When Life Hands You Sick Kids…

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My family is down for the count. Last Friday FishChick3 was throwing up and feverish. The fever continued through the weekend and has now left us with a snotty-nosed, short-fused little one. Slowly, the rest of the kids AND FishPapa have succombed to the virus. I’m the only one still standing.

And yes, I’m downing the Vitamin C with everything in me.

I had planned on getting a great week of school in before the Thanksgiving holiday. But, as I’ve learned Life is subject to change.

How fitting that my recent post on Simple Homeschool is about just that: rolling with the punches of life. Hop on over and share your thoughts on what you do when plans don’t follow the plan.

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  1. Thinking of you, crossing my fingers and saying a prayer….

    The miracle in my house this week is that I had a wicked-nasty cold for 5 days and nobody else got it. (Well, not yet. Here’s hoping.) I don’t mean to rub it in…but it’s only November, after all; they’ll be plenty of germs to go around all winter, I think!

  2. loved your simple homeschooling article. it is simple and sane. such good reminders to focus on the lasting, true goal. as always thank you!

  3. Oh, man….that is NOT fun. My kids have had colds for a month at least – crazy!
    We’ll survive though, right? 😉


  4. Praying you are all well soon.

  5. That is why I never plan, but take each day as it comes

  6. I’m so sorry! Being sick is so rough and I don’t know about your household but mine stops completely when I’m down for the count. I constantly fear the next cold coming. It seems like we are sick more than we aren’t . I assume it’s from having small children in school but we sure could use a nice long break from illnesses!

  7. I saw a sign once, if you want to make God laugh, show him your plans. Unplug, lower the energy and chill with your kiddos

  8. Oh yuck! I hope you’ve had lots of time for hugs and snuggles. Take good care of yourself, Mama!

  9. Mary E.S. says

    When kids are sick and you homeschool then you learn about germs and do slides under the microscope with the ones still able to get out of the bed. I’m praying for you that you don’t get sick too.

  10. Jessica Fisher says

    Thanks for all your well wishes! So far, so good. I am the only one not hit. But, I can feel I’m on the brink. Pray, pray, pray!

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