Wilton Football Kit – A Giveaway

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We love creative cakes and breads over here. And we love Football. Well, at least the men in the family do. I’m just here for the food.

So, when I saw this festive football sandwich using a Wilton pan, I knew I wanted to try it out. I mixed up a batch of bread dough in the bread machine, baked it up in this fun football pan and then filled it with the makings of FishPapa’s Favorite Sandwich. Festive and yum!

I anticipate using the football pan for a cake as well in the coming months as football season is well under way. I’m thinking of an oreo-inspired chocolate and whipped cream cake. Whaddya think?

But you don’t have to love football to use this pan. In fact, Wilton has devised all sorts of other ways to use it to make creative and fun birthday cakes. I’m all over that. Check out the fish!

This week three LifeasMOM readers will each win a Football-inspired cake decorating set, similar to the one pictured.

To Enter

Pick one, pick ’em all. You choose.

1. Leave a comment, telling us what special cakes or breads you make.

2. Follow FishMama and WiltonCakes on twitter. Then tweet this giveaway, such as “@FishMama is giving away a @WiltonCakes football set. Enter to win:” Then, leave a second comment here, telling us you did so.

3. Subscribe to LifeasMOM in a reader or via email. (Don’t forget to verify it when Feedburner sends you the confirmation.) Leave a third comment, telling us you subscribe.

Giveaway will be open until Sunday, September 26 at 8 pm PST. Winners to be chosen at random and announced via email. Please respond within 48 hours of announcement email in order to claim your prize.

This giveaway is now closed. Winners have been announced and emailed.

Disclosure: I received a football cake set for review. I was not compensated to publish positive comments. My opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. My husband is a football coach – this would be perfect!

  2. I also follow in my Reader πŸ™‚

  3. my snake cake at my son’s b-day party this past july was a big hit(even if it didnt turn out quite right because we were in the middle of a heat wave!)

  4. I make all my kids birthday cakes. I just have added a boy to my family, so I see some sports in my future!

  5. I made an Elmo cake for my 2yo for her birthday in January. It was my first attempt at such a creation, and it turned out well (although the black icing tasted yukky!).

  6. We love baking cakes in our house. I often make special designs such as comical cats, or even the wheel of wow πŸ™‚

    With hubby loving football, I could do some great thigns with that set. Hoping I win πŸ™‚

  7. I subscribe through google reader.

  8. I homemake all of our cakes. The cupcake monkeys are the best ones though. This would be a lot of fun for all our tailgating parties.

  9. Oh adorable. My family would love this!!! We bake all our own birthday cakes. In face I am set to make a pink cake with flowers on it, per oldest, for her 4 yr old party this SAturday. : )

  10. Too fun! I like cake so much, it’s hard to pick a favorite but my favorites have been ones with homemade buttercreamβ€”mmm!

  11. Following both and tweeted!
    Forgot to mention that my hubby is also a football coach and my daughters cheerleading, so this would be great for their end of the year party!

  12. I subscribe via google reader.

  13. I make a wonderful orange marmalade cake and this weekend I am going to try my hand at making a Caillou cake for my soon to be 3 year old!

  14. I follow through google reader.

  15. Ok, just subscribed to the email πŸ™‚

  16. I am a subscriber! :0)

  17. I subscribe in Google Reader.

  18. I love to make pumpkin bread! That pan is so cute!

  19. My husband and I share a common love for both football and hosting parties which would make this gift a perfect fit! I love the idea of baking bread in this form as well as using it for a creative cake as well! Thank you for offering it to us avid blog followers!

  20. I make homemade birthday cakes for my family. My son has asked for a “drum cake” for the past 3 years. Fortunately it’s an easy one – a 3 layer cake decorated to look like a drum – no special shapes required! I’m sure he’ll grow out of that someday, this football pan would be great.

  21. I subscribe via google reader.

  22. Actually, my daughter that is 10 has become quite the cook. Homemade wheat breads, banana breads, etc. She also makes everyones b-day cakes now and decorates them. She loves to watch cooking shows and do things the “hard” way. I’m excited to see her cooking develop. She’s already passed me up! HA


  23. I made a princess cake for my daughter’s birthday.

  24. Apple cake is yummy! Lately I’ve been making Whole Wheat Bread sweetened with honey. So tasty and good for you!

  25. I make a fabulous banana bread πŸ™‚

  26. I love to make a Jell-O poke cake using our team colors. Go Chiefs! πŸ™‚

  27. I also subscribe in a reader!

  28. We love to bake as a family and watch football! What a perfect thing for us!

  29. I made a “Mater” (from Cars) cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. He loved it!! We are also huge (college) football fans! Go Notre Dame!! πŸ™‚

  30. I make a fairly decent chocolate tiramisu cake…and my boys love “helping” me to make banana bread.

  31. I also get your newsletter via email πŸ™‚

  32. I make all sorts of special cakes when I get the urge to decorate. The only one I do regularly is my graveyard cake for Halloween πŸ™‚

  33. I’m an e-mail subscriber

  34. I subscribe via my google reader

  35. I cheat and use Aldi’s chocolate cake mix and homemade icing. Best boxed cake we’ve ever had, very moist. My son also pesters, er, requests banana bread at least 4 or 5 times a month. I buy the bananas just to let them go extra ripe to make bread. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. I follow you and Wilton’s on twitter and tweeted. πŸ™‚

  37. I’m a subscriber!

  38. I follow via Blogger reader and Facebook.

  39. I’m making our favorite cake right now–carrot cake!

  40. My favorite bread to make is whole wheat apple cranberry nut bread!

  41. I make “football sandwiches” (which I suppose isn’t really a bread, but it uses bread! We buy the rolls in a tin, cut the tops off of the entire thing, stack with your favorite sandwich fixings (we do ham, turkey, cheese, mayo, mustard, and tomatoes), then we pop it in the oven for about 5 minutes! So great for football game finger foods!

  42. I make all sorts of braided breads. I recently tried one that was really good that was inspired by a cake my grandma used to make. Orange rum! Delicious!

