Win a Copy of Clutter Rehab (Weekend Giveaway)

A few months ago I had a chance to review, Clutter Rehab, by my friend Laura Wittmann, also known as The Organizing Junkie. From my review:

This pint-sized book packs a powerful punch when it comes to dejunking, organizing, and otherwise battling clutter. [Laura] gives 101 quick and easy tips for simplifying your life and getting your act together. I’m all over that! ….

This book gives you all the basics you need to putting order into the chaos you call home. Laura’s style is easy to read, and the tips are practical and doable in just a few minutes or an afternoon.

Reading organizing books is a great way to be reminded to simplify and make the most of what you have. I’m always energized to get my act together after I’ve read a book like this one. I think it’s time for a reread!

And I’m happy to share that shot in the arm! This weekend, Laura is offering three copies of Clutter Rehab to giveaway to LifeasMOM readers.

To Enter:

Leave a comment on this post, telling us an area of your home that you need to get under control.

This giveaway is open world-wide. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. I will also update this post with the winners’ names. Please respond within 48 hours in order to claim your prize. The giveaway will close on Sunday, July 10, 2011, at 8 pm PST.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of the book. My opinions are my own.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    With 7 children ranging from 16 to 22 months there actually isn’t one area that I couldn’t use some advice on how to be more organized! From laundry to the toys…it is endless. Even the paper clutter is area that needs organizing in our house!! This book would be a blessing!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    While my whole house is out of control at the moment, out master bedroom is probably the worst. It might qualify for an episode of “Clean Sweep.” It’s not a peaceful retreat.

  3. Kelly S says:

    Recently found your blog and I will be adding it to my bloglines.
    We just returned from a trip and I still haven’t unpacked my suitcases bc I am afraid of my closets! Clothing storage is our biggest issue right now.
    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  4. My goodness where do I begin to clean. I really try but I am Miss Disorganized and it’s not just at home it’s at work also. If I have to choose a room I will say the basement.

  5. My kid’s clothes storage needs some serious work!

  6. It’s the toys! Our 2-year-old only has a very, very small room and there are definitely too many toys! And I have no clue how to organize them properly…

  7. The basement…. Yikes!!!

  8. Tabitha says:

    Our closets need attention. We addressed the bedroom closets but the others need some serous attention!

  9. Marilyn K says:

    Closets would be my biggie too, but every area is in need of some help.

  10. My basement is out of control.

  11. Emily D says:

    My bedroom. My Husband and I should see our bedroom and a retreat and calming area of our home. Instead, it is a collection zone; piles of clothes, papers, kids’ stuff, etc.

  12. Rebekah says:

    Right now our guest room closet needs some help!

  13. Oh I can answer this question easy, it’s my boys room. There stuff is everywhere. It’s weird, hard to store stuff. I’d love to find a solution.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. Unfortunately our kitchen island is a dumping ground for all of our stuff!

  15. My basement is HORRIBLE… People keep giving us their junk and we just say thanks and put it in the basement. At this rate, we’ll never have the family room we always wanted…

  16. ohmygoodness, what area *doesn’t* need it?

    definitely our home “office”. i always plan to file and organized, but usually everything is just put in piles.

  17. I’m a piler, so any flat surface in my house needs help. If I can’t see it, I can’t find it.
    So kitchen counters, desks, etc. Also, my van stays messy and in need of cleaning. Help!

  18. Counters, desktops, shelves, any flat surface. I’m a piler, not a filer because if I can’t see it, it might as well be gone. At least I can see the piles.

    And my minivan needs help.

  19. Since I am really enjoying the “eat from the pantry challenge”, I think I should begin in the pantry. What a mess!

  20. My bedroom is where everything gets dumped and then ignored. I would love to be able to relax and enjoy a book with the kids on “the big bed” without having to look at that eyesore!

    Thanks for the chance.

  21. Jill H. says:

    I’ll go with my kids room, although the better descriptor would be “kid clutter” as my girls’ stuff is all over my house. It drives me bonkers!

  22. My kitchen counter is my clutter problem. It is always collecting things. It gets cleaned off eventually, but not daily as I would love. Still working on that.


  23. My craft area is the worst, and it’s mid-purge right now. My 4yo son’s room is next on the list.

  24. Brittani Goodpaster says:

    I think our stress levels will be way less, our kickoff to school starting will be good, and we will be HAPPIER if we are less cluttered!

  25. Other than our unfinished basement, which is always an organizing mess… the space under our bathroom sink really needs an overhaul!

  26. Kristin says:

    With four children three and a half and under, our entire house is a clutter zone. The worst room, however, is our master bedroom, which has become a final resting place for things for which I lack time and energy to put away. It is definitely not a peaceful resting place for us.

  27. I’d say the whole house 🙂 However, my bedroom needs the most attention. It is the room that all the junk gets thrown in before company comes over and then I just shut the door.

  28. My kid’s room! With another one arriving shortly, I really need to get the clothes (past, current, and future sizes) organized. There just isn’t enough space, it seems.

  29. Where to begin, toy room, closets, master bedroom? I need some help! Thanks as always for the great giveaway.

  30. Our biggest problem right now is the “office”. With an 8 month old who is mobile, working full time, and going back to school, we need to get this room under control so it’s safe for him to play in while I do school work. And that room has stuff everywhere. I love to read too so I need this book!

  31. Heather B says:

    Where do I start?

  32. The master bedroom has become a “dump site” for all kinds of projects I keep thinking I’m going to have time for! I struggle with organizing these piles of “good stuff” that I can’t bring myself to get rid of. 🙁

  33. I’ve really been wanting to read this! I struggle with our office/schoolroom and our boys’ bedroom.

  34. Since we’re expecting baby #3 any week now, we’re trying to switch around the layout of our 3 bedroom home — so, the former office needs to be cleaned out and moved to the former dining room, and the former “I don’t know what this is” room needs to be turned into a living room/playroom/homeschool room. Not to mention the boys’ room needs to move to the office and their room needs to become a nursery. While the rest of the house looks like a hurricane. So yes, I could definitely use some organizational help!

  35. The basement. The attic. The junk drawer. The closets. The pantry. The garage. Under the beds. Under the sinks. The computer area. Well . . . let’s just say I have my work cut out for me . . .

  36. paper cutter and toys! I feel like I am always organizing and re organzing. Also my husband is really anti cutter person, so it seems like we are shoving stuff places to make it look clean but then I had it when I cant find where things drives me crazy. But everytime I reorganize I promise myself that I wont do it again..and it always happens again lol.

  37. I’ve had four neurosurgeries within the past two and a half years, and so have had to do only the highest-priority cleaning and de-cluttering and let everything else go. Now I’m afraid to even go in my basement, garage, or shed. Oh, or the kids’ rooms. I just don’t even know where to start 🙁

  38. Everywhere. I’m on serious mission lately and this book would surely help!

    One project always seems to reveal ten more!

  39. My basement! Enough said.

  40. Our home office is one of many rooms in my house that is out of control!! I would love to read this book!

  41. Jennifer says:

    The basement!! We need to change it from less of a spillover dumping ground, and more of our son’s playroom.

  42. My countertops need serious help. Everyone uses them as a dumping ground and it doesn’t take long for them to become a disaster area.

  43. my entire house, as a person with ADHD it is so hard to know what to toss and what to keep and when to stop bringing it home when there isn’t any room for it. I moved from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom and am at a stand still to figure out what to do with the rest of the stuff. HELP

  44. My closets and drawers all need help right now!

  45. Jenelle says:

    Paper clutter and craft projects are the two big items I could use some ideas on how to tackle a bit better!

  46. my whole house needs organizing. but i guess one particular area would be my office. pile of paper…i’m drowning

  47. I am in the process of cleaning and decluttering my entire house. I started with my closet and my son’s closet which were small and felt manageable. It’s the stuff that I need help with. I seem to find it in every room!

  48. My laundry room. At the moment it’s a dumping ground for anything that we don’t know where else to put. Also, my kids’ papers/art/crafts. Must find a system that’s workable and sustainable.

  49. Hmmm our worst area would have to be my closet or our kitchen pantry! Both of them could definitely use some clutter rehab.

  50. Michelle Dunn says:

    My closet needs an overhaul!

  51. Jenna J says:

    What a great give-a-way! Thanks Lifeasmom 🙂 With a second baby on the way, this book is definitely something I need to look in to!

