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While we definitely have some quirky holiday traditions in our family, we also have some very delicious ones.

Years ago, FishPapa said, “Let’s learn how to make tamales.” So we did. It was kind of like the blind leading the blind. But, with my handy dandy Sunset Mexican Food Cookbook, we figured out how to do it.

Since then, every December I buy dried corn husks, and we whip up a few batches of Tamales.

Not all the FishKids love tamales. What is WITH them?! So, we make it a little fiesta with other taco items. In addition to tamales, I lay out Mexican Rice, taco meat, tortillas, cheese, lettuce, homemade salsa, and other toppings. This year, our Christmas Eve will be Muy Delicioso.

You don’t have to make tamales to make a fun Taco Party. In fact, a number of brands, like Old El Paso, make it easy for you to pull together a fun taco night at home. You can even check out their free Tacodor trivia game.

According to Old El Paso,

To satisfy your Mexican style cravings, the Old El Paso® line up of products includes chilies, dinner kits, dips and sides, enchilada sauce, refried beans, seasoning mixes, shells, taco sauce and salsa. The Old El Paso taco seasoning mix selection includes flavors like Burrito, Cheesy Taco, Chili, Fajita, Taco, Mild Taco and even a seasoning with 40% less sodium.

This week one LifeasMOM reader will receive an Old El Paso “Family Taco Night” prize pack.

The kit includes a packet of original Old El Paso Taco Seasoning, a Cactus Chip & Dip Serving dish, a set of 3 Fiesta Chili Pepper serving dishes and a $10 gift card to purchase your taco fixings, courtesty of Old El Paso and My Blog Spark.

To Enter

Simply tell us your favorite Mexican food dish.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, December 19th at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. You must respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

:: For more holiday inspiration and daily giveaways, check out The Christmas Fun series.

Disclosure: I received a prize pack courtesy of Old El Paso and My Blog Spark. My opinions are my own. For more information, read my disclosure policy.

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  1. Angela Shrader says:

    My favorite mexican dish is a homemade taco salad! I can fix the meet, put all the toppings in bowls and even my little ones can cater to their own tastes! I haven’t been brave enough to make the corn tortillas yet (but I bought the mix?) ….but I have 3 weeks of down time to experiment! Good luck to all!

  2. Erin Chapman says:

    Our Favorite Mexican Food dish is homemade Chicken Chalupas! It’s my MIL’s recipe, but she was gracious enough to share it with me!

  3. Seafood enchiladas. Yum. . .

  4. Oh my word, I love this post/giveaway and we live on Mexican Food. I love my husbands Taco’s they are amazing and soooo delicious!

  5. Any kind of soft taco.

  6. enchiladas y Salteñas

  7. I love any and all kinds of mexican dish! I made one last night that was wonderful. Butternut squash over a tex mex black bean, and tomato combination with spices. It was so good! Super low calorie. So that’s my new favorite mexican meal! 🙂

  8. Alina Rosenberg says:

    Tacos all the way!

  9. Fajitas are always a big hit at our house, but then again so are tacos. And quesadillas. And enchiladas. And burritos. (I think you get the picture… We eat Mexican a couple of times a week!)

  10. I love soft taco’s

  11. Chi chi’s sweet corn cake. it is to die for. I have a copy cat cook book with the recipe. Plus my family of 8 loves when I make enchiladas.

  12. Fajitas are a favorites…but seriously what Mexican food isn’t a yummy comfort food?We have Mexican on our weekly menu plan!

  13. My family loves Mexican night at our house. Favorites are nachos and soft tacos. Yum.

  14. My husband adores chile rellenos! I love a taco salad (especially if it has avacado!).

  15. Mmm…I do love every Mexican meal. My recent favorite is Mexican stuffed pasta shells. Yum.

  16. My family loves enchiladas.

  17. I love tacos. I could eat tacos anytime!

  18. Tamales are my favorite, followed closely by chimichangas.

  19. It’s so hard to choose just one but if I have to I would say that chicken enchiladas are my favorite.

  20. My family like burritos.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  21. Tamales-We’re doing tamales for Christmas Eve too!

  22. my favorite dish is stuff poblano pepers

  23. joanna mattas says:

    Taquitos are a family favorite

  24. I enjoy all mexican food, but I love enchiladas.

  25. Count me in! Mexican food is one of our favorites. I’d have to say that nachos or tacos are the most requested here.

  26. Can I say “all of them”? No? OK, then. Tortilla soup.

  27. Janon Powell says:

    I absolutely love tacoritos–it is a cross between (of course) tacos and burritos.

  28. wow- i love black beans topped with taco meat, onions, peach salsa, and sour cream!!