  43. My family has a tradition of the #1 Birthday cake….all of the kids have had the same shaped cake for their first birthday (baked in the same pan…a huge #1) but flavored and decorated to match their personalities.

  44. AllieZirkle says:

    i love cheesecake but i’m not the best cake maker… :/ I’m a baker in training πŸ™‚

  45. My husband loves german chocolate cake, so I made my first one from scratch for his birthday this year. He loved it!
    I also look forward to making birthday cakes for our kids. I’m expecting our first in December.

  46. I also subscribe in a reader.

  47. I like to make fun birthday cakes!

  48. I don’t make too many themed cakes, but this one was by far my favorite!

  49. I also subscribe to the feed…

  50. I also read your blog via google reader.

  51. Mmmmmm– I love to make honey wheat rolls. With a little bit of coarse salt on top to have that salty/sweet thing happening.

  52. My favorite thing to bake is Fresh Apple Cake w/ big chunks of apples:-)

  53. Hi Jessica,
    I am a baker to my core and anytime a cake is required I bake them from scratch. I have made a Winnie the Pooh cake as well as a Cinderella for my children at various times.
    I must say this looks like a fun kit and I really liked how you used it to make a sandwich, very creative.
    Right now I’m off to make a couple of pies for the family.

  54. πŸ˜‰ I subscribe to you in Google Reader.

  55. I make themed birthday cakes for my kids and this would be a great addition to my pan collection!

  56. I’ve made lots of birthday cakes for my kids over the years, but one that comes to mind was one that looked like a giant hero sandwich. Complete with “lettuce, meat and cheese.” It looked pretty cool!

  57. I always make a super chocolately ice cream cake on his bday

  58. I subscribe through google reader.

  59. I subscribe via email feed.

  60. I love this pan! I would make green bread and a green cake — for my beloved Rough Riders.

  61. I loved the huge cupcake that I made for my daughter’s first birthday. I had never heard of using a cake pan to bake bread. I can’t wait to try this, any suggestions?

  62. My specialty changes with the seasons. Sometimes it’s strawberry blush cake, sometimes it’s pumpkin bread or banana bread. Would love to add some more bread-making in.

  63. I also follow you in Google reader.

  64. I could totally use this pan for all my two sons events, birthdays, family gather, etc.

  65. Anna Whiteside says:

    Oh this looks fun! I love trying out cakes, but I could use some more “professional” tools!

  66. We love a good carrot cake with yummy cream cheese frosting.

  67. Follow both on Twitter & tweeted about the giveaway.

  68. Follow through Google Reader.

  69. I enjoy making any type of bread (with my daughters kneading right along with me).

  70. This is awesome! What a great giveaway.

  71. I also subscribe via e-mail.

  72. I make a homemade rosemary bread that I can’t get enough of because I love rosemary! I like to make cakes for special occasions, but I don’t get too complicated with them, but it would be so fun to try out some more professional cake making/decorating tools. Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. kristi juette says:

    I love to make theme and holiday cakes for my family. The boys would love this pan.

  74. We have homemade birthday cakes here at our house. It’s more fun to have a hot pink princess cake, or a bright blue Thomas the tank engine cake. For me, I always choose coconut cake. It’s my favorite .

  75. I made most all of our breads and birthday cakes I love the football cake pan and the idea about making a huge sandwich out of it.

  76. I only make cakes or breads that are easy. Baking scares me a little.

  77. I follow you in Reader.

  78. I love to make mint chip bread from my Friendship Bread starter.
    I also love zucchini and apple breads! Yum!

  79. My brothers are huge football fans, I would love to bake them a peanut butter cake in this!

  80. I subscribe via google reader. Thanks!

  81. one of our favorite homemade breads is braided squash loaf…yum!

  82. Alas, I’m not that creative, but did pull off some cute beach cupcakes for my twins’ first birthday party.

  83. And I subscribe in Google Reader. Thanks:)

  84. Susan Comer says:

    I love making my boys birthday cakes. I’m so picking I will not waste calories on store bought cake. Homemade is the best.

  85. I subscribe via e-mail!

  86. Just signed up to follow fishmama and wilton on twitter…and tweeted the giveaway to the world! Wahoo!

  87. I have a great snickerdoodle cake recipe I make in the fall. It would be lovely in this pan while we cheer the Fighting Irish on to victory!

  88. I make banana bread the way my Grandy does, adding a few spiced gum drops to the batter.

  89. I’m a subscriber!

  90. I subscribe via google reader.

  91. I have a cake pan that looks like a castle, but I’ve only used it once…this looks cute though!

  92. I also subscribe via reader

  93. I love making special cakes for my kids birthday. I usually make a tractor cake for my husband using a pan.

  94. I’m a subscriber

  95. What a great giveaway. I love the idea of baking bread and making it into a sandwich–not limited to cake.
    For my daughter’s 4th birthday last year, we made a Candy Land cake from Taste of Home–it turned out so cute– a very fun cake!
    Recently discovered your blog (through MoneySavingMom–am really enjoying it, and subscribed with Google Reader.

  96. I like to make chocolate zucchini cake.

  97. And I subscribe in Google Reader.

  98. Melissa Lowrie says:

    I love to make homemade treats and pumpkin bread!! πŸ™‚

  99. We love bees at the house so bee cakes and bee cupcakes are the norm. It would be great to win.

  100. I started baking cakes for my children’s birthdays 2 years ago and now I look for occasions/reasons to make and decorate a cake. I love trying out new ideas and making “Wow” creations. Friends have said I should sell my cakes, but that would take the fun out of it. However, I do offer up cakes for silent auctions in my community to help raise funds to support organizations that I belong to. That is pretty rewarding.

  101. I did a Cars cake last year and he was crazy about it!

  102. AllieZirkle says:

    I’m a subscriber in reader

  103. I subscribe via FB and twitter and tweeted this to the world;) My favorite cake is a lemon cake that is pricked while hot and drizzled with an orange juice/powdered sugar glaze. Mmmmmm.

  104. My kids have been into the cupcake craze lately so I have been experimenting with different toppers, muffin papers, etc.