  52. Tracie Wagensveld says:

    my craft/ laundry room- current dumping ground!

  53. Kids’ rooms are ALWAYS cluttered here!!

  54. With a full house I would say the laundry room. Husband , grown kids, teen grandkids and now 2 little guys. There must be a better way

  55. Amy Bergman says:

    The places I need most organization are my kids toys and my craft supplies. There is always room for improvement all over but I think these are my top 2 now.

  56. My garage! We have a 2 car garage that hasn’t seen a car in many, many years. It is impossible to find anything and it’s aggravating to have to climb over stuff. When I start to declutter, most times I promptly give up because I don’t even know where to start. My husband likes to keep everything “just in case” or because “we spent a lot on those items” (that we NEVER use). I’m just the opposite. Throw everything away. I’d rather have a peaceful space. I would love ideas to find a middle ground.

  57. Mary E.S. says:

    My entire house! I was raised as Daddys little helper and my sisters helped Moma so I never learned to keep house and organize it. My tools are very organized but I can’t seem to do the same in the house.

  58. Paper piles…never ending!

  59. Oh goodness, my kitchen counter next to the fridge. It’s where my purse goes…….and my coupons, mail, stuff I need to do something with, random crap. Not to mention that the junk drawer is under said counter. I clean it up every so often but it all creeps back!!

  60. Tammie S says:

    What area does not need clutter attention?!?
    Well first off probably my sewing area and toy area.

  61. I can’t seem to keep the kitchen counter organized. It is a breeding ground for clutter!

  62. I need to organize my office and paperwork!

  63. Rosanna says:

    I would have to say the master bedroom closet, it just doesn’t stay organized!

  64. Anna Whiteside says:

    Probably my closet/laundry room combo needs the most work. It’s big enough that stuff gets stashed away, but small enough to be easily overwhelmed! After that, kids room for sure!

  65. I really need help in our office!!! It’s become a dumping ground and it’s barely functioning anymore. Help!!!!

  66. Danielle says:

    This week, we’re sending the kids away and getting the house under control. As my husband says, “our house needs more than a big hug.” Everything is working right now, but it could be much better. The school room and laundry cabinets are what need it the most.

  67. beth lehman says:

    Papers – from school – bills – what do I keep….? what can I pitch? How do I organize files? I have always been paralyzed in this area.

  68. Our dining room needs a major declutter! If we don’t know where to put something, it ends up in here.

  69. We live in a small apartment so every single room in it could use an declutter and organization overhaul. Sometimes I feel like we are being overrun with clothes, books, papers, toys…everything! I would love to give this book a good workout!

  70. Oh my word….the whole house! But if I had to pick, my desk. I spend a LOT of time there, so it’s littered with the residue of everything that I’ve been doing the past few days.

  71. Stacy McCabe says:

    I would have to say my school room especially as the school year gets ready to begin.

  72. Right now, I don’t have too much problem with clutter…because we’ve moved everything into the attic so we can sell our house. However, we’re planning to move into a much smaller rental house, and I’m sure I will need tons of help with all of the house. Right now, I guess I need help with the attic!

  73. Karolyn says:

    Everywhere needs help. I would say the two worst spots are the basement and our closet.

  74. My whole house needs decluttering. I have always had such problems with getting rid of things not loved or used! And paper is the biggest problem!!! I’m drowning in it. I would LOVE to win this book 🙂

  75. The whole thing!

    Actually, seems to be the kitchen more than others.

  76. Jennifer M says:

    I have 3 kids and another on the way, so pretty much the whole house could use organizing.

  77. The toy room! Plus, I am going to start homeschooling this Fall, so I feel very unorganized and want to get a school room all set up.

  78. My home office/craft room — which has now become the so-junk-you-can’t-walk-through-there room. My daugther is visiting her Dad’s this week so after I get yard work, laundry and cleaning the rest of the house accomplished, I plan to tackle or at least START to tackle that! It might take a while!

  79. Our clothes bin system so needs to be caught up but signifies too much of a savings to our family to pitch. Believe me, I’ve been tempted! And the papers and the bookshelves……

  80. I am working hard on that area right now! drumroll please…….the school room/master bedroom 🙂

  81. Susan T says:

    I could use some help with my kitchen cupboards. Too many cooking gadgets!

  82. The whole house! I moved not that long ago – the boxes are unpacked but can’t seem to get everything organized.

  83. Everywhere!! Especially the storage room iin the basement.

  84. We have some shelves right by our door to the garage that ccollect EVERYTHING!

  85. basically: Everything that you can’t see 😉 Cabinets etc. that you can close are a mess… but also the bookshelf and my kitchen…. I def. HAVE to get going…

  86. I’ve been really wanting to read this book. I enjoy reading Laura’s blog. There are several areas that I need to work on, mainly paper clutter and our schoolroom. Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. I can use a kick-start for organizing my whole house really! But the first thing I’d like to tackle is our “office”, which is a big word for our tiny space where all our papers, bills, computer, etc are located. Help!

  88. Georgia says:

    My entryway! It’s such a small area and gets cluttered very quickly

  89. shirley says:

    My entire home needs help- 12 people, toys, clothes, at lease 3-4 pack rats in the family, and a new baby coming in less than a month.

  90. The back entry has 3 seasons of jackets and shoes/boots for 5 kids — help!

  91. Cindy G says:

    Being ‘Organizationally Challenged’ and having that get worse once I started staying home-I’d have a hard time choosing 1 area. If I HAD to pick I’d say Master Bedroom-it has become a catch-all for other things in the house that we aren’t sure where to put them as well as our daughter’s clothes (which I usually fold when she’s asleep). Don’t get me started on my closet!! 🙁

  92. I definitely have a clutter problem…I think the worst area is my desk!

  93. My master bedroom. It becomes the dumping ground when we are having people over and it never seems put right.

    Njfoley@sbcglobal dot net

  94. Our most difficult area is our dining room table. The kids toys and my clothes are impossible, and corners of the dining/living room, but the dining room table is the worst!

  95. colette says:

    i have a tendency to have neat stacks… everywhere… but the worst place is our office area, which is really just a desk in the corner of our basement living room, so it’s not hidden at all! agh!

  96. Right now by far it is the master bedroom.

  97. The office/craft/storage room is off the charts at the moment! It’s the catch-all for now, but will need to be tamed to host a new family member…which means I need to find new spaces for all of the things currently in the room.

  98. Natalie Q. says:

    My bedroom! It seems to be the dumping zone for the kids and my husband for anything that doesn’t have an obvious place.

  99. My home has several areas that I’m just not sure how to organize and I would love the tips offered in this book :). K.

  100. TwoDiffSocks says:

    my biggest areas are my kids room and the living room. i keep “working” on those two area & dont seem to get any closer to the results i want 🙁

  101. Can’t limit it to one area! But the kitchen counters, entranceway, and dresser tops are definitely near the top of the list!

  102. Emily M. says:

    The nursery is very cluttered now – with a 28 mo. old & 8 mo. old in one room, space is at a premium. I need some help making the room liveable and enjoyable to be in!

  103. Leigh Sabey says:

    I need to get control over my kids’ clothes!

  104. I am naturally repulsed by clutter, and I am obsessive-compulsive about organizing, but two areas that I would love to have more ideas for organizing are my kiddos’ toys and my husband’s junk drawer (the one “pile” that he has kept since we married:)). My hubby has actually decided that he no longer likes his “pile” system of organizing and asked me to help him go through his junk drawer before our move in August…yay!

  105. My closets need some serious help. My husband had them nearly full before I moved in, and I only added to the clutter when we got married!

  106. I desire so much for my home to not only be a safe haven for my husband & four children (11 months-7), but to be a place of hospitality for others to come and know a little of the love & good news of Jesus Christ. I want the clutter GONE so we can focus on what is important! I want to start with the master bedroom as an example to my children. Then their rooms, the school area, the garage, the closets, the cabinets. I don’t want my children to inherit my crippling attachment to STUFF! Bless you for this blog:)

  107. Hmm, I think I need to send my whole house to Clutter Re-hab…..Help!!

  108. Janet Shei Vickers says:

    I need to get the master bedroom cleaned up!

  109. It’s so hard to pick. Since most people who come to my house do not use the front door but come through my garage, I’m going with garage!

  110. Sara Fuller says:

    Wow! It’s more like finding an area that is not cluttered (which right now happens to be the living room,) I am a paper junkie and it’s everywhere from the dining room table to my bedroom. YIKES!

