretty darn high up on the list!

  74. Ann Watts says:

    Working out in the yard in the the spring. Then going out for dinner and then ice cream!

  75. My single best afternoon is anytime our entire family can get together and have fun. In the summer, afternoons consist of playing catch, riding bike, etc. In the winter it consists of a fire in the fireplace and family games!

  76. My single best afternoon in LEXINGTON, KY a FINALIST!!! Was last Spring when we took my yound son and our two large dogs to the dark park. It was a great afternoon of fun and sun!

  77. Any time spent with my family is one of my best afternoons. We love being outside whether we are camping, hiking, going to the zoo, watching a baseball game, or attending one of our area’s wonderful spring festivals. We recently rode the train downtown and walked to our local farmer’s market where we bought wonderful fruits & veggies, plants for our garden, then got sandwiches and had a picnic in the park before taking the train back home. It was a wonderful day with my wonderful family!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. Augusta, GA . I’ve never been there but I would love to go. GA is just so beautiful.

  79. My single best afternoon was at Disney World! I keep thinking about how I have to go back!

  80. Lee Broom says:

    My single best afternoon in my town is going to the snowball stand and getting our favorite flavors (orange, spearmint,etc.) and heading by the video store for a couple of movies and going home with Popeye’s fried chicken to eat while watching movies!
    My husband and 3 kids would agree…

  81. Sacramento is perfect for a Family Afternoon. My favorite day begins with a trip to the Railroad Museum, where all three of us can look at, read about, and ride on steam trains. Then we have a picnic lunch in Old Sacramento and finish up at the California Auto Museum, which has hundreds of classic cars. Hubby and I met when we worked together at Pep Boys, so car museums are a favorite for both of us!

  82. Christina Burrell says:

    My Single Best Afternoon in Mission, TX is a day spent at the Bentsen State Park biking, picnicing, and swimming with my hubby and three year old. We would finish the day with a trip to Dairy Queen for Ice Cream.

  83. Elizabeth says:

    I voted for Three Lakes, WI. My best afternoon would be spent hanging out with my family on the college campus in my hometown of Huntington, IN. My dad works at the college and I grew up just blocks away from campus. I have so many fond memories of picnics and bike rides on the beautiful, tree-filled acres there. Once I became a student there, I even have some fond memories of studying on one of the shady lawns by the fountain. 😉

  84. My single best day was just last Saturday. My town had a big Festival of Books at the local university. There were hundreds of exhibitors and dozens of them were especially for children. The weather was sunny and in the 70s, parking was convenient, and my husband and three daughters and I drank in the atmosphere and all the fun. We spent hours investigating the booths, books, storytellers, activities, and food. It was my single best day.

    katiefarrar at hotmail

  85. I love any day that I get to spend with my 4 kids and my hubby. My best afternoon is when we get to spend the afternoon at the all kids’ park with our friends and their kids. It’s a great fenced in park with soft rubber matting and handicapped facilities so that all kids can play there. After a few hours, we send the hubby’s out to pick up pizzas and water. They have great picnic tables which are just a short walk away (my husband is disabled and can’t walk far so this is the perfect place for us–everything is a short walk and plenty of places to sit down )! After our pizza snack, we always go down to the lake and feed the fish and ducks some bread or crackers. Then we let the kids play some more and usually stop for ice cream on the way home. Its not real exciting to some people but for us and our friends that have 4 kids as well, it’s as close to perfect as we can imagine.

  86. Jamie Swenson says:

    Our favorite afternoons are family time spent at the lake playing in the water and the sand. Then grilling for supper, eating outside and watching the sunset.
    jamswens at hotmail dot come

  87. The best day in our hometown (San Pedro, CA) would be outside by the beach or on a hike down to the tide pools. We have great weather, and it is so nice to be outside and see all God’s creation. The best thing about the ocean is the quietness of this world, and the sounds of God’s creation.

  88. Augusta, GA…would love to visit there sometime, but since we’re moving to ME, guess it’ll have to wait until another year. 🙂 Love to spend time w/ my dear husband of 8 yrs, walking around the block admiring God’s beautiful handiwork, hearing the birds sing, watching for deer & other creatures of God. And of course, chatting w/ my hubby…we both love the quality time. 🙂

    ~eunice b
    rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

  89. Connie Corey says:

    Several years ago we were on vacation at a friend’s cottage. We found a small local park and went early in the morning. Dh and I kept moving our chairs under a tress to catch the shade so we could read, while our three boys played and played and played at the beach.