  105. I also subscribe to your feed!!

  106. I’ve never made any fun football party snacks but this cake pan has me itching to bake!

  107. I follow you and Wilton on twitter and tweeted!

  108. I subscribe via email.

  109. I made my wedding cake

  110. The quacks me up cake gave me alot of Easter ideas!I also LOVE the rocketship.My 5 year old would be thrilled with it.I am thinking it would also make a great ornament cake for the holidays.

  111. I made a tractor cake for my son’s 4th birthday party.

  112. Thank you so much for the chance to win!! I would love this set. i love to make banana bread!

  113. In a Wilton pan I make a mean carrot cake. In a not wilton pan I make a sinful chocolate cheesecake!

  114. I am rss subscriber.

  115. I try to make my kid’s birthday cakes special. The last one I did was a ladybug cake for my little girl. I could see my son being interested in the football pan very soon!

  116. I subscribe in Google Reader.

  117. I just tried making blueberry zucchini bread last night and it turned out great! I’m new to the world of fabulous cakes, though.

  118. I subscribe in google reader.

  119. Everyone loves my rosemary foccacia!

  120. My house is full of football lovin’ boys. We also do theme cakes during the football season. This pan would be great πŸ™‚

  121. I love to bake bread. Quick breads or yeast breads, it doesn’t matter. It is so relaxing to bake and your house smells wonderful in the process. My families favorite is my banana bread.

  122. I subscribe in Google reader.

  123. Especially in the fall I like to make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!!!

  124. I make a yummy whole wheat, oil-free banana bread. (Yay Fannie Farmer!) And we love making buttermilk cake. Delicious, not super sweet, but still cake. It’s our go-to birthday cake. (Joy of cooking recipe – love that book!)

  125. And I subscribe in google reader. πŸ™‚

  126. I made my daughter’s 1st birthday cake- a ladybug. We love football and would put this pan to good use.

  127. I’m already a RSS subscriber.

  128. I Love the cake pan! My boys may be more willing to let us watch football if there’s an.cake like this made for halftime. I love to bake, especially if it’s a recipe by Dorie Greenspan

  129. I make various fruit breads.

  130. email subscriber

  131. My favorite bread to make is homemade sour dough bread from scratch.

  132. I am a follower.

  133. I love making cakes for birthdays. So far this year, I’ve made one with fondant flowers, a tractor, and a large storybook with a fondant owl.

  134. Oh how fun!!! I make all my boys’ birthday cakes. Plus, we are a house full of BIG college football fans! So, this would get good use at our house! πŸ™‚

  135. I like making cupcakes!

  136. I subscribe via google reader.

  137. I started making my kids cakes for their birthday and always use the Wilton sets! Last year it was cars, and princess! This year it’s toy story!: )

  138. Oh, my goodness, this would be perfect for us! We love football around here (my Dad played in college, so it is in my dna to love weekends during the fall for their football games)

    I’m actually not the one who does most of the cake baking. That is my husband’s territory. And he makes a mean red velvet cake πŸ™‚

  139. Not much of a baker, but I did manage to make a prehistoric cake with dinosaurs and volcano for my son’s birthday…thanks for the giveaway!

  140. I have a heart cake mold that I use alot. Just change the words on the cake!!

  141. And, I’m a very happy subscriber – always love seeing what comes from Life as Mom in my inbox πŸ™‚

  142. Love it! My 4 children always expect the “momma made” birthday cake!

  143. That is so fun! My husband and son are big college football fans and of course, they love to eat. It’s perfect!

    We love to bake whole wheat bread, cinnamon raisin bread, and my daughter’s favorite is chocolate chip pumpkin bread. We grind our own wheat, too.

  144. I would love to use this pan for my sons birthday party in January. His birthday party always seems to fall on super bowl sunday and this pan would make some great football shaped foods. Thanks for the offer.

  145. Christmas coffeecake, braided and filled with fruit.

  146. Lea Stormhammer says:

    Hmmm, well I have my great-grandmother’s white bread recipe – it’s my favorite, though I don’t think its a particularly unique recipe. As for cakes – I made a HUGE alligator cake for my kids’ 3rd birthday. My FIL, who no one would ever call a foodie, took one look at it and said “Round pan, rectangle pan, bundt pan.” and then walked away with smirk on his face. Drat him! πŸ™‚ Apparently his mom (hubby’s grandma) had made one when he was a kid with his help! How cool is that!?

    The hubby and my son are huge football fans so that pan would be perfect! Thanks for hosting,

  147. I subscribe!

  148. Also posted it on Facebook! πŸ™‚

  149. Too cute!!! I have recently taken up cake making and would LOVE this kit! My latest creation was this Hello Kitty cake for my daughters birthday!

  150. I am taking a cake decorating class starting in November – this would be perfect!

  151. I subscribe in Google Reader.

  152. I subscribe via my feed reader.

  153. I love to make pumpkin dinner rolls. I don’t have a standard cake, but I love crafting my child’s birthday cakes. Anyone can buy a cake, but it takes a special mom to make it with her own hands:-)

  154. I subscribed via email.

  155. My 2 oldest sons play high school football. What a neat way to show everyone their love of the game.

  156. My last great cake was a castle cake for my daughter. I made homemade whole wheat bread for the first item this week!

  157. My husband is a HS football coach and its his passion! I would love to surprise him with this sandwhich some sunday afternoon! Also, my little man will be turning 2 soon, he loves balls, “football” was one of his first words!

  158. I like to make “Crazy Cake” which is a chocolate cake. I make french bread sometimes. I also love decorating cakes, so this pan would be awesome!

  159. I also subscribe via email!!!

  160. Following FishMama and Wilton on twitter (@hkittelson) and tweet:

  161. Subscribe to Life as a Mom in google reader.

  162. Sherry Brantley says:

    I always make my kids birthday cakes. I usually spend months planning them so they will be extra special!