  29. My favorite Mexican dish is beef burritos made with homemade tortillas and smothered in green chili. Yummy! Fresh tortillas with a bit of melted butter is a close second 🙂

  30. Our family’s favorite Mexican dish is actually something my MIL calls “Mexican Dish” lol. It’s a casserole made with tortilla chips, cheese, chicken, jalepenos, and a bunch of other stuff. So yummy.

  31. Chimichangas or homemade salsa and chips!

  32. I have yet to meet a Mexican dish I don’t like! Tacos, tamales, mole, you name it…

  33. I would have to say homemade tacos are probably my favorite Mexican food.

  34. I love mexican rice! Thanks!

  35. Guacamole and chips….hands down!

  36. My fave has to be soft corn tortilla tacos with sour cream and guacamole!

    Yum…I think I know what I’m craving now.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. 🙂

  37. carlasorensen says:

    We love hard shell tacos! I usually use the kit to make them. Have to have sour cream!

  38. Brandy Fisk says:

    I love mexican rice bowls!

  39. enchiladas!

  40. Cheese crisp with guacamole, salsa and tons of cheese till its crispy. Loved these in AZ, then moved to Missouri and when I went to the first Mexican restaurant here and ordered one they actually brought me a bowl of shredded cheese. Evidently out here quesadillas are the rage and not cheese crisps 🙁

  41. chicken tacos

  42. Beefy Rice Burritos and Spanish Rice are a few of our favorites- thanks!

  43. Lori Wintrow says:

    I absolutely love cheese enchiladas-I’ve tried over the years to make them but they don’t come out very pretty. But everytime I go to a mexican restaurant that is what I get!

  44. My boys love tacos!

  45. Growing up I always looked forward to “Build your own taco night”. Mom would prepare all of the Taco ingredients in separate bowls and allow the 4 of us to “Build”. Now my kids are enjoying this childhood favorite. …Thinking back, perhaps the anticipation was rooted in the fact that this meant that we would have chips for dinner too)

  46. My favorite dish is taco salad.

  47. Nachos all the way….yum!

  48. *I LOVE Mexican food-tacos & burittos Especially.
    When I was in College, my nick name was the “Guac” b/c I always wanted to eat Mexican. 🙂

  49. Crystal leonard says:

    Always an over stuffed taco loaded with beef, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, olives and tipped with salsa.

  50. I make a wonderful taco bake but I also love taco salad:)

  51. Tacos are always a favorite.

  52. Chicken enchiladas!

  53. I love Mexican food of any kind! I love my MIL’s Seven Layer Nachos. I’m not sure how authentic that is, but it’s AWESOME!!!!

  54. Taco Salad is my pick!

  55. Tacos! 🙂

  56. My husband’s favorite mexican food is tamales. So when a friend invited me to another friends house to make a total of 240 tamles to share and take home I jumped on it! Now I need to say, that I had never had a tamale so I was praying that my husband was not the only one who would like them. After 6 1/2 hrs standing at a counter making tamales we came home with 80 each and my children don’t care for them so they ask for tacos! So the prize package would help make my whole family happy!

  57. Fajitas! But whoever said seafood enchiladas, I want your recipe That sounds interesting 🙂

  58. Having a taco party is one our favorite things to do when we get together with friends. Everything can be ready ahead of time so no one is slaving over the hot grill while everyone else relaxes.

    I make shredded chicken tacos in the slow cooker that are ridiculously easy to make and then make up a batch of ground beef taco filling, put out all the fixings and let our guests create their own perfect taco.

  59. If you’re talking about at a restaurant, definitely a Chipotle burrito!!!!! But, I’m pretty sure you mean a dish you make at home. 🙂 That honor of being called my favorite would have to go to quesadillas!

  60. Enchiladas verde, fajitas, tamales, crab tostadas… yum, yum, yum!

  61. We’re a big fan of tacos at our house, but I think the nachos we make with the leftover meat are the best part!

  62. My husband loves chorizo dip. My kids are burrito fans. Me? I love tacos.


  63. We love homemade taquitos here!

  64. We LOVE mexican. We eat it a lot. At restaurants my favorite thing is chimichangas. At home, we eat a lot of tacos, taco soup, mexican lasagna, etc.


  65. If I’m making the food, then my fav is enchiladas. When I go out to a real restaurant….. I don’t remember the names of things! Probably some ooey gooey cheesy enchilada entree. And stuffed pepper.

  66. Cheesy enchiladas, extra cheese!

  67. What a fun giveaway. 🙂 I love mexican food! Especially tacos or taco salad.

  68. We love steak fajitas! My kids would eat it every night, if they could!


  69. Beef fajitas are my favorite.

  70. Quesadillas! Oh, yum.

  71. We enjoy taco salad!!

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  72. I love everything Mexican, but my favorite is an easy-to-make enchillada casserole!

  73. we love refried black bean burritos and quesadeillas at our house. Even my 6 year old can make his own.
    We do a make your own burrito night every couple of weeks and everyone is happy.

