Win the Imagination Station Series

A couple weeks ago I told you about this great series of books for young readers. The Imagination Station series is a great tip for your children and for your family as a read aloud. We whipped through these books, and each one left my son wanting more.

There are six books in the series so far:

FishBoy7 and I have read the first five and are eagerly awaiting the sixth book, coming out soon.

Win the Set!

Tyndale House is graciously giving away the first six books to five LifeasMOM readers.

To Enter:

Leave a comment on this post.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 8 pm PST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS: eckelly@, dkmiata@,  sarahelaine79@, johnandhattie@, Kristendeweese@

Disclosure: I received a review set of these books. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Mary Catone says:

    What a great giveaway this is, I would love to win this for our two kids we homeschool.

  2. My 2 boys are voracious readers! They would love this series!

  3. We’ve been checking these out a lot lately, would love to have the set!

  4. Looks like this is a set my children would LOVE!

  5. Amy Matkovich says:

    These look like great books! I would love to win them for my son who is a beginning reader. Thanks for recommending good quality books for our kids.

  6. Me! Pick me! We love AIO and would love to have this set of books. Pick meeeeeeee!!!!!

  7. We tried one from our library and were excited for more.

  8. Would love to win! 🙂

  9. I’d love to win these for my kiddos!

  10. Would love to win! Thanks!

  11. Melanie Schrock says:

    ACK!! I love your blog and this giveaway is ridiculously faaaaaabulous!! My son cannot get enough of AIO!! We as a family have been blessed by these!! Thanks sooooo much for the opportunity to win!

    Soli Deo Gloria!,
    Melanie Schrock

  12. I have 3 reader and one listener (pre-reader) who would love to have these books!

  13. This is a great prize. Thank you!

  14. Would really love these. My 3rd grader is a voracious reader, but my 1st grader, although he has high reading acuity, is a reluctant reader, and these look like they’d be right up his alley. Especially if we’re meant to read them together…something he and I can do without his three sisters.

  15. We are huge Adventures in Odyssey fans. My four children devour books. This set would be perfect for my only boy who is often surrounded by girl books. I’m sure my girls would love them too.

  16. Our family loves in Adventures in Odyssey! Can’t wait to check out this series!

  17. My 4 year old would LOVE these! We’ve exhausted all of our library’s audio Adventures in Odyssey choices, and he received a 4 dvd pack of the cartoon series for Christmas last year. And he just listened to his daddy read “Redwall” to him aloud, so I know he would be ready to listen to these! I hope we win!

  18. my boys would love these! I am always trying to find books that they will like, but I approve of!

  19. Ashley Wildes says:

    This is a great giveaway! I love books and encourage my little ones to read as often as they can, we haven’t read this series but it looks very good 🙂

  20. Would love to win this! We love Adventures in Odyssey around here!

  21. Very cool! My kids would love to get a new series of books!

  22. I would love to win this for my kids. Thank you for telling us about these books!

  23. I love Adventures in Odyssey!! What a neat giveaway…thanks!

  24. My son would be super excited to get these!

  25. My siblings and I loved listening to Adventures in Odyssey as kids! I would love to win this series to have in my own library. 🙂

  26. This would be such a great collection to keep at my house for my neices/nephews! they all love to read, this is wonderful. Thanks for the chance!

  27. Renata Sommerville says:

    My boys would LOVE these books!

  28. I would LOVE to win these! We still have 3 kids to get through our homeschool who are young enough to enjoy them.

  29. Ooh- sounds fabulous! I know a certain little reader who will definitely enjoy these. (And, really, wouldn’t it just seem fitting for Thor to read these??)

  30. My kids would love these!

  31. Susan Cunningham says:

    My little man would love these books! He is an avid reader and devours anything that comes his way!

  32. Meredith C. says:

    this sounds like an interesting series and will have to check them out even if I don’t win

  33. Kristen deweese says:

    I would be thrilled to win this set of books!!

  34. kids would love this!!!

  35. I added these books to my reading list last week. I would love to win them!

  36. I have gotten some of these at the library and they urged my reluctant reader to read a little more!

  37. My kids would love these!! They love the radio series…

  38. My daughter loved the first one. The series is on her Christmas list. Thanks!

  39. I’ve got a boy currently reading thru the first book from the library. What a treat to surprise him with the series as a Christmas gift, if I should win 🙂 thanks!