  163. I made a Lego cake for my son for his birthday earlier this month!

  164. Wow, I had never ever thought of baking bread in a fun pan. So glad I read this. We love to make cupcakes more than cake and decorate with sprinkles πŸ™‚

    jennifer @

  165. and of course I am a subscriber πŸ™‚

  166. I love making cakes with freehand drawings and designs on them.

  167. I really enjoy making cakes for various occassions!! Thanks so much!

  168. Love, love, love the sandwich idea! You are so creative.

  169. I make lots of muffins-banana, carrot, dark chocolate.

  170. My oldest who plays football is about to turn 13….he would LOVE me and think I was the coolest! We bake a lot of banana bread here…the kids just eat it up, and me too. πŸ˜‰

  171. My favorite breads to make are banana bread and zucchini bread (with chocolate chips!).

  172. I love to bake yeast breads especially cinnamon rolls for my curly girlies.

  173. I always do the kids’ birthday cakes and now they are old enough that they like helping. Last year our Nemo turned out really well.

  174. I love to make birthday cakes – that football bread is so awesome – I would LOVE to make that!

  175. I subscribe, too.

  176. I am a follower & you have some wonderful, useful posts each week!

  177. I follow on twitter.

  178. I like to make double layer cakes. My husband loves football!

  179. Love this pan…so cute. I have 4 sons. The oldest play football now, and the others are soon to follow. We would get many years of use out of this pan. We love our brownies around here, so that would definitely get baked in the pan.

  180. I signed up for email too. I so hope I win this! I am just getting into cakes and decorating. I’ve been borrowing my mil’s stuff. πŸ™‚

  181. I stayed up all night before my daughter’s 4th birthday making a butterfly cake! Now that she’s 7, she really only cares that it’s chocolate pudding cake – so easy peasy cupcakes are fine.

  182. I subscribe in Google Reader

  183. Susan Holliday says:

    I make a cake that my mother used to make. It’s a wonderful chocolate cake made with miracle whip instead of oil and eggs. It gives it a very rich flavor! Yum!

  184. I enjoy baking cakes for my children’s birthdays. I also make pizza dough and wheat bread for my family. Would love to use that football pan! Looks like fun!

  185. My special cake to make is my Nana’s hummingbird cake.

  186. I subscribe through yahoo reader

  187. One of our favorite homemade breads is French bread! This would be a fun set to win!

  188. I make my two kids birthday cake every year! This would be a super fun prize to win! I would have fun making a super bowl cake which I usually do every year!
    I also follow your blog through google/reader!

  189. I haven’t done a specialty cake in years… but in the past I’ve done a pooh bear, ninja turtles, a pumpkin, a baby bootie and an easter bunny. Maybe I should give it a try again!

  190. My beer bread would look so good coming out of a football shaped pan.

  191. Following both FishMama and Wilton on Twitter.

  192. I already subscribe to your blog through Google Reader.

  193. i love homemade whole wheat bread!

  194. I need to make some more butterhorns. Everyone at work is asking for them again. Also need to make that football cake. Too cute.

  195. Christy Flynn says:

    My husband and I create cakes for each of our kids’ birthdays based on the theme they choose, much like the cakes you do for your children.

  196. I haven’t made a special cake yet, but I think I am going to make my son’s birthday cake this year. I bought his cake last year and wasn’t very happy with it, so I will give it my best!

  197. I subscribe via reader.

  198. We do special cakes every birthday(I have 4 monkey children). My 16 year old daughter loves to bake so usually she does the baking and icing and the other 2 children whose birthday it isn’t usually do the decorating. Our latest cake was a turtle for the youngest monkey. His favorite creature is the sea turtle.

    This halloween we’ll probably decorate a cake or some cupcakes.


  199. I made a barbie cake once for my girls birthdays, other than that my baking tends to be rather common.

  200. My son would love a cake or sandwich shaped like football!!! I love to make special cakes for birthdays…I’ve all sorts of themes from princess castle to star wars and everything in between! A football would be a fun twist!!!

  201. I’m a subscriber via Google Reader.

  202. I tweeted. πŸ™‚

  203. I need inspiration. I usually just do cupcakes!

  204. Shelah Miller says:

    Father Dominic’s Honey Oatmeal bread!

  205. The special cake I enjoy making is ice cream cake. As for bread, love animal shaped bread for the kids, like turtles and rabbits. Makes it fun and encourages them to eat if they struggle with that sort of thing.

  206. Hello Jessica,
    Where do you shop for the great products you use for creative cakes? I’ve seen you use edible rocks,and now a football shaped pan. Do you have a source other than the Wilton website?

    • Jessica Fisher says:

      I get a lot of items, like the candy rocks, from Walmart. I’ve also found some things at Michaels.

  207. this time of year, I LOVE pumpkin bread!

  208. I subscribe!

  209. I love the idea of making football bread for sandwiches. I like to make meat and cheese bread where I bake the filling right into the bread dough. Yummy!

  210. I love making my daughter’s birthday cakes. Each year she picks a theme, and I’m challenged to make the cake. I can’t imagine buying one when I have so much fun making them!

  211. Follow you both on Twitter and tweeted.

  212. TallyMichelle says:

    just made (amazing) cupcakes for the baby’s first birthday…how did she grow so quickly?

  213. TallyMichelle says:


  214. I also subscribe to your feed.

  215. We make a lot of Star Wars cakes here and chocolate berry bundt cake gets a fair showing as well.

  216. Ooh, I just made a football cake last year for Thor, but this would have made it so much easier and so fun!!!

  217. Making my son’s birthday cake this weekend – a “Kipper” themed cake. Next year I hope it’s this football cake!

  218. I’m not a baker, but my husband has been having a great time trying out all kinds of bread recipes in the breadmaker. Favorites so far: jalapeno-cheese bread and almond pinwheels.

  219. I already subscribe to the feed

  220. That’s so cool! I never would’ve thought of making special breads in cake pans like that!

    I’d probably use it for a 49ers cake for hubby’s birthday in February first, though!