  111. I REALLY need to get my “dirt”, storage room organized and decluttered. Oh and also the boys’ closet! This book could really help. Thanks

  112. I have been on the waiting list at our library forever to get this book. Winning one would be much faster!!

  113. This book would be timely for me… as I am presently disabled and the organization of my home is really getting to be a priority the sicker I get! Thanx for the giveaway!

  114. We are moving house next weekend, and I do not want to take our clutter and disorganization with us into the new house. The double-whammy for us is that the house we’re moving to is my inlaws, and when they moved out last month, they left a LOT of stuff. I am a bit overwhelmed by it all. Hoping that we can create a calm, cozy, peaceful and organized home to enjoy, rather than the craziness we’ve been drowning in since our last baby came.

  115. Christina G says:

    The kids closets and my garage. Both are in desperate need.

  116. I’m just glad you didn’t ask for pictures of the area you want to organize. I think clutter grows on its own somehow. I could mention more than one area, but the troublesome spots are always the closets. If I could magically organize all the Lego around here, I’d be a very happy mom.

  117. Oh geez, I have to pick ONE area? My entire house has been a cluttered mess since I went on modified bed rest with my last pregnancy. (Baby’s 3 months old now; guess I need to get to work!)

    If I really have to pick one room, I think it’d have to be the kitchen. I spend an insane amount of time preparing meals and snacks for my gang. Plus, our kitchen is also a dining room and pantry, as well as the only place to keep the craft items, calendar, mail, etc. So it stays pretty cluttered all the time.

  118. Janelle says:

    Oh man. I try SO hard and usually whatever I come up with to organize stuff has failed by the end of the week! My desk has bills, calendars, photos and many other odds and ends on it. The kitchen is full of mail, toys, purses, rubbermaid tubs full of kid crafting projects. The bedrooms….laundry, shoes and all my lotions. Oh and make sure to add toys everywhere. I feel overwhelmed. I’m having shoulder surgery next month and would LOVE to get this place in order before then! My husband is a firefighter and is gone 48 hours at a time. So whoever comes to help me with the little ones after surgery will hopefully not just blend in with the clutter!!! Thank you!!!

  119. My garage could use some help – but really, isn’t that my hubby’s area? LOL

  120. Alycia M says:

    Oh, I’ve really wanted this book!
    I desperately need to work on my garage and back porch areas. They have both become dumping grounds for whatever I wanted out of my sight… I’d like to get the porch in good condition before the weather cools down so I can enjoy it 🙂

  121. Jennifer says:

    The paper clutter and my girls arts and crafting supplies and projects are taking over my house! I would love to get this under control!



  122. My desk! I would love this book!

  123. My ‘office’. recipes, coupons, bills, To Do’s, etc….

  124. Hmm…. I have 4 children 7 and under…. and we have lots of clutter that needs organizing. Closets, clothes organization, toys, and paper control would probably be some of my top priorities. But, laundry and socks are both always a challenge too! Please pick me. I would love to win! Thanks!

  125. The one area would be my bedroom! It’s relatively easy to take care of the rest of the house, but my room is the dumping spot for pretty much everything that doesn’t have a “home,” that to-do pile of projects, the trinkets the kids made in elementary school…..In fact, my room is the only room (7-room house, 1250 sf) that has not been repainted or re-carpeted or something since we moved in 10 years ago because I’ve concentrated on the living areas of the house and the kids’ rooms. I would like that to change! Thanks for the giveaway!

  126. Terri G says:

    Like so many others who have commented here, I feel like my whole house could use some clutter rehab. But, if I could get my kitchen under control (cabinets, floor space, countertops, etc.) I think I would be able to move on to other rooms, too. Right now, I feel like my kitchen is the dumping grounds for anything that doesn’t really have a “home”! Yep, I could really use some “Clutter Rehab”!

  127. My office area and craft area are disasters.

  128. Rebecca says:

    Ummmm… My whole house?? We had been doing pretty good and then baby number four surprised us and was born while hubby worked away from home M-F for nine months. So toys, papers, clothes, you name it. I need my home to be better for my kids, my husband, and for me so that I can break the rut of having my kids grow up in house filled with clutter like I did. Please!! And if I dont win where can we find the book?? Blessings…

  129. Adela Hufford says:

    My basement is full of clutter: piles of decorations that never made it back in the right storage container after the holiday was over, boxes from various appliances, all of the dishes and cookbooks that won’t fit in the kitchen … and the piles of stuff to “sell.” I don’t suffer from “what if I need that later”, but more of a “I bet someone else would buy that.” So I keep all of those unwanted things with the idea that someday I will make money off of it – but haven’t gotten around to having a yard sale. 😉

  130. Um, where do I start? I have tried many times but I think I’m doing something wrong because I end up cluttered again!

    My worst areas (though there are more), are the kids’ art areas, my laundry room, and my kitchen. I could go on but those are probably the top 3 if i had to pick. Would love some help!

  131. Definitely the desk area!

  132. My sewing/craft area!

  133. I am a person who hangs on to everything, just in case I need it. Just about every room in my house would benefit from this book!

  134. Stephanie says:

    Lots of kids (8), lots of grandkids (12 going on 14), not great organizing skills, desire to really improve…HELP!

  135. There are lots of areas that need lots of work, but the nursery is currently driving me crazy the most!

  136. I am a clutter queen. I struggle with it often, but the main problem I have is paper. I need help organizing my computer desk and files with all the paper.

  137. I need clutter control in every room of my house. This book would be great.

  138. I am in need of a major overhaul on our basement! It’s part of my 2 year plan to move to the beach and get rid of things.

  139. Elizabeth K says:

    We have a wonderful space we call our “study” or office if you will. It has become more of a junk room and I’d love to get that room under control. Thanks for the giveaway.

  140. Our formal living room has become a junk room – everything is everywhere! I keep trying to sort it out, but I don’t even have places for most of the stuff.

  141. Laundry room! It’s the only room in our basement that isn’t ‘finished’ and quickly becomes the junk room no matter how many times I clean it. There’s got to be a better way!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  142. Where do I begin….I think if I could get a grasp on the kids’ toys and rooms then the rest of the house would be less cluttered. I am forever trying to organize toys and they always end up all over the house. I could use the help 🙂

  143. The storage for my baby clothes!

  144. Pantry/laundry room/catch all room in the basement. We just moved here and that room makes me nuts.

  145. my front room -everybody seems to drop everything right there in the front room

  146. Charity L. says:

    My office space. Seriously. I’m actually a little scared of it. Help!

  147. My panty is a disaster! It’s a catch all for stuff that has no home.

  148. Lea Stormhammer says:

    We have so much paper clutter. I’d love ideas on a system for acutally managing it, so that it doesn’t take over the house like it currently is. I do need something that doesn’t just toss EVERYTHING either… 🙂

    Thanks for hosting this give-away!

  149. Thanks so much for the giveaway…. I need help with storage areas….the piles seem to get bigger and bigger. Need some help to keep them small haha.

  150. Organizing is fun. Overall, I do pretty good, but still need help with the home office and the garage. Thanks for the chance to win! Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

  151. CLOSETS!!! We have absolutely NO storage space… so I wish I knew how to maximize our closet space to the MAX! Lol.

  152. Our garage is a dumping ground for all the things that do not fit in our too tiny house.

  153. heather G says:

    My bedroom! For years, it has been the dumping ground for all the grown-out-of items I take out of the kids’ rooms and the place I shove stuff I can’t get to before company comes.

  154. My entire house is out of control. We have three special needs children and with all of the therapy appointments and doctor’s appointments, it just seems like there is no energy left to clean the house. I really need something to help me keep my house in order.

    I would love a copy of the book!

  155. I have a hot spot on my kitchen counter I can’t get a grip on!

  156. Help-my home office is a mess, I can find things (usually) but it looks awful. Thanks!

  157. I have a room I call “the Scary Room”. It is scary to walk into. It is where all my “don’t know what to do with” items end up–or items that I have for later (kids clothes/holiday’s).

    So I would LOVE to win a book like this!


  158. Hi, We moved into a much smaller house, over 4 years ago! I have tried to declutter, but my whole house looks terrible! I welcome any suggestions!