  74. Enchiladas!!!!

  75. Fajitas or taco salad. Yummy!

  76. Creamy chicken enchiladas and tacos! Actually, I could eat my weight in chips and salsa, but we won’t go there! 😉

  77. Kids love cheese quesadillas …mommy loves any soft shelled chicken dish and daddy loves anything beef!!

  78. I really enjoy chimichangas.

  79. Taco Salad!

  80. Jacqueline says:

    I love cheese quesadillas!

  81. I love chicken fajitas and cheese dip!

  82. Hmmm, a tie between enchiladas or fajitas—both with homemade tortillas!

  83. We like soft tacos the best.

  84. I LOVE enchiladas! Can’t get enough of them!

  85. My family absolutely loves tacos. Most Friday nights is taco night in our house.

  86. tacos, taco salad, quesadillas

  87. My favorite is Steak and Chicken Fajitas.

  88. we love making carne asada tacos with skirt steak and homemade pico. yum!

  89. I could eat Mexican food every day ~ so I have lots of favorites. But I really love enchiladas!

  90. My favorite is cheese enchiladas but they always need green sauce, tacos, guacamole and refried beans with ’em! Yum!

  91. taco salad

  92. Chicken Enchilladas are my favorite but I can’t eat any kind of Mexican Dish without my Tortilla Chips and Salsa!

  93. Jennifer M. says:

    I love taco salad!

  94. So hard to pick one favorite….we love enchiladas and fajitas. And your mexican rice is the best!!!

  95. I love enchiladas. Thanks for the chance.

  96. It is so hard to choose!! I’d have to say shredded beef chimichangas, though. Yum!!!

  97. My kids love soft tacos. I love enchiladas.

  98. Guacamole!! But really we love everything from tacos to burritos to fajitas.

  99. I love fish tacos with a squeeze of lime on top.

  100. I love our homemade enchiladas the most, but at mexican restaurants I love the fajitas

  101. tamales!

  102. Lindsay Parker says:

    We love eating shrimp quesadillas!

  103. Our favorite is enchiladas!

  104. I love anything Mexican but beef fajitas are my favorite.

  105. I think my favorite Mexican food is shrimp a la diabla, but the one I eat most often is tacos – every Monday night, in fact!

    (We’re actually doing Taco Night for Christmas this year! Quite a few people have mentioned that we’re, well, strange for doing this, but the whole family loves them, so why not?)

  106. Taco salad with lots of fresh salsa!

  107. I love taco salads.

  108. Mmmm Tacos!!

  109. We love Green Chile chicken enchiladas.

  110. I love Chimichangas.

  111. My favorite is soft tacos. I have such issues with my teeth this is a great food item to be able to chew!

  112. My favorite mexican food dish is cheese enchiladas that we roll ourselves.

  113. Mine is burritos.

  114. How are we supposed to pick just one?!

    Ok, I really like homemade enchiladas. 🙂

    Linda @ Linda’s Lunacy

  115. always love a good burrito 🙂

  116. how fun! i LOVE quesadillas. yum.

  117. I love cheese enchiladas!!

  118. Taco Salad

  119. Mexican is my absolute favorite! Fajitas are probably my favorite choice, but I love all types of Mexican food. My family enjoys it, also. I’d love to win the gift pack so we could make our meals a little more festive. Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. Its hard to decide but I would have to say chicken burritos.

  121. We love Mexican food! A homemade favorite is chicken enchiladas and pica de gallo. When we go out (rarely) it’s fajitas.

  122. We love Mexican food in just about any shape or form. Build it yourself tacos are the favorite around here.

  123. I think its a tie between tacos and enchiladas!

  124. We love just about anything Mexican but our favorite would have to be chimichangas served with a yummy margarita.

  125. Chandra Stewart says:

    I love Mexican food – the combination of salsa, cheese, and sour cream on ANYTHING is fantastic! I can’t pick just one…. but my top three favorites are fajitas, tamales, and taco salad!

  126. Tacos with Mexican rice!

  127. My favorite would have to be fajitas. Yummy

  128. Our favorite mexican style meal is tacos/burritos. One of the few meals everyone around here gets excited about – no easy feat with 7 people eating!

  129. Favorite mexican dish would defiantly be Fish Tacos!

  130. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    My favorite mexican dish is bean burritos

  131. soft tacos!

  132. Yummy, yummy tacos! I like mine without salsa but with cheese, lettuce & tomatoes.

  133. We like homemade nachos using chips plus all the normal toppings. In addition, I like to make a hot dip that has Velveeta, salsa and black beans cooked together in a crock pot. Yum!

  134. Lynn Utecht says:

    Either tacos or chicken tortilla casserole. Toss up between the two!