  221. I subscribe!

  222. Tweeted @Vindiciti!

  223. I make breads and cakes all the time. We love Apple Dapple cake from Southern plate dot com.

  224. I am an email subscriber.

  225. German Chocolate cake and just about any type of baking!

  226. I have made a replica of the Oklahoma stadium, and the OU logo, we are football fans here too

  227. I love to bake and birthday parties are huge in our family. With 2 small boys a football tin would be put to great use. So far we have made train, horse, fire engine, racetrack, snake, jack in the box, monkey and toy story cakes for our parties…maybe football will be next? Love wilton & love Life As Mom Blog!

  228. Jessica Payne says:

    I love the football pan! And I love the cake idea. πŸ™‚ I love to make crown cakes with my Wilton crown cake pan, and I have also made a Lightning McQueen cake with a Wilton (that was quite a task!). This year for my son I made a construction theme cake complete with crushed chocolate chip cookies for “dirt”, chocolate peanuts for rocks, and a log cabin made out of pretzels. πŸ™‚ It turned out GREAT! I would love to win this and make some fun football cakes and breads…what a neat idea!

  229. My current favorite is homemade cinnamon swirl.

  230. Jessica Payne says:

    Oh, and I also just subscribed to your emails! Can’t wait to get more great money saving tips from you. πŸ™‚

  231. I’m also a subscriber.

  232. I always made special cakes for my kid’s birthdays and now my grandchildren’s depending on their interests.

  233. I am an email subscriber.

  234. What I great giveaway! My favorite cakes to make are cakes for my son’s birthdays. This year I made a Super Mario cake and a baseball cake. My favorite bread to make is banana nut bread.

  235. Just made a pokemon cake ( based on the one you made your son)

  236. I subscribe

  237. i love making the kids birthday cakes, i’ve got my first boy turning 5 and he loves football. don’t think princess cakes will work for him so this would be awesome.

  238. I just made a Thomas The Train cake for my son’s birthday.

  239. I just made my son a Rocket Cake for his 6th bday…lots of fun!

  240. I subscribe via email.

  241. I subscribe on google reader. πŸ™‚

  242. My favorite cake to make right now is red velvet because my husband recently discovered it and loves it!

  243. I always make special cakes for my boys birthdays. The last one I made was a Xwing fighter and tomorrow I will be making a Blues Clues cake.

  244. Just made a 3D Little Einstein’s Rocket cake for my 4-year-old last month. Next month I will be making a Clifford cake for my almost-2-year-old.

  245. I make a yummy oatmeal wheat bread.

  246. I like to make zucchini bread and pumpkin bread (with chocolate chips in it).

  247. I subscribe in Google Reader

  248. I make all the cakes around here – except the one for my birthday, Daddy and the girls make that one.

    The last two I made were for the Reading Princess and our 2 year old’s Birthday. Our 5 year old read a whole book out loud by herself, so to celebrate I made a 9×13, turned it out on a platter and decorated it to look like a book. SO cute! The 2 year old’s cake was again a 9×13 turned out and decorated with Playmobile and Smarties.

  249. Oh, and I am a subscriber via rss feed

  250. I like to bake pumpkin bread.

  251. Pumpkin Bread would be a cute way to use the pan! I also like the football sandwich idea πŸ™‚ I enjoy making Chocolate cake with Chocolate icing…from scratch! Yum!

  252. Kim in sunny AZ says:

    Such a cool giveaway! We have several favorite breads in rotation at our house – a milk n honey, a 100% whole wheat and a 75% whole wheat recipe. We also love cinnamon rolls – on the menu for next weekend!!! πŸ™‚ For cakes, we have a princess cake on the horizon for a special 5 year old birthday in a few weeks! πŸ™‚ I’m thinking of trying marshmallow fondant for the first time on that decorating. πŸ™‚

  253. Shaunta Chambers says:

    I like to make Italian breasticks.

  254. I subscribe through Google Reader.

  255. My MIL is INSANE about the Saskatoon Roughriders, she would loooove this. I might get this for her for Christmas even if I don’t win.

    I’m admittedly not much of a baker. I can whip up some pretty tasty zucchini brownies though!

  256. Samantha Torres says:

    Ever since I was little my Mother made me a cake for my birthday, not just any plain sheet cake, I’m talking about elaborate amazing cakes that everyone loved. She made my Wedding cake and now makes cakes for both my son’s birthdays and I have finally decided to follow in her footsteps.

    I made my first cake for my nephew last month and it was a hit! I think I got my Mom’s talent! I am right now waiting for a barbie cake for my niece to finish baking so I can deocrate it! I love the joy I can bring through my baking!

  257. I make a really good lemon braided holiday bread.

  258. I subscribe via e-mail.

  259. My nephew wants me to make him a birthday cake football. This would REALLY help! I love to make creative birthday cakes – I made an excavator for my son’s 4th birthday.

  260. I already subscribe to Life as Mom via email. Love it!

  261. I love it! I love making cakes! I have made a raggedy ann, a snowman, a beach and a sleepover cake that had girls (made with twinkies sleeping on a bed!

  262. I’m a subscriber too.

  263. Last year I made a light saber cake for my son’s party.

  264. This would be so much fun for my sun…where we are living football gear is not easy to come by…never mind football deco…etc. I have made castles and such for birthdays, but this would be really special!

  265. I love baking pumpkin bread.

  266. I’m still just getting back to basic bread and pizza that are homemade (was too hot in the summer to want to bake!), but I LOVE LOVE football, so this would be very cool to start designs.

  267. I’m an email subscriber!

  268. Gillian Carman says:

    I`m planning on making my son a monkey cake for his birthday… we`ll see how it goes. My husband would just love a football shaped anything!

  269. I love the bread! Did you put a whole bread recipe in the pan?

    We have used the pan for cakes. The boys love them. My 83 yr. old dad loves football too, so we made his last birthday cake a football. Ds, soon to be 4, has announced he wants a football cake with Pooh” walking on the “bridge” I think he means the leather tie stuff in the middle.

    We make an oreo dessert that just uses whipped cream, milk and oreos. You just dip oreos in milk to soften, layer oreos and whipped cream with squirts of chocolate sauce on top of cream layers. You can be creative by putting oreos up the side (like a banana pudding),breaking and crushing oreos for decoration on top, etc. let refrigerate several hours or overnight. Always a hit!!! Very yummy!!!My 12 year old daughter is the official oreo dessert maker now.