  159. Well I have three kids under 11, well, four if you count my husband who is polar opposite when it comes to organization or any idea of it. 🙂 Clutter piles (mounds) are everywhere: papers, kids rooms, the landing at the top of the stairs, technology/electronics, and most of all the shed out back. The shed seems to be the collection point for everything that doesn’t have a specific spot (just open the door, throw it in and close and no one is the wiser). 🙂 Hoping for a miracle here….hey, a girl can dream right?

  160. Georgiana says:

    With 5 kids and a selfemployed husband thats a general contractor. What I need help with is my dinning room it has become a dumping ground from the tools and the kids stuff I can’t keep up.

  161. It seems like the whole house needs some work but mainly the BASEMENT!!!

  162. I would love a copy of this book! To be honest, my entire house is a disaster. I can’t have anyone over, my kids can’t have friends over. I’m even ashamed when I have to have repairmen in. I need help!

  163. I really need help getting my boys room under control! Three boys in one room is a disorganized nightmare!

    Thanks for the chance to win 😀


  164. Jennifer says:

    Our master bedroom desperately needs to be better organized. We have clutter in several corners of the room and so much mail that I have let grown into big stacks and just stashed away in that room until I can get to it which I never have. I want to organize our master bedroom so it is a oasis of calm and relaxation for me and my husband. Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated!

  165. Angee Torrence says:

    Oh please… what doesn’t need help? Our daughter and 2 kids have moved in due to abusive husband/dad and we are trying to organize… she has a storage unit but we turned our Den into another bedroom which consisted of closing an opening and adding a door…
    You know its ok…. they are safe… and we are a very happy family of 5 with 2 cats who are learning to tolerate each other……

    Have a Blessed Day!

  166. Jonda M says:

    The bedrooms, they really need to stop being a place to hide and store things.

  167. My master bedroom and closet seems to be the dumping ground for everything!! Need help getting it in order!

  168. Toys. My kids are 6, 3, and 16 months (with #4 due next month!), so we have a constant stream of incoming toys and a constant battle to keep them cleaned up and put away!

  169. Paper clutter and clothing for 3 boys. There are never ending piles of paper and the clothing storage can drive me batty!

  170. My boys rooms are the ones that need the most help! No matter how many times we get the picked up – they are messy again!

  171. Sarah Arsenault says:

    Many area’s in my house are organized thanks to websites like these, but I still can’t control the paper problem as well as my master bedroom. Being a busy mom of 3 and both my husband and I teacher’s summertime is the time to get it done!

  172. Jen Logan says:

    Our office has become our junk room…and an embarrassment.

  173. Theresa says:

    I think my biggest challenge is getting my three “boys” to help! My husband, my college sophomore, and my 3 year old seem to think that picking up after themselves is Momma’s job! ARG!

  174. Sarah B says:

    I Need to get my catch all closet in order!!

  175. Wow, can I say that my whole house needs an organizational makeover? Not just organization, but possibly a dumpster also 🙂

  176. Joanna M says:

    My desk, which is in the living room, has spilled over into other rooms now. It’s not pretty.

  177. I’m a long time reader of Laura’s blog. She has such great advice. With the help of her blog, I organized the homeschool room. Woot! I would love a copy of her book!

  178. Veronica Traupman says:

    Please, I need all the help I can get. I am so lost in our new house. We bought the house 4 months ago do my husbands job relocating us but my son and I commuted on the weekends the whole time and we just have a mess. We have now joined my husband and live here fulltime but I just don’t know where to start. This book would give me a jump start and motivate me. I have a habit of starting projects in several rooms at one time and I just want to cry! Please Please

  179. Su'don Nelson-Velasquez says:

    My husband and my son are diagnosed with ADHD. They are so in need of organization and do not put stuff back. So I am always trying to organize and then finding what they lost. I need a game plan to structure these “lack of focus” folks.

    Much love,

  180. Vivienne says:

    First of all I LOVE your website and second I LOVE this book! I would love my own copy so I can make my own notes and stuff.
    My bathroom is what I need the most help with and the kids’ toys too!

  181. Lynette says:

    Probably the kids toys is the area I need the help with most! But that’s not exactly my fault – they seem to be lost at putting things back where they should go! I arrange and organize and set them all up, and yet when it’s time for clean-up – the kids motto seems to be “as long as it’s SOMEWHERE and out of sight for Mom, it’s good enough!” Thanks for the give-away!

  182. Becky Keasler says:

    Ummmm…am I supposed to just pick one area? Well then my area is the whole house. I need lots of help. Thanks for the chance to win.=-)

  183. I’d like to get a little corner of our basement under control. It is currently being remodeled & I can’t really do anything about it until the contractor is done… It is driving me crazy!

  184. Our homeschool and office area seems to attract the most clutter. From paper to toys to everything in between. I just don’t seem to be able to keep this area organized. HELP! =)

  185. Our laundry room needs help. It is the first place where everything lands as we walk in the house. Anytime something is missing, we always go to the laundry room to look for it. There has to be a better way to utilize this “pathway” from the garage to the rest of the house and make it functional and not so messy!!

  186. My house is ridiculous. I don’t know where to start and things don’t actually have a place to go. I have piles of paper and piles of laundry. Kids stuff has taken over and bread and bagels want to jump off the counters. Help!

  187. Unfortunately, it is impossible to narrow it down to one area in my house that needs the most help. As a mom of 3 boys that don’t mind stepping over their clutter or pushing it aside, it is very difficult to keep things in order. I could definitely use all the help I can get. I would love to have this book to help!!

  188. Gah! 1 area! LOL Hmmmm…I guess it would be my 6 yr old son’s room! It’s a mess!!! I have been shamelessly just closing the door, but as I am trying to re-do as a pirate room, guest wants to see it. Yikes!

  189. I am constantly trying to get paper and my office organized! It seems to be a never-ending battle!

  190. Organization – I can use all the help I can get. With each additional child I seem to get more disorganized with more stuff and more clutter! Would love to read the book!

  191. Basement and desk. Yikes!

  192. Courtney says:

    Well …. I can’t think of one area not needing attention. When we combined households I had planned to do a yard sale to downsize our stuff. Then I went back to school while working full time and being the Committee Chair for the boy scout Troop. Every area needs some serious clutter busting and when the semester ends, I plan a major sweep to deal with the most glaring issues. Ugh ….

  193. I can’t think of a single area. It’s the whole house.

  194. Jamie Eavou says:

    My WHOLE BASEMENT is under construction right now! Moving 2 kids down there and finishing the laundry, adding sewing and large storage room. I have no clue where to start! I want it to be organized finally after 11 years! Thanks for the opportunity:)

  195. Mary Ann says:

    I am pretty much like most folks on here…need to overhaul my whole house! =)

  196. Danielle Budd says:

    The master bedroom closet…i’m just stuck!

  197. I need help with all the cluttered areas but the one bothering me most is my oldest daughter’s room. How do I teach her to have a clutter free room and life if I can’t teach her how…..

  198. I’m a big fan of and would love to win this book! I’m a fairly organized person in my house, but need ideas for things that have no home — you know, the stuff in the junk drawer, or on the top shelf of the coat closet. I normally put “like with like” but when there’s just a solitary item…. it never seems to find a home!

  199. For me it’s the toy room. I’ve “tried” to organize it however it’s obviously not working.
    My son (6 yrs) won’t let anything go even if I make a game of it or tell him we could sell some of them and purchase other toys that he would play with more.
    I also need help organizing my kitchen too!
    Boy do I need help!

  200. Angeline says:

    Closets are the most disfinctional places on my home 🙁

  201. My entire house needs work, especially since I am married with 5 children and 2 dogs. Specifically I need to work on my kitchen at the moment. We are having a healthy family makeover and trying to cook much much more, and eat out much less, and in my new adventures with cooking I am feeling like a fumbling idiot. My kitchen is a nightmare. HELP!

  202. My “home office/youngest son’s bedroom/guest room/storage room/dumping ground for everything at the moment!!! This book would be absolutely amazing to have!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  203. Ugh! Every flat surface in my house needs clutter control. Maybe 1st to work on would be my desk and kitchen counters!

  204. The messiest part of my life is paper clutter! It’s everywhere and with 2 little kids, that’s the last thing I have time to deal with, but I know I should.

  205. Even though my whole house is out of control the game room/craft room really needs the most help!!!

  206. Allison says:

    Wow! My husband and I were sitting on the couch discussing where do we start, do we continue to live with toys, books, papers, etc., all over the house…then I go online and stumble across this. Wow, an immediate answer to helping our family become organized. This book would be a HUGE blessing to our unorganized family.