  40. Kim Stachowiak says:

    Sound like great titles! Love good read alouds that all the kids would love.

  41. We love Adventures in Odyssey and love to read. This sounds like the perfect option for my 2 second graders (and probably my kindergartner,too!)

  42. Rachel Cantrell says:

    I am making a commitment to read more to my children. These would be great!!

  43. This is a great giveaway! Thanks!

  44. I have two boys ages 8 and 6 that would both love these books!!

  45. I would love to add these to our collection of read-alouds. What a great giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed…

  46. My boys would love these. Thanks.

  47. I can’t keep my son in books. I think my daughter is right at his heels. Would love to read these with them.

  48. I think my girls would really enjoy reading these books!

  49. My boys would love these. Great idea!

  50. I read to my kids every night. Always looking for something new.

  51. Charity Shapiro says:

    My son would love these.

  52. I have 3 adventures in odyssey BIG FANS in my house who would LOVE this!

  53. I previewed the first book, and it was great, I look forward to reading it next in our read aloud time! I would love to see the rest of the series!

  54. My kids love Adventures in Odyssey and would LOVE these books! Great giveaway!!

  55. My girls would love this!

  56. Oh I love these, My kids loved them when they were young and I know my grandchildren will love them.

  57. I would love to win the set!!

  58. We love the Imagination Station at Whit’s End! These books would be a great Christmas gift for our boys!

  59. I would love to win these for my kiddos. I would be the best mom ever.

  60. Sanya Lolly says:

    I would love to read these aloud to my 3 boys!

  61. SimplytoDelight says:

    Oh…. I had no idea they had books!!! My sons will love them, they fall asleep listening to Odyssey alot of nights. Thank you.

  62. PlEASE …pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok..I am sure it is random..praying we get picked 😉

  63. My older two have read the first one and loved it. Would love to have this series for our family.

  64. We would love to have these books in our house!

  65. Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. I have two boys who struggle with reading and good adventure books are hard to find – that keep their attention. I would love to try these.

  67. My children would be so excited to have these to read…they look wonderful!

  68. My kids LOVE to read! And I love free stuff!

  69. My daughter is 8 and not into reading. She can read, just doesn’t have the want to. Maybe these will inspire her!

  70. This looks like fun, thanks for sharing!

  71. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway! My daughter would love these books:)

  72. I would love these books for my two little ones!

  73. I have two young reads that would LOVE these!! The radio series is our FAVORITE!! 🙂

  74. I would love to win!!

  75. My kids love listening to Odyssey stories!

  76. Would love this!

  77. Yay..a chance to win..Thank you..

  78. aww man!! i never win anything! i would love to win these! this is our 1st year of homeschooling…I have a reluctant reader so this would be great!!!

  79. My daughter would love these books!

  80. My kids would love these! We love reading here.

  81. This looks like a terrific set for my kids. We love Adventures in Odyssey!

  82. I bet my children would love these books! Please enter me!

  83. I have two boys would love to read these. Thanks for the recommendation, and the chance to win!

  84. I would LOVE to win these books. My kids love Odyssey and Reading!

  85. Jessica Johnson says:

    Awesome! Would love to enjoy reading these with my boys!

  86. We LOVE the audio show! Can’t wait to check out the books!

  87. My son would love these!

  88. I’d love to win these books to have for my granddaughters.

  89. My seven year old would love these. Thanks for the chance!

  90. What an awesome give away!

  91. I am desperate for more books for my son to read! These look like they would be great.

  92. My kids would love these!

  93. My daughter loves Magic Tree House, so these would surely be a hit.

  94. Sounds like a great series for my boys & me to dive into! Thanks for offering these to your readers. =)

  95. Wow, they look like great books. Can’t wait to try thiem out.

  96. What a wonderful prize! Both my girls would LOVE it!

  97. These look great I bet my kids would love them 🙂

  98. My son would love these!

  99. OOOO….pick me pick me!

  100. Yes, please! I’m looking forward to my daughter reading these, whether I should win or not. : )

  101. Allison Eager says:

    I want to read these books with my son this year. They’re on my reading list. I would love to own the set!