  270. We always do a special cake for birthdays – there is a local store that rents cake pans for a few dollars each – awesome!

  271. I subscribe!

  272. There are some crazy Steelers fans in this house that would love this! I make a marble cake of yellow and devil’s food cakes and frost it in the theme when playoffs roll around.

  273. I subscribe πŸ™‚

  274. Sally McQuaid says:

    I just made a dinosur train cake for my sons 1st birthday. My4 year old daughter also loved it. Its one of her favorite shows in PBS.

  275. I make all kinds of breads and rolls. My favorite to eat are cinnamon rolls. The most practical are loaves of lovely whole wheat sandwich bread.

  276. I subscribe via email.

  277. Elizabeth Faris says:

    With 3 boys, I make alot of fun boy birthday “sport” cakes. This kit would be fun to have.

  278. Jennifer M. says:

    I LOVE to make pumpkin bread in the Fall!

  279. Jennifer M. says:

    I subscribe via email. :0)

  280. I have made so many cakes for my son-elmo, cookie monster cupcakes, a cowboy boot, a barnyard, etc… I also sell my Buttermilk Spice Bread at a local Christian Coffee House.

  281. Dawn Kirsch says:

    I love the Wilton Big cupcake pan. It is so fun to turn that into other things too, not just the regular big cupcake.

  282. My family loves when I make my banana bread. Thank you!

  283. Dawn Kirsch says:

    I like to use the Wilton Big cupcake pan too!

  284. Yay! I read lifeasmom in my Google Reader.

  285. I make strawberry cake for my husband’s birthday every year.

  286. I subscribe! Thanks!

  287. For my son’s fifth birthday I made a dragon cake. It was huge and very difficult (took 2 huge batches of frosting to cover), but he loved it. I will never make that cake again, but I’m sure he will talk me into some other crazy cake for this year! Maybe I can convince him that a football would be perfect!

  288. I make a zucchini cake that is wonderful! I also love to make zucchini bread!

  289. I am a subscriber!

  290. Saturday is FOOTBALL day in our house. It’s on from sun-up to sun-down! We make “special” snacks every weekend. I’m sure we would come up with some great ones with all of these supplies.

  291. I like to make and decorate special cakes for birthdays. Last year we made a train cake for my son’s 1st birthday!

  292. I follow you in the Google reader

  293. I made some cute cakes for my kiddies birthdays this year – Tinkerbell and a Cars cake.

  294. We make all kinds of random breads in our bread machine. We don’t have any cool cake pans like this, though.

  295. I’m also a subscriber!

  296. We entertain a LOT, so I am always looking for new breads for dips and sandwiches. AND, I make my son’s birthday cakes — this would be great!!

  297. I am a subscriber!

  298. I love to make all kinds of cakes and breads. I make a classic, slightly sweet white sandwich bread almost every day for sandwiches and toast, but I absolutely love baking and decorating cakes. I’m looking for an excuse to make a special occasion cake this year since I missed the chance to bake for our anniversary, my husband’s birthday, and our son’s birthday due to travel this year!

  299. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time, as well. Thanks for the great blog and giveaway!

  300. I have two daughters and this year I made them both Red Velvet Cakes in the shapes of fairies. It was somewhat hard, but I managed it. This pan would be so easy then doing it free hand. Thanks for the chance.

  301. I am an email subscriber.

  302. I love making my son’s BDay cakes. He’s just turning 2 next month but plan on doing it as long as possible and for baby #2 due in Feb. Last year I made a baseball cake so this is right up our alley!

  303. I follow both on Twitter and tweeted: jennaod β€œ@FishMama is giving away a @WiltonCakes football set. Enter to win:

  304. I subscribe to your daily emails!

  305. Jennifer Foutch says:

    Angel Food Cake with homemade icing!

  306. I haven’t made a cake in a while but this makes me want to! I have made a flower cake once. It was quite large and took a while to decorate. I do have a chocolate bundt cake recipe that is to die for but haven’t made that in a while either.

  307. i already subscribe via RSS.

  308. My husband lives and breaths football. This is his favorite time of the year. This would be fun to have to give him his “football food”. I don’t really make any special bread or cakes, but I do make Pizza crust from scratch every Sunday for football day.

  309. I get Life as Mom by e-mail

  310. What a great pan! I’ve been wanting to bake bread in a cake pan for so long that I had almost forgotten I wanted to:) I think there’s a saying about good intentions paving the road to….uhm…anyway, we’ve made many fun cakes and bread over the years. Our frog cake was by far one of the most fun. We frosted a 9×13 cake blue and added frogs to our “pond” using cupcakes frosted green with two mounds of green frosting topped with smaller white frosting mounds and dotted with black icing for eyeballs, two little black slits or dots for nostrils and our frogs were the cutest thing we’ve ever made. How much fun a football sandwich would be. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  311. With your inspiration- I just made my daughter’s 1st birthday cakes. That was a first for me- but I didn’t want to pay the high price to purchase one!

  312. I’m an email subscriber

  313. I make banana bread, german chocolate cake, carrot cake, etc. I love to bake!! Mondya night football has returned to our house.. this would make those evening even more special!! πŸ™‚

  314. My sons loves all different kinds of balls and his birthday is coming up. He also can’t eat gluten so I always have to make his cakes, so this pan would make it special.

  315. My specialty is an Italian Cream Cake. I love this football cake though! That is too cute!

  316. My boys would love this. Right now their favorite is the train cake mold we have. I love to do fairly simple frosting but then use candies to decorate. Thanks!

  317. I love making any kind of bread!

  318. I subscribe!!

  319. I make my husband breadsticks filled with mozzerella cheese.

  320. I love baking! Pretty much any cake! I am learning to make bread, too.

  321. I follow you!

  322. Charity Shapiro says:

    I love to make homemade muffins and rolls. Cute pan. My husband is a big football fan.