  207. we have moved 3 times this past year, and while we have thrown away tons of stuff, I just dont have it in me to organize even though I desperately want and need to. we moved from a 3 story house to a 3 bed room apartment, so there is no storage and very VERY limited closet space….HELP!!! This book sounds like the breath of fresh air and advice that I need!!!!

  208. My desk area is always the worst… and most visible! It’s a never ending cycle of papers. I can’t get a handle on it.

  209. Jenifer Franco says:

    My whole house. We moved last month and I’m finding out that with 5 little ones (ages 3 mon – 7 yrs) running around on summer break, unpacking is not as quickly as I would like it to go. If I had to pick one room it would be my bedroom. It gets put on the back burner since it’s not a room the kids frequent.

  210. Seriously? Just one area? Begging your pardon but I have four kids! 🙂

  211. Angela Lierman says:

    I would love to have a copy to help in my Homeschool/craft room

  212. My daughter’s closet and the end hall closet…I don’t even like to think about them!

  213. I really can’t think of an area of my house that doesn’t need to be de-cluttered. Right now we’re working on the garage since we can barely walk through it!

  214. All the rooms in my house need help but the room that I think needs most of the help you would be my bedroom. I tend to put things in there that i dont know where to put.

  215. My OFFICE/guest room!!!

  216. Suzanne says:

    I would love to have a copy of this! I really struggle with mail/bills/paper clutter.

  217. I am a recently young (60ish) retired Mom. My kids have moved on and now my DH and I have a big house to share! My BIGGEST problem is our bedroom. It is a catchall for everything! HELP! I am drowning in clutter (all good stuff!) and Laura’s “Clutter Rehab” book should hopefully get me on track to continue the cleaning process of our bedroom.

  218. My own room! It needs some SERIOUS help.

  219. Papers! Papers! Papers! I am drowning in papers! Help!

  220. I would love to organize my office as well as my daughters’ bedroom! This book would be incredibly helpful! Thanks for the chance!

  221. Our den definitely needs to get under control. It’s become a storage spot for absolutely everything, and it drives me crazy!

  222. The kitchen cabinets definitely need the most work!

  223. Beth S. says:

    Just one area?? 😉 I’d say my desk, the counter, the top of the fridge, and a cabinet in the dining room. These are where all my papers and “stuff” end up and they don’t get anywhere after that!!!!

  224. Heather says:

    My kids toys! We have too much and never enough containers to put it all in. This book sounds great!

  225. Janelle says:

    My living room! For some reason it always seems to turn into a laundry room 🙁

  226. Lindsay says:

    Which area needs the most help? The playroom. No… the kitchen! The closets… all of them! No, no, no! The BASEMENT!

  227. My storage room needs some major work! I’d also love to have some better organisation in our family/toy/school room – it always seems to get away on us.

  228. clutter…is in every room….it invades my sleep….(oh no, that is my KIDS)

  229. Definitely the kitchen. I feel like it’s a constant battle to keep it clutter free. For a long time I convinced myself it was because it needs to be remodeled but since that’s not going to happen for ten years, at least, I shoudl probably suck it up. Right?

  230. We live in a two bedroom apartment, so we don’t have much space to spare! Our second bedroom has been labeled “the cat room” and it is basically our dumping grounds for anything we don’t know what to do with or just don’t want to deal with at the time. That room needs a lot of help!

  231. Amanda Power says:

    I need to declutter my whole house! But probably the biggest areas are those “catchall” places known as the basement and attic–there’s no room left and barely a path cleared!

  232. I’m thining the basement. I think I just put it off too much. That or toy areas…I feel like I could do those every other week and it would still need help!

  233. Oh my! The book shelves, my desk, the homeschooling supplies, the laundry room, and the pantry…just for starters!

  234. I need to get my basement under control. We are planning on remodeling it into another bedroom and bathroom, but right now it’s a disaster. Help!! I need this book! I would post a picture of my basement, but it’s too embarrassing

  235. Sue Klingseis says:

    My major area of need is my “office” which is more of a storage room at the moment. Help!

  236. I would love to get my kitchen and kitchen table under control. It’s our “dumping ground” when we get home, and it just piles up out of control! Thanks for the opportunity!

  237. One word: P-A-P-E-R!!!!!! It multiplies like bunnies! Thankfully it doesn’t poop too!

  238. My whole house needs serious help when it comes to organizing,but I would have to say the living room/office is the worst as that is where we spend most of our time & it’s the first room we enter when we come home so everything gets piled there. 🙁 I would LOVE to win this book to help me win the battle against clutter/disorganization. Thanks!

  239. My office (aka “the dumping ground”) could definitely use some organizing! Thanks for the chance to win the book!

  240. Michelle D says:

    Organization. Hmmmm I am trying to get organized the room that you walk into from the front door is a unorganized mess of toys. I am trying desperately to get everything in order. I really am a organized person, but with 3 kids of my own from 9 months to age 7 plus before and after school kids its hard to get things organized.
    Pleas help!

  241. Fabi Clelland says:

    I want my office/gym/music/kids art room back. I would love some new ideas.

  242. It’s more like…what area of my life doesn’t need organizing?!?

  243. Nancy Lundy says:

    My laundry/pantry/sewing/mud room. It’s long but very narrow (I can almost touch both walls at once). It’s the main entry for our family and is a bit of a dumping ground. Usually takes me an hour to clean off the sewing table before I attempt to sew, and by then it’s time to cook or something. :-/

  244. Melissa says:

    I need to get my closet under control…it’s a walk-in and lots of things seem to “walk-in” :).

  245. I would have to say that with 2 kids spoiled rotten by grandma and grandpa..Their rooms are a disaster! I could use major help in there!

  246. Miranda says:

    Always the toys!

  247. My kitchen is probably the worst. It seems we have too much stuff and not enough room for it.

  248. Jessica says:

    Our Kitchen is a disaster right now. There is very little storage space, and even less counter space. I have to move the microwave to a chair in order to chop something. This would be amazing!

  249. kathy w says:

    For some reason if it’s not dumped in the kitchen then it gets dumped in the dining room.

  250. I’d love to win a copy. Any mom is always trying to de-clutter their lives and homes!!!

  251. Donna Lee Oda says:

    My wood table in the living room which is the repository for mail, fliers, grocery store ads, etc.

  252. my whole house is an organization DISASTER. I would love to get it organized!!

  253. Nichole says:

    Honestly, my entire house could benefit. The biggest problem area at the moment is my desk!

  254. The master bedroom. We usually have to step over or around things to get to the bed.

  255. Kristina says:

    The problem area in my house is my kitchen. Specifically, the dishes/pots/pans. I get everything cleaned and try to focus on keeping up with it all … then I get sidetracked and things start piling up again.

  256. my kids’ room could use a total decluttering makeover… what do i do with all these little tiny “special teasures” and momentos??? help!

  257. Rachel K says:

    My kitchen(especially my island and table) needs the most help. Everything seems to collect and pile up in there.

  258. Katie F says:

    Unfortunately every area of my house needs decluttering. Every time I get something nice and uncluttered it’s back to it’s normal state in a couple weeks. I need help!

  259. Let’s see: our filing cabinets, my dresser, husband’s nightstand, the basement, paperwork. The list goes on! =) Thank you for the giveaway!

  260. My closets and coupons!

  261. I am constantly in battle with clutter.

  262. Amber Taylor says:

    The kids bedrooms for sure!

  263. Rebecca says:

    My office! What a mess! It’s like a giant junk drawer! 🙂

  264. I’ve got some hot spots everywhere, but the kitchen is definitely in need of some order, especially in the cabinets and drawers.

  265. Trish W says:

    The area I desperately need to control is my guest room, which is where all of the clutter from every other room seems to end up in. You can only walk through the room using a narrow path.

  266. I need work on paperwork & craft supplies.

  267. I think the biggest area that needs help right now is….the basement and my daughter’s bedroom. They are disaster areas….

  268. Melanie says:

    Toys, need big time help.

  269. We just started co-habitating with my brother- and sister-in-law and our nephew, and so everything of ours without a place in the communal part of the house got shoved into our closet. We could desperately use a book to help us de-clutter!!!

  270. Sheila Smith says:

    The kitchen is my catch all. We are a family of 5 in a 1200 sq foot home and the kitchen is the main hub.