  90. The single best afternoon in my hometown of Chicago is walking along Michigan Ave or the lakefront enjoying the view of Lake Michigan or the downtown skyline. Then watching that afternoon turn to evening and feeling the cool breeze off the water while watching the lights of Buckingham Fountain turn the water different colors. Not to mention, drive from one end of Lake Shore Drive to the other with the car windows down listening to my favorite songs on the radio.

  91. A favorite afternoon in our small town in Ohio. My daughters and I enjoy spending the morning at our town’s park and playground complete with a pond an extensive children’s garden. We can spend the afternoon at our library, the country’s first county library. Later we can meet up with my husband and spend the evening with daddy at a free concert in the park.

  92. My single best afternoon is with my family at the Madison, WI farmer’s market along the Capitol Square. We LOVE that farmers market with yummy food, including spicy cheesy bread!, & relaxing in the grass in front of the beautiful capitol building. beautiful weather & fantastic scenery with the people I love…couldn’t ask for more!

  93. My best afternoon sounds so much like yours…kind of. A co-worker (who 4 years later would be my husband), made up some ridiculous, and completely fictitious excuse as to why he would need to be near the library, after I had mentioned that I would be there the next day. He surprised me by showing up, and hijacked my plans. We went for a walk, took in a movie (one of those terrible teen-flicks), and eventually wandered to work – which took the better part of two hours. I did a lot of giggling that day – deliriously happy. That night I called him on the phone and we talked all night (until I heard my dad get up for wokr in the morning). This was our first “date” – it lasted all day and night.

    Nowadays (11 years later) we love to take long drives in the country with a good coffee, chatting and singing together, while the kids nap in the backseat. Happy times!

  94. The single best afternoon is spending time at home with my husband and little boy. Simple as that! No TV, no internet, no phones…just good quality time. Contentedness.

  95. I would have to say…Father’s Day 2008 was a rainy day. It was our last chance to pick strawberries for the season. We piled into the mini-van and headed to Weston.

    It started raining and the sky was not clear and getting a little dark. When we arrived it was raining and the strawberry people were no where to be found. Luckily my husband has a buddy who lives next to the strawberry patch. He asked him what we should do. He called the lady and she said “since it is the last weekend to pick berries and also raining, pick as much as you want”. Wow! Free all you can pick & eat berries. Did we hit the LOTTERy or what? This was our lucky day! It’s a GOOD thing I don’t give up very EASILY!

    It was raining, but that didn’t STOP us, not even my husband. That’s usually not his style but he picked berries in the rain right along with us. It was the best day. Oh so YUMMY!

    Afterwards, BEFORE going home, we stopped in Platte City at Dairy Queen for lunch and icecream. What a way to end the day. Fun was had by all. We still talk about that day.

    I take Father’s Day pic’s each year; that year was a great photo…since it was raining; Tim & the kids were a little soggy and piled into the van holding the strawberries. I love that photo-BIG smiles.

  96. I love Lexington Kentucky. I grew up and still live in Pennsylvania, but my college years were spent in a little town called Wilmore at Asbury College, about 2o minutes east of Lexington. I loved everthing about my time there. The friends and fellowship of a Christian college, the beauty of the rolling hills, the white fences of all the horse farms. When we visit relatives in Southern Kentucky, one of our favorite places to stop with our girls is the Kentucky Horse Park. Oh and the food! Back then, it was DeSha’s and their Brownie Fix, Joe Bologna’s and their bread and butter sauce, Rock a Billy’s, and one other place that the name leaves me at the moment.( it was over 15 years ago)
    So Lexington is my vote!

