Which Blogs Do You Love?

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Which Blogs Do You Love?

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As you know I am a huge fan of blogging. I first started a personal blog back in 2004 when we lived in Kansas City. We were far from family, had just added a baby to the family, and were looking to keep in touch with folks far away.

Eventually that online journaling morphed into Life as MOM and later into Good Cheap Eats. I love sharing what I learn and how I’m processing things. I also love when folks actually read it.

Likewise, I’ve learned so much from other blogs. It’s a joy for me to read and learn from other mostly-normal people, like Jessie Leigh, Lynn, Amy, Deanna, Prerna, Rena, Tsh, Anne, Carrie, and a host of others.

At the same time, I’d love to get exposure to new blogs that I might not know about. Would you do me a favor? Would you share your favorite blogs with me in the list below? Recently a reader mentioned Views from My Kitchen SinkΒ and I’ve really enjoyed reading this mom’s adventures around the world. I don’t have the time for surfing that I once did. I’d love to hear from you what inspires you, encourages you, or helps you in your everyday.

So tell me,

Which blogs do you love?

Leave the links below so that I can check them out over the long weekend. Feel free to leave your own link, too.

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I’ve been reading your blog for several years, ever since I first discovered the blogosphere. I think I discovered The Happy Housewife and then yours, and after that I was sold on reading about people’s real-life adventures – and blogs have turned into my favorite way to find new recipes. πŸ™‚

    As to my current favorite blogs, here are just a few:

    Yours πŸ™‚
    I also enjoy Lynn’s cooking blogs
    The Incourage community at incourage.me
    And outside of the realms of cooking, housekeeping, or faith matters, I’m a big fan of whatkatewore.com

  2. Emily K says

    I have followed both Good Cheap Eats & Life As Mom for quite some tym. I also have one if your cookbooks. I love all your info on freezer cooking. Thanks for sharing you experience

    I also follow:

  3. I have so many blogs that mean so much to me and that I love, including yours.

    Here are some of the others:


    I hope you love and are as inspired as I by these blogs

  4. Emily K says

    I have followed both Good Cheap Eats & Life As Mom for quite a while. I also have your freezer cookbook. I follow lots of blogs & agree with Elizabeth it’s a great way to get good recipes
    Other blogs I follow:

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kristy says
  6. Laurie says
  7. I of course would tell you to visit mine:
    but I love so many blogs and follow a lot. My new favorite is MaisyMak.com- from a mom-writer-runner. I love her writing style and voice, and she was one of the first commenters on my blog, so that made me quite happy too!

  8. rachel brown says
  9. Sara K. says

    One of my favorites is http://wearethatfamily.com/

  10. Kristin says
  11. Clearly, I come here (and GCE) often. πŸ˜‰ I also really look forward to reading the words of:

    http://elizabethesther.com and

    I definitely read many others, but those are a few I’ve not seen mentioned here yet. πŸ™‚

  12. Charlene says

    In addition to yours, these are a few that I read. Not all of them every day… but these are ones I enjoy…


  13. Carrin says

    I read a lot of blogs – here are some of my favourites:

    The Happiest Home – thehappiesthome.com

    FIMBY – fimby.tougas.net (she is currently on a hiatus till the fall)

    Boo Mama – boomama.net

    Nourishing Days – nourishingdays.com

    Girls Gone Child – girlsgonechild.net

    The Nesting Place – thenester.com

    A Design So Vast – adesignsovast.com

    Don’t Waste the Crumbs – dontwastethecrumbs.com

  14. Tiara says

    I love annies-eats.com

  15. Lauren Jones says

    My cousin has a blog that I read called Along The Trail. Like you she is a homeschooler, and I’m not sure how frequently she’s blogging these days but I’ve enjoyed them in the past: http://aswewalkalongthetrail.blogspot.com/

  16. I love Pioneer Woman – She is funny, talented and in love with her husband.
    I also like to read Michael Hyatt (leadership), Craig Jarrow (time management). And Nina is new to me (sorta crunchy I think is her blog, she lives on a bus).

  17. After Good Cheap Eats and Life as Mom:

    Down to Earth – Rhonda offers many tips to homemakers.
    Kitchen Stewardship
    The Prairie Homestead
    Keeper of the Home
    A Virtuous Woman
    Homemaking on the Homestead

  18. Kristi says

    I have been reading this blog (and GCE) for about 5 years now. I check here and moneysavingmom almost every day. There are others I read as I have time. Some of those are:


  19. So I’m listing the blog that my mom and I write (http://www.prairiesewnstudios.com), since you said that was ok. We write about our adventures in quilting, sewing and crafting, with a little bit of our families (and cats!) thrown in as well. We published our first book this year with the American Quilter’s Society, and we’re also using our blog to talk about that process, as well as the projects and classes we teach.

    I can’t wait to click through and take a look at some of these other new-to-me blogs that people have shared!

  20. Peggy Nagy says

    This one I enjoy very much and the ones connected to it. Thank you for all the encouragement and great tips and recipes to help make my home a better place.I also enjoy http://www.foodiewithfamily.com I love her humor and the realness she offers in life and recipes. I read quite a few… I also like Redemption Beauty with Shelly Miller and Michelle Derusha… Ann Voskamp’s is a regular visit… Velvet Ashes has been a new sddition

  21. Kadee says

    Besides yours, I like to check in when I can on:
    the pioneerwoman.com
    I like their sense of humor and style of writing, and both have good content. I see a few mentioned several times in previous comments that I haven’t read…may have to look at those!

  22. I tend more to foodie blogs. I am inspired by the following (other than GCE and Life as MOM):
    There are many others, but these tend to be the ones that I try to check out at least once or twice a week. I didn’t list Money Saving Mom because several had already listed the site (and I found your blogs originally from Money Saving Mom).

  23. Most of my favorite blogs are already mentioned in the comments above (including your 2!). There are so many excellent food and homemaking blogs. A few that encourage me spiritually are:

    and mine – myoverflowingcup.com

    Of course there are countless others. Isn’t the blogging community just wonderful?

  24. Thanks for the great lists, everyone!

  25. My favorites are… (oooh, this is gonna be long!)

    (about food/baking… which is what I do at RoseBakes.com):

    Outside food/baking…

  26. Elaine says

    likemotherlikedaughter.org — great thoughts on family life from an ‘experienced’ mother of 7. love each thursday’s “pretty/happy/funny/real” posts too. her daughters also contribute posts. btw, she just wrote a book, so i am kinda skimming though all the promo–you know how it is πŸ™‚

  27. Janet says

    Jessica, great idea. I have been having so much fun visiting all the great suggestions. I found a few to add to my rotation for regular reading.

  28. Brighid says

    I read some of the blogs mentioned above but would add the following foodie blogs:

    wellpreserved.ca (His video of a talk at a TedX event is well worth the time)

    And one really valuable work one:


    There are more work blogs but Brian’s a top 10 IT security news blog without being too complicated.

  29. CeCee says

    The blogs I follow are:
    Yours of course

    I occasionally skim:

    a new favorite:

  30. Susan says

    I am beginning to realize that I am not your average reader.

    Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project

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