  271. Our basement bedroom has become a catch-all for EVERYTHING! That’s what needs the most work at our place!

  272. Rebecca says:

    I have endless kitchen clutter, on the table, the counter top, ugh. I homeschool and do computer stuff in the kitchen, coupons, etc. It’s a mess.

  273. My pantry is always in need of a makeover!!

  274. My biggest problem is lack of storage space for just about anything. I live in a mobile home. If I had to pick a room that needs organized the most it would be the livingroom.

  275. Heather says:

    My basement and garage need some serious help!

  276. Stephanie says:

    The dining room table and the desk in the office tend to fill up with piles as the week drags on. I keep feeling like I could stay on top of it if everything had a place, i.e. if the cabinets and shelves weren’t already so full.

  277. After having my 2nd child….my entire house!!

  278. Konnie Davis says:

    My home office … the paper is OUT OF CONTROL!!! Thanks!

  279. Angela Y says:

    I would love to win this book. My area that really needs some serious work is my craft closet, it’s a mess!

  280. Right now our home office needs some TLC. It serves many purposes, so we have lots of stuff in it!

    I just found your site through ‘simple mom’ Thanks for your work here!

  281. Office. At the moment, everything that the girls should not play with (all the dangerous stuff like scissors, exercise equipment, broken things that need fixing) gets thrown there. It’s a mess!

  282. Debbie Grace says:

    My craft room needs help… BAD!!

  283. Jennifer says:

    The basement! If I break it down it looks something like this:
    1/2 =hubby’s internet business
    1/4 = tread mill, weight machines & weights
    1/4 = holiday decor storage, grocery stock pile and scrapbook table and supplies.

    It’s a disaster! I want to cry whenever I go down there. But it is about to get better as the internet business is coming to an end (insert sigh of relief). I have a big project ahead of me and feel a bit overwhelmed. I could really use some guidance on where to start.

  284. I would say my closet that is right off the living room is out of control and needs lots of help.

  285. Julie Bair says:

    My enclosed front porch needs so much help. It’s the “catch-all” spot and also holds all my sewing stuff.

  286. Christy says:

    The basement must be taken back from the stuff!!

  287. It’s more like, which area of the house doesn’t need to be organized? I have so many areas that are way too cluttered for me. Help!

  288. Wow, what area doesn’t need some help?!? But, if I had to choose it would be a toss up between the Master Bedroom and the Basement.

    The MBR is the last room to get cleaned when company comes over and the basement has become the catch-all of stuff we don’t know where to put elsewhere.

  289. I would have to say our home office. Lots of stuff that needs to get filed and put away!

  290. Eckert S says:

    I just got home from a visit with my mom, we both need this book. I need to break the clutter cycle for both of us!

  291. paperclutter and closets

  292. I need advice for organizing the closet under the stairs in my kitchen. That one closet holds everything from pots & pans, crafting supplies, baking supplies and more. I organize it & 24 hours later it is a mess again. I need help with this!

  293. All my closets are in desperate decluttering need! Oh, yeah, and the garage…and the kitchen cabinets…and my desk…

  294. Charlene Yarger says:

    The kitchen, kids’ rooms, office/spare bedroom, bathrooms, and most of the house. It has gotten out of control. I’m finishing up with summer classes this week, and will then have a few weeks to get my house under control so I don’t go insane when school starts up again in about a month. I have to do something different this coming year, or it’s not going to be pretty!

  295. With a 2 1/2 year old boy and another on the way it’s been scary trying to organize the one room into a suitable space for 2! Between clothes, books, and toys there is barely room for 1 but I can’t seem to get myself to through stuff out and my only thoughts for reorganizing are just piling things higher… Lol

  296. Angel B says:

    The kitchen….always the kitchen

  297. Melissa says:

    I’ve got to kid the closets and the kitchen under control for an upcoming move! What a big inspiration such a little book would be to me 🙂

  298. My mudroom! OMGoodness!!! I need a streamline way to keep things that are supposed to be there, well there, and things that aren’t, well not there!

  299. Heather says:

    With my life so crazy being a full time teacher, mom,wife, and collector, I need to find a way to declutter. This looks like a great resource. Thanks for always having great resources for me to use.

  300. Vanessa says:

    Our apartment main space, which includes our “living room”, “dining room”, and “office”. Thanks!

  301. The spot that is currently bothering me is the shelves in my 4 year olds closet. They tend to be my personal catch all, and really, it’s getting hard to make everything balance when I add one more thing . . .

  302. I’d have to start with my storage room. If I can get it organized (with room to spare), I’ll have a better chance of conquering the rest of the house.

  303. shaunta chambers says:

    I definitely need to organize our children’s clothes. I’m working on it now, so I’m hopeful this tip will add even more direction!

  304. Taylor R. says:

    The computer “nook” I’m in this minute…paper, cords, fabric, crafts, random toys, all within a few inches of my typing fingers!

  305. I would have said the kitchen but I took some time over the holiday week-end and was ruthless with my de-cluttering.. It also helped that the kids were gone. I would now say it is my bedroom. That is next on the list to attack.

  306. Brittany says:

    My bedroom needs the most decluttering! It is at theback of the house so it is a “catch all” for everything. If someone stops by to visit that is where I throw things so that the house is “company clean” I have very little tie to get in there and straighten up with a newborn in tow how has learned how to roll to get what he wants!

  307. Heather says:

    Since becoming a stay at home mom to 2 boys last August, and opening an in-home daycare 6 months ago, my biggest area that is out of control is the play room. No matter how many times I day I pick up toys and put them away, it still looks like a train wreck at bedtime!!

  308. Stephanie, UK says:

    The areas I struggle with the most are the boys’ bedrooms. One of my son’s is a real pack-rat and I just feel horrid standing in his room. I am not sure how he lives like it, he says he doesn’t mind. But sometimes I wonder. A little bit of organisation may help him the most.
    The other area is our garage – that’s where I dump all the decluttered items from the house, ready to be dealt with.

  309. I am a teacher and am home for the summer and my house is pretty decluttered. However, I will be teaching a new grade in a new room. I have items from two rooms to put together, organize, and declutter. I would love to start the year in a beautiful, organized room that is most conducive and efficient for student learning.

  310. jamie leigh says:

    well lets just say……my whole house needs help!!! i have 4 kids…3 dogs…2 cats….i work outside the home….a husband……and a partridge in a pear tree 🙂 i really need your book…would love to win 🙂

  311. I could use some help with my office! My “home” office and my personal office are in the same room and the paper is about to take over. Not to mention, it’s the place where all the “homeless” things end up! I could really use this book!

  312. I need to declutter the closets & those piles that just appear on my kitchen table & computer desk! I hope I win!

  313. Ugh… just ONE room??? 🙂 Well… I guess the biggies are our bedroom, garage and upstairs storage area…. Working on it, but boy it seems every time we get ahead, something happens and we get behind again…

  314. Jennifer B. says:

    I guess that must be my bedroom. All the rooms could use some de-cluttering, but I’ll admit that my room is the worst! Thanks for the “give away”!

  315. Anna Peterson says:

    My bedroom. We do regular pick ups, but for some reason my room is a disaster zone. It’s always the last place I get to when picking up and has become a dumping ground.

  316. Probably the room my older 3 boys share – We build lofts for them, but haven’t finished the desk areas so all their stuff is piled up on the floor. Makes cleaning really difficult.

  317. Currently it’s probably my island, because of one big reason–paper clutter!! I have it everywhere and I’ve tried all sorts of things to tame it, but it still remains!

  318. Kim in AZ says:

    We have – and homeschool – all six of our kiddos, from 12 down to 14 months. It seems like I am sorely outnumbered and that this book would help in ALL the areas of our house – maybe the office in particular before we get ready for school again in August!

  319. i can not seem to get my paper clutter under control. Ugh!

  320. Susan M. says:

    It’s a toss-up, but the winner is my home office (aka, “mom central command”). Help! Thanks.

  321. Paper clutter…I tend to just shove in a drawer or cabinet instead of filing it. My 3 boys clothes/storage of hand me downs. The Basement where things go when I don’t know what to do with them but I never deal with them once the go down there, oh and the garage….

  322. I need to get my whole kitchen/pantry together so that I can have planned, healthy meals on a daily basis. (also cost efficient)

  323. Cassandra says:

    My kitchen is a clutter monster slowly consuming the dining room.