  97. My best afternoon here in a Minneapolis suburb also features parks — and lakes. It would include a nice, peaceful hike around a lake, pausing to take pictures of interesting plants and observe nature, such as the doe I’ve encountered on this path before. Then, a quick change to swimsuits for some time on the beach of another lake, playing in the sand and in the water with my daughter. Followed by a family excursion to the locally owned ice cream parlor. Someone else would have packed a great picnic supper in the picnic basket my husband and I got on our honeymoon for us to take back to the park to dine al fresco and watch our daughter play some more on the playground. The beautiful, starry night — which would have a soft breeze blowing just enough to blow away all mosquitoes — would end with one of the free concerts in the park, beginning with some jazzy jazz and ending with more mellow tunes.

  98. I voted for the Wisconsin family fun. I loved that they all come back and spend time together every fourth of July.

    My favorite hometown moment is spending time with my family in our neighborhood. My parents, my brother and my family all live within three blocks of one another. We love to spend the days taking walks around the neighborhood, which is in a tiny city in Indiana, and enjoying time with our fellow neighbors.

  99. I’m in NC so I have to vote for Gastonia, NC. My single best afternoon would be an afternoon on the sand at Litchfield Beach, SC with my family.

  100. My hometown is Bowling Green, Ohio. Growing up, I loved going on bike rides or roller blading across town with my friends in the summers. We would spend go downtown to get Pisanello’s pizza and sit in the window seats, and of course get super cheap Dairy Queen blizzards afterwards where my best friend and I would split the bill in half, and alternate who had pay the extra quarter instead of each having to russel up 12 cents. On a side note- BG’s DQ is the best in the world. The owner has had it for so long that I don’t think the franchise makes him keep up with the prices and remodeling that most DQ franchises do. A good afternoon would entail a game of frisbee golf at the park, of course! Mostly, though, it was the time spent with really awesome friends doing nothing in particular that bring back the best memories. 🙂 I still like going back home and visiting those places and people! They are the things in life that seem like a constant even when everything else has changed.

  101. My single best afternoon (in this order)…

    -walking in from church to the smell of lunch in the crockpot
    -a family nap
    -sitting on the deck under the big maple tree watching my children play barefoot in the yard
    – a leisurely walk around the neighborhood
    – home for a quickie dinner and then head out for Rita’s Italian Ice

  102. My single best afternoon is tide pooling on the Oregon coast with my kids. I never get bored watching the waves crash in and exploring with all five of my kids. I get as excited as they do over each new “treasure”.

    Voted for Bell Buckle, TN. Love quilt shops, and love those old town rows of fun stores. I think it’s neat how they revitalized their town.

  103. My single best afternoon is gathering a bunch of friends at the park near my house and playing ultimate frisbee. Afterwards, we all head out for ice cream or an early dinner.

  104. There are so many things I enjoy doing…taking a walk, going to the park down the street with my family, going to the beach or just staying home and playing a game with my family. 🙂

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  105. My single best afternoon is spent on the Downtown Mall with the family- gelato from Splendora, Christians Pizza for an early dinner, music at the Pavillion and a quick stop in The Needle Lady! And, pictures of the girls taken by the hubs!

    Katie, Charlottesville, VA

  106. in our town? a day at the lake, grilling, swimming and playing.

  107. My single best afternoon was spending time with my husband and kids at the beach. My parents unexpectedly were able to join us and we picnicked at the park, then spent the late afternoon playing in the sand and waves. Combining my childhood memories with building my kids’ memories made for an idyllic afternoon.

  108. hanging out at any park in town with my husband and kids. the weather is about 70 degrees, and we’re heading out to eat afterwards so i don’t have to cook dinner!

  109. I voted for Bell Buckle, even though I’ve never been to any of those towns. I liked the title “A Stitch in Time.” Anyway, my hometown is Cincinnati, Ohio, and the best way to spend an afternoon there is going to my favorite gardens and taking a long, leisurely walk. Then grabbing lunch at a sandwich shop in a quaint part of town and finishing it up over coffee (same part of town) with my best friends who I don’t get to see often anymore now that I’ve moved 8 hours away!

  110. Pattie F. says:

    A best afternoon for me is when our family attends our children’s soccer games and then head out for a nice, quiet outdoor lunch. It is wonderful to just be with family doing things we all enjoy.

  111. A perfect afternoon…….that would have to be a day spent walking to the park with my kids packing along a picnic lunch and snapping photos to remember the day by…..