  323. I make cakes and decorate them for each kid’s birthday.

  324. I am a subscriber.

  325. I am just learning how to make gluten-free desserts and they aren’t always pretty…but I’m learning. I realy enjoyed a chocolate cake made with garbonzo beans instead of flour, I know it doesn’t sound good but it was.

  326. One year for my sons’ birthday party, I made two 3D dump trucks with Oreo dirt in the beds. So cute!

  327. I get your emails. Thanks for the neat giveaway.

  328. I’m an email subscriber in a house full of football fans. ;-D

  329. Annette Holbrook says:

    I usually make banana bread the most often. Everyone in my family loves it.

  330. A standard favorite cake that I bake for pretty much anything is an extremely moist chocolate chip pound cake, made by doctoring up a mix. Quick, simple and delicious! I am also the birthday cake maker around here, and I am getting ready to start planning a monster truck cake for my almost 4 yr. old’s birthday. I would have never thought of using this Wilton pan to make a huge football sandwich! How fun! It would be great for my football crazy guys! Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  331. Oh no. Do I still win if I tell you that I don’t really make any special cakes? πŸ™‚

  332. I subscribe already.

  333. My favorite breads are from the five dollar dinner cook book Honey wheat rolls and from heavenly homemakers soft pretzels. I also love to make cakes my favorite is scooby doo’s mystery machine, but cupcakes and rainbows are perfect for the funfair cake walk at school.

  334. I made a volcano cake for my son’s 5th birthday this year, using a pampered chef batter bowl. It turned out so cute and we used toy dinosaurs to finish it off. πŸ™‚

  335. My husband and I make all of the birthday cakes for our kids. Also making decorated cakes and cupcakes makes an ordinary day seem more exciting.

  336. I subscribe via e mail

  337. I love zucchini breadk!

  338. I like making cakes to take with me when babysitting as a special snack for the kids.

  339. i subscribe through reader

  340. Andrea Dorn says:

    I make a special peanut butter chocolate chip bread and a lemon blueberry bread. I freeze them and take them out when we have company.

  341. Andrea Dorn says:

    I subscribe to your emails.

  342. I love to make festive cakes for birthdays in my family and I also love making a variety of quick breads for everyday snacks.

  343. I make mini muffins all the time for a snack for my family. Blueberry, banana, Banana/chocolate chip, pumpkin and apple are all favorites.

  344. Monica Gehman says:

    I don’t know that I have successfully made any special cakes.I am good at the traditonal Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast cakes like Shoofly and Hard Tac. I would love to win this pan;we always host the super bowl.

  345. I make a killer orange bundt cake πŸ™‚

  346. i’m an email subscriber πŸ™‚

  347. I make Amish friendship bread often. My family loves it and I love to make to give as little gifts or take to work for a treat. Thank you for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  348. I love to make sweet breads, especially in the fall and winter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  349. I follow you and Wilton Cakes on Twitter and I tweeted:

  350. Email subscriber

  351. Ooh, my husband loves football, and watching Monday Night Football a few weeks ago, my two year old lifted her head while laying on her tummy–I think we have a football fan in the making here, so this set would be lovely! πŸ˜€

  352. This looks like so much fun & a sandwich sounds yummy right now too!

  353. I already subscribe to Life as mom through my yahoo email.

  354. I make all my kids birthday cakes and bake bread all the time, i think they would love to eat bread/cake in different shapes

  355. email subscriber

  356. I make almost all of our breads and rolls from scratch (except sandwich bread) and I just started making my children’s birthday cakes.

  357. I am an e-mail subscriber.

  358. We are big football fans! A football shaped cake or sandwich would be a hit at any of our parties! One of my favorite cakes was a yellow duck for my niece’s 1st birthday!

  359. I would love to make a French bread loaf in this pan! My husband is a youth pastor and we live in a college town. Every Saturday we have a living room full of teenagers and college students to watch football (who also like to eat). This would make an awesome huge sandwich.

  360. I’m an e-mail subscriber.

  361. I love making specialty cakes in unique shapes and designs. We currently have a 2 year old daughter and just had a son 6 1/2 weeks ago. So some football themed cakes will surely be part of our future baking!

  362. My children love cupcakes for birthdays.

  363. We love cakes in all different shapes and sizes!

  364. I am a subscriber!

  365. I like to make special things, but am not very good at it yet. Right now I am learning to make homemade bread. This would be a neat thing for my men. Thanks for a chance at it!

  366. We love football in our house too! Years ago I took a Wilton cake decorating class, but I haven’t made any “special” cakes in years. My husband is just happen when I make cake – any type, any flavor, any shape. Same goes for bread. Now that we’re expecting our first, I can foresee some special birthday cakes in the future.

  367. I am subscribed (RSS)

  368. I love these fun pans, I have made rice crispie treats in the shape of one of their pans.

  369. I make a cinnamon swirl bread w/icing that tastes just like cinnamon rolls and is much easier to make!

  370. Yvonne Fortin says:

    I am a subscriber!

  371. Yvonne Fortin says:

    I love to make “specialty” cupcakes. Ive done “sunflowers” made with Oreos as the center, with multi colored frosting as the petals and leaves. I then used a red M&M as a lady bug!
    I also made “veggie garden” using ground chocolate cookies as the “dirt” and used soft candies such as starburst to make raddishs, carrots, peas and lettuces. They were a H U G E hit.
    I am a complete and utter failure at breads, though. I would love to learn. My hubby and his buddies are massive football fans, and really into the fantasy football and Maddin on the Xbox, so this prize would be well loved in our household. Please pick us! God bless πŸ˜‰
    I love your blog!

  372. Instead of having a big party for my children’s birthdays, our family has an outing of the birthday kid’s choosing as well as a cake (that I make) of his/her choice. Past cakes that have been enjoyed include: a lady bug, princess with pink dress, train, and a Ford F150! That last one was fun…without a cake pan of course!

  373. I like to make homemade breads such as cinnamon bread.

  374. I subscribe to your emails.

  375. I am really getting into cake decorating! I made a barn cake for my youngest son’s 1st birthday and I am trying to decide what to do for my 3 yr olds birthday coming up in December!