  324. Lee Edwards says:

    Our kitchen needs some organization—it becomes the drop off for everyone’s junk!

  325. My pantry/laundry definitely needs some serious organization

  326. Becky Mueller says:

    The basement desperately needs help!!!!

  327. Crystal Hankey says:

    The kitchen table and my office. I am a paper packrat!!! Help me please. LOL

  328. Diana Campbell says:

    My dining room table is a wreck along with my attic. Would love to win 🙂

  329. My garage!

  330. seems like when i get one area organized it takes like a day and it is no longer organized!! ugh…I have sooo many organizing books you would think one would help me get organized and STAY that way!!! maybe this one would????

  331. My whole apt. needs decluttered. It is a constant sore spot between me and the hubs. He says it needs decluttered and I say how can I do that?? I’m sure I would benefit from this book and learn lots of tips to make our place less cluttered!

  332. I need to tackle the home office, but my son’s growing supply of toys could also use a little creative attention as well 🙂

  333. Heather Brewer says:

    My basement family room is easily the area in my house that needs the most help! As I’ve completed projects in other rooms, the extra lands in the basement. Working my way from top the top of the house to the bottom, I guess 🙂

  334. jessica says:

    our homeschooling stuff could use a once over!

  335. Gee…. I was going to say my bedroom, but give it to Kimberly (first comment). I only have 3 kids – she has 7! She needs the book way more than I do!!!!!!!!!

  336. Our garage needs some love. 😉

  337. Frances says:

    Well to be honest I would love to have my garage back, our cars moved out about 15 years ago. Our one day a garage sale and declutter weekend has never come around.

  338. Vanessa says:

    The bedrooms.

  339. Our living room.

  340. Kelly Lakeman says:

    My home office. I have so many ‘I might need that one day things’ and ‘what if’s’ and have saved as many odds and ends as needed. It’s a disaster and I just move piles from place to place and never organised. I have overflowing inboxes, overflowing drawers and mountain covered piles – I swear I know where everything is….. sigh……

  341. Do I need to narrow it down to just one area of my home??? Gosh, that’s hard!

    I suppose it would have to be the back end of my kitchen. There is a long counter space and lots of drawers and cupboards, but it’s the catch all, multi-use zone in our house where my work projects land, the kids, craft supplies, dining room linens live there, along with first aid supplies, the fruit bowl and all sorts of other odds and sods! I just haven’t got a clue where else to store any of these things and could use a lot of love and support.

    Thanks 🙂

  342. camille says:

    We are a family of 5. Living in a home that’s (I love my house) 1000 sq ft. but only has 2 closets. So every inch in my home must be used to the max and not wasted. The clutter needs to leave throughout, if I win I can give Clutter its Eviction Notice.

  343. Deanna Ford says:

    I am always trying to organize all the closets and laundry room area. Of course, I could always use a complete overhaul of the basement…this book looks so helpful for those projects!

  344. Allyson says:

    Oh my goodness! My basement, my garage, and my coat closet all need to be organized…and badly!!!

  345. The Kitchen! It seems every time it gets clean, another meal needs to be made and all the clutter piles up on the counters!

  346. Janey L. says:

    My closets!!

  347. Shawna Daniels says:

    It’s hard to identify one area of our house that needs organizing, because it really all does. I’d have to say the kitchen is the worst area though; the area where I need advice/ suggestions. I can never seem to keep my counters clean.

  348. Nichole says:

    Our office! It’s downstairs – so its turned into a giant catch-all room. It drives me crazy but I just don’t know what to do with it..or maybe where to start.

  349. My garage is a nightmare! I’m a clean and organized person and love books on this topic, however the garage is my hubby’s domain and he is a slob!

  350. Paper – school work, art, mail, my work, newspaper/magazine clippings, internet pritnouts, receipts……..the list goes on and on. I can spend hours sorting through and it just grows back!!! I would love a solution. 🙂 Love your blog!!!!

  351. my son’s room! it’s a big mess and i hate the arguments we have when we talk about it, and he’s only 12! can’t imagine when he’s a full fledged teen. LOL!!

  352. Our bedroom is the dumping room for the house, so that is the room that needs the most attention. Would LOVE to win this! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  353. Right now I need to seriously de-clutter our guest room. It has now become our junk room, unfortunately.

  354. Well gee…I would have to say MY WHOLE HOUSE is out of control. With only 600 square feet for 4 people and a dog is just insane. But we make it work and love the close quarters, but would love them more with a little help from this book 🙂

  355. Heidi F. says:

    Kitchen counters, bedrooms, garage, just stuff stuff stuff……..thanks

  356. colleen says:

    I need to do something with the kids toys and my home office. I’d love to read this book.

  357. Cynthia says:

    Books, games, toys, kitchen counters, etc…..

  358. Jacinta says:

    As much as I try to battle against all the clutter, our bedroom and the laundry are always left to last, and I just don’t seem to get around to them. I think the laundry is probably the worst because everyone dumps stuff in there that doesnt belong, and it means that to do the washing I’m often climbing over junk 🙁

  359. The play room needs some major help!

  360. Whole house, but specifically the kitchen counters (all that paper!) and computer desk, and and and…

  361. Our home office is a mess!

  362. My guest bedroom is full of the kiddo’s old stuff. It needs to go.

  363. The unpacked boxes waiting to be moved to our yet unfound house. I miss the stuff in them!

  364. Echelle says:

    To echo several others who have posted comments here: so many areas in need…so many failed attempts at setting up sustainable organizing systems that are ‘user friendly’ (i.e. that our 3 girls, aged 3, 8 and 10 will also find manageable…and therefore maybe actually try-able!) : ) Currently, my home office, our master bedroom, basement storage, and garage areas are all on my list of places to try to ‘reset’ during this summer vacation.

  365. Hilary Richards says:

    My scrapbook, sewing, part time business, office, craft room needs some help. I just can’t keep up with all the stuff that comes and goes and needs a “place”.

  366. The spare bedroom – aka the office, the craft supply storage, the guest bedroom, etc. Ack! Thx for the giveaway!

  367. As a family of 5 and being a homeschool mom I would have to say um…..EVERY ROOM!

  368. The worst is my desk…the clutter just keeps reappearing!!

  369. My problem is (and always has been) paper!

  370. Does my garage count? I really need help organizing my garage. It seems most books have suggestions for the inside rooms of the house but I consider my garage a room of sorts too. Its where I do the laundry, store food supplies, camping equipment, tools, holiday items etc. That being said, my office is probably the space that is perpetually the most disorganized. Help!

  371. Kylie P says:

    My children’s rooms definitely – always looking for more storage and ways to keep it all organised!!!

  372. Colleen M. says:

    Our craft room / computer room is in bad shape, but since I am not the most organized my whole house is a mess. I really NEED this book!

  373. While I would say my whole house could use some work, I’d say the biggest problem is paper clutter (and lack of storage).

    Love Laura, and think it would be great to read her book!

  374. Courtney B says:

    With two girls under 3, who were born in different seasons, their clothing mountains are forever a stress factor for me. I don’t know how to organize by size and season, especially when they are between two sizes and growing so fast. It’s a huge project that I keep putting off.

  375. It’s rather ashamedly, my bedroom, everything seems to get dumped there – I mean it dosen’t get visitors, but the rest of the house does!!!

  376. Kitchen counter, dest, paper paper paper clutter!!

  377. *desk

  378. Cortney says:

    I need to get my kitchen counter under control. I get there and then it all falls to pieces. Ugh!

  379. So, yeah, I think the one area is my whole house lol! I am a perfectionist, as in “If I can’t do the WHOLE THING perfectly and right now, I’m just not going to.” 🙂 So anything that could help me would be great.

  380. With a family of 7 , a homeschooling mom, and no closet storage space how do you organize? Any help would be great.

  381. I am blessed with 5 girls all under 9 yrs old and I realize that organizing starts with myself. My closet and keeping their rooms organized has been difficult. Plus I love to save all their little memories from school or just things as well as clothes. It feels like its still a work in progress no matter how much I clean everyday.

  382. My entire house needs organizing and “de-junking”, I just can’t seem to get it under control! But I think the worst area is the kids’ rooms. They don’t want to get rid of anything, and it’s out of control!