  135. We love Mexican around here! My hubby’s favorite is fish tacos, while I typically go for fajitas or green chicken enchiladas – yum!

  136. Oh my family would LOVE this! Tacos!

  137. Burritos and any salsa

  138. I love cheese quesedillas

  139. tacos, with crunchy shells!

  140. I make some killer enchiladas!

  141. Our favorite? If it is mexican pass it over, we will love it!

    Right now we are loving the big batch of taquitos I made, and are planning on enchiladas (with home made sauce), mexican rice, chips and salsa for Christmas Eve supper….with Buche de Noel for dessert.

  142. We love taco salad and quesadillas but would rather go straight for the sopaipillas!

  143. My favorite is chicken fajatas.

  144. Definitely cheese enchiladas. I wish I knew how to make some good ones, but I haven’t mastered that yet.

  145. Sweet Corn Cake!

  146. We love Chimichangas or Fajitas. Actually we just plain love Mexican food!!!

  147. Without a doubt, Burritos.

  148. Cheese Enchiladas!! Yum!

  149. This is a fun give-away. Thank you!

    After many years of “knowing” that I didn’t like avacados or cilantro, I have acquired the taste for homemade guacamole. We really enjoy making it as a family, as even the youngest can mash avacados.
    Thank you!

  150. Jessica A. says:

    Hard shell tacos are the best. The Old El Paso toca party look fun!

  151. Maybe if I win this, it will convince my daughter to have a Cinco de Mayo party. Her birthday is May 2nd and I always say this woul d make a great theme. She is not sold on the idea.

    Anyway, my favorite is chicken enchiladas (and margaritas to drink!).

  152. tacos or quesidillas

  153. Sally McQuaid says:

    Albondigas soup (mexican meatball soup). We make it at least once a month and savor it.

  154. Katherine C. says:

    I love crunchy tacos!

  155. homemade enchiladas fresh from the oven with sour cream,lettuce,tomatoes and extra cheese

  156. Danielle Budd says:

    me and the hubs love enchiladas…once a week is mexican night and i always ask you want tacos…nope it’s always ENCHILADAS!

  157. Vicki Matacchiera says:

    crunchy beef tacos are the best!

  158. Definitely chili con queso dip with really good, fresh tortilla chips.

  159. My favorite Mexican food dish is enchiladas!

  160. I love chimichangas.

  161. Um….everything? I especially love enchiladas and tacos al pastor. I’d love to have homemade tamales–maybe I should try my hand at making them.

  162. Fajitas

  163. My fave is probably the classic taco. Although taco salad does rock my world…

  164. My favorite Mexican Dish is Enchiladas Suizas. Yum!

  165. We love chicken fajitas in our family!!

  166. Michelle Wall says:

    I love soft shell tacos with chicken or shredded pork.

  167. We love home made chicken enchiladas, and of course. tacos!

  168. I really enjoy Mexican food. I guess my favorite would be the traditional taco though – it just can’t be beat.

  169. My favorite mexican dish is carnitas!! YUM YUM YUM!

  170. I love tacos, and burritos. Ummm if it’s Mexican I love it!!

  171. My favorite is taco salads! I love making them at home!

  172. Ann Johnson says:

    I love my 7 layer taco dip that I make ~ I am hungry for that now!

  173. My favorite mexican dish is chicken, cheese nachos with low sodium black beans! 🙂 I like to use Old El Paso’s seasoning mix too! Thank you for the opportunity.

  174. We have a chicken enchilada dish that we love.

  175. In my family we LOVE beef tacos with the works!

  176. Homemade taco salads are a favorite in my household.

  177. I love mexican food. The favorite is chicken chalupa

  178. tacos! i haven’t had them in a long time. i think that may be on the menu this week! thanks for the chance to win

  179. We like chicken fajitas.

  180. My favorite Mexican dish is simply Mexican Rice! My husband’s favorite is 7 layer bean dip! MMMM!

  181. my fav is sour cream chicken enchiladas…which I can’t make at home very well (yet!)

  182. we love walking tacos! taco fixins in a bag of frittos. yummo!

  183. We love Creamy Chicken Enchiladas with Spanish Rice.

  184. I love tacos and quesadillas. Yum!

  185. Carne asada tacos with avocado and sour cream… Yumm!!!

  186. I adore all Mexican food, I am a Texan after all, hehe. If I had to pick one though, it would be fajitas. You just can’t mess those up and they’re very versatile. Yup, fajitas, mmm. You know, this post has made me really want some good Mexican food…..

  187. Our family really likes tacos and burritos.

  188. my fave mexican food dish is tacos
    JackieO1234 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  189. my absolute favorite is chicken mole

  190. I love simple tacos!

  191. I have an easy chicken enchilada recipe I love to make!

  192. My husband’s favorite request is Chicken Enchiladas. Thanks for the chance to win!

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