  112. Hanging out with my hubby outside on a beautiful day!!

  113. Kelly Friedman says:

    My single best afternoon is going to a park or a museum or aquarium with my children to enjoy the reactions on their faces when they experience new and exciting things. We then go to a nice lunch or dinner (depending on what time it is!) followed by ice cream (if weather permits, of course). Once we are home snug in our house they each shower and we settle in for a good book or movie together on our bed. All 5 of us!! There is nothing in the world more wonderful than that, especially when they can all behave!!

  114. I love the fall most of all!! A family outing to the apple orchard with apples, cider & donuts is a perfect way to spend the afternoon!!

  115. I think mine would be a trip to the zoo, followed by dinner with my local family. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  116. paula ayojiak says:

    My single best afternoon is when we are able to enjoy the sunshine and play outside. We live in Alaska and going outside to enjoy the weather is very limiting. We really take advantage of the summer heat and play outside all day and enjoy eating lunch outside. My boys (2 and 3 yrs old) love to play on the swingset, swim in the pool, and play soccer outside. I just enjoy every moment of the day and watching their faces as they have so much fun. I really love AK summers.

  117. Hiking the Flatirons of Boulder Colorado with my family. My husband and I went to school there and met there. It is gorgeous, the weather is perfect, and it is a wonderful little town. To be able to visit it again with my kids in tow would make my day.

  118. The single best afternoon in our hometown (Philly) is catching a Phillies game with my family, and hearing my little babies scream “Go Fiw-eees.”

  119. madwoman-doing-cartwheels says:

    I voted for Colorado Springs!

    My single best day in my town would be going to the craft fair on a weekend. Either Saturday or Sunday would be fine. Eating cinnamon sugar elephant ears and listening to street musicians. My hometown is Portland, Oregon.

    rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

  120. In my hometown, which is rather small, my single favorite thing to do is visit my great grandmother’s house and sit on her porch with her and the family.

  121. I would say the best afternoon would be a summer day spent at the free local zoo w/ a picnic on the grass. My kids love that place:) Plus there’s an outdoor stage w/ wonderful shows to watch.

  122. TallyMichelle says:

    Oh, the best afternoon here in Tallahassee? A beautiful breezy afternoon outside, maybe on the hammock, maybe playing at a park (yes, we love parks here too!), and bringing a picnic or snacks to enjoy.

  123. Hey! Wisconsin is “just across the lake” as those of us who live in the great lakes call ’em. Looks like a great town! Some of my fav afternoons are those beautiful blue skies, maybe a warm breeze, and having perhaps, a birthday party, or cookout with family & friends! It’s warming up slightly here in the heart of Michigan, so I’m really looking forward to it!

  124. My best afternoon spent here in Massachusetts in with my husband and kids sitting around our fire pit in the back yard roasting hot dog, cooking burgers, and then making s’mores. We can have the best conversations at the same time as listening to the birds and the quietness that surrounds us. We live in a small town and have state forest behind our house so our times together are quiet and relaxing and often times just filled with lots of laughter!!

  125. I love the town of Collingswood NJ. Great people, restaurants and music. Easy to walk around and meet local artist and it is kid friendly.
    We love how great it is every season and walking around, grabbing a bite to eat and talking to amazing people is our favorite afternoon.

    tuesdayef at aol dot com

  126. The best afternoons seem to always involve the grandparents and some outdoor fun after a long awaited spring arrives. Kites, playgrounds and helicopters, oh my.

  127. Our best day is a warm afternoon in VA when my husband is not working- a walk, and afternoon at the park!

  128. Dawn Davenport says:

    My single best afternoon here in Solvang, CA would be to spend the time with my hubby and 2 year old daughter. First we’d pick up some sort of Mexican food (so that I don’t have to cook) and head to a park or some other spot outdoors where we could have a picnic. I’d then want take a drive around and see all of the wineries/horse ranches and enjoy the beautiful hills. Preferably it would end with wine tasting. 🙂

  129. the best afternoons ever are out at my inlaw’s cottage on a small lake. when my husband and i don’t have any work to do and can just relax and swim and fish with our girls and pups.

  130. Barbara M says:

    I voted for Colorado Springs CO.
    I’ve been there once, gorgeous!
    Single best afternoon – Walking in the Flower Park during peak bloom.
    Taking lots of pictures for scrapbooking.

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