  383. Oh my. One area? I would have to go with my laundry room. Of course it has the washer and dryer, along with the chest freezer. But it also houses my overflow pantry/garden produce, camping chairs, tent, playpen, air mattresses, cleaning supplies, my CVS stockpile,my gift pantry, and a bunch of my husband’s tools. Whew! I am running out of places to cram things.

  384. i need to get a handle on my pantry/food storage!

  385. I can’t say one specific area of my house that needs decluttering, because there are so many – the whole house actually. One problem area that has been bothering me lately that I’ll probably focus on first is the kitchen, the cabinets seem overflowing and unorganized. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  386. Heather says:

    My “bonus” room needs serious help. Right now it serves as play room/office/sewing room and it’s so crowded it’s no longer a bonus!

  387. I really need to get the basement playroom under control. No matter how many times I clean up/ purge excess toys, the kids still have it a mess within hours. SO frustrating.

  388. If I have to pick just one, the dining room table!!

  389. My hardest spot to keep clean is the entire house! From the loads of laundry to the pile of toys to the smallest kitchen in the world and add a husband who doesn’t help one bit! HELP!

  390. What part doesn’t need it! The biggest hot spot is the kitchen- really a dumping ground for all sorts of stuff!

  391. Every single closet in my house are stuffed to the gills. Something has to be done.

  392. I had a tree thru my house a few yrs ago, and Nationwide is not on my side…so, it was a nightmare…and now I have half a house, half a family and I’m getting a life. Sadly, my furniture was either destroyed or held hostage, and so I just got back some of it, but the kitchen, tv room, office, and bedroom are not the same, and my ADD and too much to do, and trying to figure out the right system…is the hardest. Probably need to do the office first, so that what is in the bedroom and kitchen that belong in the office can find there way there.
    Just aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week…and even being 50 doesn’t make it any better.

  393. kitchen!

  394. Colleen says:

    I’d love my dining room back. Since we rarely use it, it ends up being the dumping ground.

  395. I need help with organizing my office.

  396. It is challenging to select only one area! The most obvious is probably the garage – it would be nice to get a car in there!! This book looks as though it would really help. Kristin

  397. I have a craft area in the basement that is poorly arranged and overflowing.

  398. I would say the Living Room. I just got new furniture and I thought this would be a good start. But, after a month the clutter seems to have crept back in.

  399. My guest bedroom needs some serious decluttering. We only have a two bedroom house, and that second bedroom is where everything gets stashed.

  400. Dawn Davenport says:

    Our whole house has become a disaster after having our second child. However, I would have to say my daughter’s room. Trying to figure out how to organize all the toys, her closet, and soon make it into a shared room for both girls. Definitely could use some help/advice regarding getting rid of all the clutter…

  401. amanda burt says:

    Hands down its the master closet. Its our catch all. Every time I try to tackle it I just get ooverwhelmed and close the door. A book like this could really help! Love love love your blog.

  402. Paperwork is my nemesis. Thanks for the giveaway.

  403. misty gorman says:

    i need to figure out the paper clutter issue AND the laundry room! i hate to go in there. i know there has to be a simple solution. maybe this book would help me:)

  404. Catharine says:

    On the clutter front, I am slowly getting there but our closet is a bit of a disaster! Just read your post on Simple Mom aobut being a professional mom. Very timely for me as I am just about to step away from my “career” in the medical field to be a full-time mom! Thanks

  405. I need clutter rehab in my craft area, AKA my bedroom closet!

  406. Well…..since I am supposed to pick just one…PAPER (all kinds of paper..ugh!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  407. My basement storage is such a mess! Not to mention my walk-in closet. Thank goodness for doors! lol

  408. Wow….I could use this in several areas, but really I need it most in order to “tame the toys.” Even though my boys are 10 and 5 and outgrowing many toys, they still seem to multiply! I even declutter a couple times a year, but it doesn’t seem to help. 🙂

  409. Our office is the first place I would tackled, followed by the garage. I would also like to learn strategies to help me keep the other areas in my home organized in a way that will make sense for the five people that live here.

  410. The den. It became “the place for things that don’t have a place” when we moved in two years ago, and it’s STILL a mess!!

  411. definitely our garage! when we moved into this house we put stuff there that we did not need immediately, and have just kept adding to it since then.

  412. I have random items all over my tiny apt that do not have homes…not sure what to do with this stuff. I would have to say my biggest problem is my desk full of random papers, HOW do you organize those and how would you find them later. Also I try to keep up with my (2 y.o.) son’s toys or else I won’t be able to walk around. I use empty diaper boxes for those and tuck them away somewhere when we get overwhelmed with too many!

  413. Dusti Mosher says:

    My entire house looks like a tornado went through it at any given time now a days! I have a 15 month old boy and a 5 month old boy, and a hubby who could be counted as a second toddler when it comes to messes! =) My biggest weakness when it comes to clutter though, is paper. Just cant seem to keep it under control!

  414. I would say the biggest clutter problem for me is everything under our roof, but that wouldn’t be entirely honest since that leaves out the camper, the boat, the vehicles, the yard and the garage. Um yeah. Lets just say its a problem here. I’m not TV show bad, but yeah, we have a lot of stuff as a family of 9.

  415. The computer area.

  416. uhhh…what area of my home do i not need to get in control would be a better question…. 🙂

  417. As a mom of five, with kids ranging from 14 years old to 6 months, it’s hard to manage the types of chaos, we have, because different stages have different things happening. One of my biggest issues is we never seem to get rid of anything because we save everything to hand down. Mostly I deal with clothes, toys and paper/art products. And of course, I buy in bulk to save money, so I have bulk items in the house too.

    There is not one room in my house that doesn’t have some chaos factor to it.

    I know every mom can relate to this issue. It’s just trying to get a handle on it so we don’t have panic attacks and dream of our closets swallowing us whole.

  418. the homeschool room.. where we never happen to have school but all the books are there

  419. My office needs a lot of attention. It’s one of my favorite places to create, but it’s often the last place I get to work on.

  420. Melanie says:

    Pretty much all of my house needs to be decluttered, but top of my list is my office. Between docs I have to keep and schoolwork from my kids, my office is a mess! I would love to win your book! Thanks so much for the opportunity 🙂

  421. The entire house. The kids rooms need a major purge and the main living area doesn’t stay picked up for more than a day. Major problem with paper clutter too.

  422. The part of my home that needs to get under control: THE WHOLE THING! I am a MESS!

  423. Our office space/paperwork is definitely the offending area right now. 🙂

  424. Allie Zirkle says:

    The side of my bed needs the most attention. Not the master bedroom, just my side of the bed where I have a pile of to-dos and clothes

    🙂 Allie

  425. All my kitchen drawers and cupboards are an absolute nightmare!

  426. Heather E. says:

    I need to get our desk/office/bill area under control. I clean it up and by the end of the week it is a mess again! My things need a HOME! Thanks for the giveaway!

  427. says:

    At this time I am living at my sisters till we can find a new home but the main area of issue was my husbands and my bed room then comes the laundry. I think that is getting handled by we are now going to the laundry mat and it has to be finished in full and put away. I would love a copy of the book I believe it is common sense and some times it escapes us.

  428. Lisa Deasy says:

    I try and keep up on my house but it’s just not working. I work full time 50 hrs a week with two kids ages 18 mo and 3, a house and a husband. Life is busy.

  429. the computer room!

  430. This book is needed in our house for sure! Our main area needing help is the kids’ room. Too many toys and it sout of control! Then again the whole house needs a lot of help!!

  431. Kelly G says:

    My recipes. I have piles and piles of cookbooks and magazines and pages that I tear out of magazines. Its horrible. I can’t even find recipes I want to use.

  432. Can I say everywhere?! Well, the two worst areas are a table in my kitchen and my craft room.

  433. Only one area? Right now that’s tough as we are reorganizing from vacation. Usually it’s the paper clutter and kid stuff. Oh who am I kidding, it’s everything!

  434. My basement needs so much help! 🙂

  435. The room that needs the most help here is our basement. I think a lot of it is because the items are, many of them, to big & heavy for me to move. I will need help!

  436. The space that needs the most help right now is my office. My 2 little girls and I are going back to school in the fall. I need to get it ready for my school work and for my job, since I work out of my home.

  437. We are expecting baby #3 in August. Our first two kids have their own rooms, so everything is already in place for them. Now, we are trying to organize where we’ll be putting everything “baby #3:” cloth diapers, cloth wipes, towels, burp cloths, etc. It’s becoming a bit overwhelming.

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