  102. PAULA WELLS says:

    we would love to win these. my 1st grader is learning to read and loves to read to his 2yr old and 2 month old brothers.

  103. Our family would love to win these 🙂

  104. My son loves, loves, loves listening to Adventures in Odyssey! These books would be a hit!

  105. My 4 kids would love this. They all love to read and love Odyssey!

  106. So thankful you promote reading to children!

  107. Sounds cool! i would love to win to read to my three little boys! 🙂

  108. We would love to have these!

  109. What an amazing giveaway! I would love to read these with my kids. 🙂

  110. Sherry Tahquette says:

    This would be so much fun! My daughter has been wanting these for quite a while!

  111. Sounds like a great series for my hungry readers! Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. Wow! This is awesome! I’ve been wanting to get these for my kids who love to read! A series I can trust that will spur that love on is a winner.

  113. I think our girls would love this series!

  114. My 5 would love these books!

  115. We’ve been looking for a new children’s series to add to our collection. Thanks for the suggestion!

  116. I would love to win this for my son!

  117. Wow, this would be a great addition to our 1st year of homeschooling! So cool they are doing this! Blessings!

  118. Oh, my son LOVES Adventures in Odyssey and he is just now getting into reading bigger chapter books. We would be so excited and grateful to win. Thank you for giveaway!

  119. Bethany Peterson says:

    Great giveaway! I’ve been interested in these since you posted about them the first time. Thank you!

  120. My kids would love these! what a motivator for my new reader too 🙂 They love listening to Adventures in Odyssey!!!

  121. This sounds like such a wonderful series! I’m very excited to have learned about this and from Adventures in Odyssey – thank you for sharing!

  122. They sound like great books to add to our collection!

  123. I used to love Adventures in Odyssey as a kid and would love to have my kids get excited about it too!

  124. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  125. these books sound perfect for the young readers in our family. how exciting. thanks for this give-away.

  126. These would be fun for my boy 🙂

  127. We have absolutely enjoyed many hours of Adventures in Odyssey on audio discs while traveling in our car. My children would love to read these books about the Imagination Station! What a fun give-away!

  128. Monica Kendall says:

    they look great!

  129. Thank you for the opportunity. The books would have a loving home on our girls’ bookshelf. 🙂

  130. We would love to win this set!

  131. I would love the chance to own this series for my little girl, thank you!

  132. My kids are crazy for Odyssey! This would be so fun!

  133. would love to win! thank you for the giveaway.

  134. Sounds like something my 7 & 8 year old daughters would love, please enter us, and thanks.

  135. We love Adventures in Odyssey and would love to add this to our collection. Thank you for a chance to win this.

  136. I would be ecstatic about winning this set. My son and I are currently reading the Magic Treehouse series but I would so much prefer to go through a fun series with a Biblical perspective. I know he would just love these books!!!

  137. We love oddeysey!

  138. Cool giveaway! My boys would love it!

  139. Adventures in Odyssey are wonderful. I would love to win this series 🙂

  140. We love the Imagination Station on the radio.

  141. Thanks for the giveaway.

  142. What a wonderful giveaway! My two boys would really enjoy this series. Thanks! ~Kristin

  143. Ever since you mentioned these books I have checked all our libraries and none of them have these books! My oldest devours books and I am certain this would be his next favorite series!

  144. I have wanted to get this set to read aloud to my children while they are eating lunch. I have heard great things!

  145. Boy would I love to win this – I would be able to sit down with my nephew (who is six and in first grade) and read with him

  146. These books look great!

  147. Carrie Phelps says:

    My grandsons would love this, thank you!

  148. My son is just starting to read on his own and he would love these. Thanks for telling us about this great series.

  149. I immediately put these in my Amazon wish list, but I would love immediate gratification! Thanks for the giveaways!

  150. Thank you for the chance to win.

  151. These look great! Love Adventures in Odyssey!

  152. I would love to win this set! I know that my two oldest kids would love to read this series.

  153. I’ve been having a hard time finding books for my son to read. These look like exactly what I was looking for! Hoping they will give him an even greater love for reading.