  376. Looks perfect for fall!

  377. RSS subscriber

  378. I take a box of cake mix, mix it with 1 stick of butter (melted), crumble over a large can of peaches and bake for 30 minutes. It gets crunchy on top and tastes oh so good!

  379. I follow you and Wilton on Twitter now. Here is my tweet:

  380. I follow Life as Mom in my Google RSS reader.

  381. I use to order birthday cakes because of the large family parties. But as the kids get older, the guest list has shrunk. Now I make my own. My son’s birthday cake was one cake cut into several pieces that in the end looked like Legos! He loved it! My oldest daughter loved her butterfly cake. My youngest daughter had chicken cupcakes (her nickname is BooBoo Chicken). Finally, my husband is a huge football fan…I need this pan because he has yet to have his own special cake.

  382. Would love to win it! My husband is a huge football fan, and my 3 year old loves for us to go outside and play “foop-ball” with him!:)

  383. I, too, make all of our birthday cakes, but my favorite cake/bread has to be banana bread with sour cream in it…yumm-o!

  384. I actually don’t have any special cakes I make . . . unless you count the raspberry cheesecake I make. I make homemade bread as often as I can and have a recipe for maple oat bread. Very yummy!

  385. I subscribe via Google reader

  386. I could SO use this! I make very yummy pretzel rolls!

  387. I subscribed via rss.

  388. Andrea Watts says:

    I make cupcakes. That’s why I need this lol!

  389. Andrea Watts says:

    I’m following you and Wilton on Twitter

  390. Andrea Watts says:

    I tweeted the giveaway @WiltonCakes football set. Enter to win:

  391. Andrea Watts says:

    I’m an RSS subscriber

  392. Last year I made a barbie princess cake for my daughters 3rd birthday. I surprised my self at how good it actually came out!

  393. I love this! Great for a southern, football-lovin’ family! My favorite cakes to make are my kids’ birthday cakes…get to make my first girl cake in November πŸ™‚

  394. #2 done.

  395. #3 done.

  396. Heather Siani says:

    What a cute pan! I may have to end up with one of these in my kitchen no matter what. The most special bread that I make has been a tradition in my family since before I was born and now my mom and I make it together each year-bapka. So yummy and such a wonderful time in the making.

  397. #3 done

  398. Since I have two boys I’m sure we’ll be making many sports cakes over the years. So far we’ve done trains and legos!

  399. I love to make special birthday cakes for my family. That would make a great cake for my husband. My anniversary is Sunday so it would be like getting an anniversary present if I win!!

  400. I subscribed too.

  401. I love to make special birthday cakes for each of my kids! My 10 yo boy would love a football cake!

  402. i make special cakes for people’s birthdays. this would be great for my husband. he loves football!

  403. i subscribe via google reader

  404. i love the idea of making bread in a wilton shaped pan! i’ve only ever made cakes. i recently made a basketball for my nephews birthday.

  405. For my son’s last birthday, we made a layer cake covered in sprinkles. He loved it! We’ve also made a jaguar, a school bus, and a barnyard.

  406. I subscribe in reader. Thanks!

  407. i make decent zuchinni or apple breads
    nannypanpan at

  408. I make a mean choco chunk banana bread. I also made one of those cool rainbow cakes and a chocolate cheesecake filled cake. Yum.

  409. I read you in google.

  410. Debra Bachtold says:

    I just tweeted for the first time! WOW!!! Love to have the football pan giveaway. We follow our 2 boys’ in high school football and we all love watching NFL football together. So many neat treats to make with the pan.

  411. I am just getting started with cake decorating and I love to make birthday cakes.

  412. I subscribe by e-mail.

  413. I subscribe

  414. Banana bread

  415. I’m all about making some banana nut pound cake! My husband & his co workers love it.

  416. Wow! A football sandwich. My husband and I have a little joke about a football sandwich. I’d love to be able to make one.
    My creative baking consists of super sour lemonade cakes and cute cupcakes.

  417. I love to bake all of our desserts, cakes and breads! I can just see some great football party food with this now! Plus I know the kids would love a fish cake. Thanks for the giveaway.

  418. We made a caramel apple cake for my daughter’s birthday yesterday. it looked so real only bigger.

  419. I subscribe in a reader

  420. my boys like my “mix-in-the-pan” chocolate cake!

  421. Janet Henry says:

    I am an email subscriber. One of the easiest cakes ever is to buy a package of M & M brownie mix, put it in a round pan and cut into wedges! Yummy! Love the football sandwich idea!

  422. We are huge football fans at all levels of playing and huge cake fans! We live in Notre Dame/Colts territory and always have game day parties–would LOVE this set. We also make cakes/cupcakes all the time. Some of our recent creations include an 2 layer cake, cupcakes, and a pretty sparkly pink cake hubby made to suprise our 16 year old daughter and fill his cake craving (he hadn’t had any in 2 weeeks…lol). Unknown to him, she doesn’t like pink anymore—but loved it because he made it for her…lol!

  423. I LOVE baking cakes & have been wanting to make the football cake…I see so many ideas for it!

  424. I make any kind of bread that involves pumpkin and zucchini, etc. I also love my bread maker although I don’t use it nearly enough. I have a couple cake pans that I found off Kijiji (a no commision buy and sell site) for like $5 that are fun for the different holidays!

  425. I make an oreo cake using an oreo pan from williams and sonoma. I also decorate “wilton style” cakes for holidays and my kids birthdays. My grandma used to make wedding cakes and taught me all the cool tricks.

  426. I subscribe.

  427. Amy Stanford says:

    I love baking! I perfected (even more) my grandmother’s banana bread. Amazing!

  428. Amy Stanford says:

    I follow both of you two on twitter!! πŸ˜€ and tweeted about the contest:

  429. Amy Stanford says:

    I also subscribe to your emails

  430. I love to make cakes for every occasion. One year we had an amazing 3D Turkey Cake for Thanksgiving. The family loved it!

  431. I sent my tweet and follow @fishmama and @wiltoncakes on Twitter.

  432. I subscribe to Life as Mom for My Yahoo. Love the tips and advice!

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