  154. I would love to surprise my kids w/ these . Our library only has the first 3 or 4.

  155. We would love to have these books!

  156. My son devours every book in sight and I’m sure he’d love these.

  157. Rhonda Crouse says:

    My daughter loves to read. Especially adventure boooks. She just turned 6 and would love to have a new series of adventure books to read.

    The Crouse House

  158. I think my son would really enjoy these.

  159. I had not heard about these books until you posted about them. I think my daughter would really enjoy them. I think her class mates wold enjoy sharing them too!!! Thanks for spreading the ‘good news’!

  160. How fun! My son would love these.

  161. I would love to win this!

  162. We’d love to enter. We’ve read the first 2 books and they are GREAT. My kids loved them. I didn’t know that they have written more.


  163. What a great giveaway!

  164. We love to listen to Adventures in Odyssey. This series would be great for both my reluctant reader and my motivated reader. Woo hoo.

  165. Just starting to read chapter books to my 5-year-old. These would be great! Going to check the library. Thanks!

  166. This would be so great to read with my 6 and 8 year olds.

  167. these would be great for my son!

  168. This is a great christmas idea for my son..I haven’t seen these books before!

  169. We would enjoy these very much!! We have checked out the first one from the library. They look like a great alternative to Magic Tree House books. I always loved the imagination station…I hope my kids do too.

  170. These sound like awesome books! I bet my kids would love them!

  171. My boys would love these books! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  172. Oh, my boys would LOVE these!!!

  173. Looks like great books for my kids to read.

  174. Love this to read to our son as he did love the adventure stories

  175. I’d love to win these books!

  176. Would love to win these for my first grader!

  177. Thanks for the giveaway! My boys love to read – this would be fabulous for them!

  178. I have a five year old first grader who devours chapter books! His favorite store in the world is Barnes and Nobles and he thinks a new book is the best gift in the world! However I can’t afford to feed his appetite all that often! He contents himself with borrowing books from my first grade classroom but a brand new exciting set would be an amazing surprise for his upcoming November birthday!!! Thank you for the opportunity! Fingers crossed in California!

  179. My kids would be so thankful to win these books. They cannot seem to have too much reading time.

  180. I really, really, really want to win this giveaway! I know my children will love, love, love this series!

  181. Katherine C says:

    I would love to win these books! Thanks!

  182. These look like they would be great books for my oldest son practicing his “out-loud” reading to the younger son.

  183. Sign me up!

  184. My kids would LOVE to have the set of books!

  185. My son has AiO CD that he really likes. He is a voracious reader and it would be good to put these in his path.

  186. My oldest son reads everything he can get his hands on! He would love these!

  187. I am always looking for books that will interest my 8yo son. These would be fun books for him to read on his own.

  188. These sound perfect for my 6 and 7 year old boys!

  189. Oh, I have a reader that would completely and totally get utterly lost in these books. They sound wonderful!

  190. My boys would love this series!

  191. I’ve been eyeballing these books for a while now. What a fun giveaway!

  192. Wow! Great giveaway- we all love to read at our house, and this series is on my to-get list. 🙂 creedamy(at) yahoo (dot) com

  193. Enjoy reading your post. I would love to win these books for a somewhat reluctant reader, but someone who loves Odyssey.

    I have got to get it together so I can do big buying/cooking!

  194. We have loved many books that you had previously recommended. We would love to have this set.

  195. I think my 6 yr old son would enjoy reading this series!

  196. I would love to win these!
    Thank you for the chance.

  197. My nephew would just love these!

  198. Amy Ritchie says:

    My son is turning 8 in October. He would love these books and they would make a great birthday gift!

  199. My granddaughter would love this.

  200. amanda reenders says:

    My son would love this set!

  201. My boys would love a new series they could both read. This one looks like a winner 🙂

  202. ♫Ohh! ooohh!! Ohhh! It’s magic…you know♪♫

    Sorry, the only thing I could think of to type at first was ohh! ooohh!! Ohhh! and then that song came into my head….and since you didn’t give a specific thing to type about I just typed that and a ridiculously long explanation. 🙂

  203. leigh bridenbaugh says:

    I would love to win htis book series for my DS1.

  204. Aubrey Ives says:

    We love Adventures in Odyssey! Thank you!

  205. We’re always looking for new books. My boys would love these!

  206. Never heard of this series but would love to get my hands on it! Hope I win!!

  207. I loved Adventures in Odyssey tapes as a kid and am looking forward to sharing them with my boys when they get old enough. I would love to win these books!

  208. Awesome! My oldest has just taken off w/ reading and i’d love more (good) reading material for him!

  209. My boys would absolutely flip over these books!

  210. would love to win these books!!! thanks!!!!

  211. Mhmm. Would love to win this!

  212. I’d love to win these for my son!

  213. Would love to win them. My daughter loves to read.

  214. this looks like a series my children would really enjoy!

  215. Looks like a fun series. Thanks!

  216. We checked out the first one at the library this week and my 5 year old is really enjoying it we would love to have all 6.

  217. Would love to win this! My kids need more books that are biblically based.

  218. This looks like a great series for my boys! 🙂

  219. I would love to win this.

  220. My son loves anything to do with Adventures in Odyssey! We would love to have this as a part of our daily read aloud time!

  221. Always looking for new reads….

  222. This looks like a great series. Thank you.

  223. These look awesome!

  224. I think that all five of my children would enjoy this series, but especially my 7-yr-old recently-turned-bookworm daughter! We’re heading on a long road trip soon…these would be perfect!

  225. I think my kids would enjoy these!

  226. My boys would love this! I hope we win. Thanks!

  227. This looks like a fantastic series.

  228. Karen Fleming says:

    My daughter would love reading these books.

  229. I would love to have these books to read to my son. Thank you for the great give away!

  230. I’ve never read the books but I love listening to Adventures in Odyssey on cassette growing up! They make several long car trips more enjoyable.

  231. These books look great – ideeal for Mr 9 who needs lots of reading practice…..

  232. I would love to win this set…I am raising three young grandchildren that would love these!!

  233. We can’t go to the library often enough according to my 13 yo son. He would love to have those books on hand when a trip to the library is not coming soon enough. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  234. A lead on some great books for boys? Oh, you’d better believe I’d love to win this giveaway!

  235. this is a great giveaway, thank you

  236. We love adventure stories! Let’s give it a go. Thank-you!

  237. These sound great, would love them for my grandchildren

  238. We would love these! We have looked at them for a long time but unable to purchase. Thanks!

  239. Our oldest boy would love this series! He has been looking for a new mom-approved book series to read. He is a quick reader and has 2 younger brothers who also love books and homeschooling.

  240. I have so many fond memories of my mom reading to me as a child. I am so happy I get to pass on this tradition to my children!

  241. his would be an awesome set of books to add to our collection!

  242. Tonya Elliott says:

    Such a wonderful giveaway!! Would love to win this set if books for my daughter!

  243. Great giveaway. I have a 1st grader and a kindergartener that would love these.

  244. My boys would love to read these books. I have four boys from almost seventeen to eight! My almost seventeen year old would read these as well. He loves to sing Veggie Songs! Homeschooling is great! Thank You Again!

  245. I’m a reading teacher for 3rd graders in a school with limited funds. I would love to add these books to my classroom library so the students can experience how books can take you to places you’ve never been.

  246. Would love to have this set for my kiddos!

  247. My daughter would love these! 🙂

  248. My daughter would love these – and my son would probably prefer to hear me read these than her fairy books!

  249. I would love to use these with my kids.

  250. Your blog is soooo entertaining and informative. Thanks!

  251. Michelle Murphy says:

    I’d like to read these books to my boys

  252. These look like great books. Would love to add them to our personal library.

  253. Hilary Young says:

    These would be awesome to read aloud to my third grade class.

  254. What a great series! I’m always looking for readers that tie into our home school history! 🙂

  255. We love reading & always welcome new books!

  256. My son and I read together each night at bedtime, and while he’s a little young for these yet, he’ll definitely love them when he’s a little older!

  257. My little guy is only 3, but already he has a wonderful imagination! I have a feeling he would love these!

  258. I would love to win these books for my K.I.D.S. ministry at church 🙂

  259. Lisa Sanders says:

    My kids would love these

  260. My sons would LOVE these! 🙂

  261. Always looking for reading series the the kids will enjoy! Thanks so much for the give-away!

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