Would You Eat Gelato Without Your Kids?

I am absolutely smitten with Talenti Gelato e Sorbetto. Seriously. Since we tried it last month, I’ve gone out and bought more. Thank goodness for coupons and sales! But, this stuff is so good, I’d be tempted to pay full pop. And that’s saying a lot for me!

Our store had coconut and blood orange flavors last time that I picked up to try. While they were good, I think the Sea Salt Caramel is perhaps my favorite. Though, the Raspberry Sorbet is not bad either, especially when you combine a scoop of raspberry with a scoop of Vanilla Bean. Oh my!

Yes, I can wax eloquent about ice cream even.

Seriously, keep your eye open for coupons and sales because you’re going to want to get some. And hide it in the back of the freezer. And sneak to a quiet place so that you can eat it all yourself without having to share.

Not that I would know anything about that. Ahem.

Facebook Photo Contest Finalists

This week Talenti has unveiled the finalists of their Facebook photo contest. Voting is going on right now. You have between now and Sunday night to cast your vote. The winner receives a year’s worth of Talenti. How cool is that? Seriously.

Hop on over to the Talenti Facebook page to choose your favorite Talenti moment.

Win Talenti for a Day Week!

This weekend one LifeasMOM reader will win four free Talenti product coupons, which means that you’ll have gelato or sorbet to last you at least a week, depending on how many mouths there are to feed. We try to make it last since it’s sooooooo good.

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling us if and when you hide to eat dessert without your children.

For an extra entry, “like” both Talenti and LifeasMOM on Facebook. Then come back here and leave a 2nd comment telling me you did so.

Giveaway will be open until Monday, September 12th at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winner: spendless2savemore@

Disclosure: I received complimentary samples of Talenti as well as compensation for my time.

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  1. Nap time… Bed time… And sometimes when they are awake too!

  2. After they go to bed – I sneak my good snacks!

  3. I’d prefer not to think of it as sneaking a snack… is more like me sheltering them from the adult world while they are still satisfied with more basic ice cream flavors. As long as I give in and get them the odd flavors like Superman or Nerd flavored ice cream, I’m perfectly justified to pick out special treats for the hubs and me!

  4. Mostly, I’m a “share-er” except when it comes to good quality chocolate! LOL

  5. Oh, heck yeah! We eat dessert all the time without the kiddos. They head to bed and we get out the ice cream! 😉

  6. no kids of my own, but when i babysit i eat dessert after the kids go to bed! 🙂

  7. I share Talenti with my child when I have it because then I don’t feel so bad about eating it as often as I do! 😉

  8. i’m a fan of life as mom & Talenti on facebook too.

  9. I TOTALLY hide treats from my husband and kids. I can only imagine how delish the sea salt carmel is. I NEED it!

  10. I LIKED Life as MOM & Talenti on Facebook!

  11. I like both Talenti and LifeasMOM on Facebook.

  12. After I tuck them into bed and it’s really quiet. That’s MY time that I don’t have to share!

  13. Bedtime! Or even sometimes in the car…Have to be very sneaky about that!

  14. Bedtime is snack time for me!

  15. yep, totally sneak in desserts during naptime and at night as well!! my son looves chocolate and ice cream though when he does get to eat it, so i try to hide it to limit his sweets intake…now if only i had the same self-control for myself… 😉

  16. I like both Talenti and LifeasMOM on Facebook.

  17. I don’t hide but I might have to if I win. This sounds sooo good!

  18. I definitely enjoy it more when I have it all to myself. Especially since my daughter is just 16 months old and I really don’t want her to expect sweets every day at this age (my rule for myself is one sweet a day).

  19. I have been known to sneak to the kitchen , in the floor where I am hidden by the counters, in order to enjoy a special treat on occasion! 😉

  20. Had a little bit of after dinner chocolate last night while “doing dishes” ~ so no one even knew…that Talenti sounds delightful! ~C

  21. Of course! My husband is equally guilty too. But, we do try to wait till they are in bed, but sometimes you just have to have something sweet right now!

  22. Luckily my kids are grown and live on their own, so I don’t have to hide to eat my dessert.

  23. If I want something all to myself, I wait until nap time or bed time to eat it. Usually bed time. Of course, that’s not the greatest time of day to eat ice cream, but it’s worth to me. 😀

  24. Absolutely! There is no reason that they need all that sugar! (haha, as if I need all that sugar). After they go to bed is always a nice and quite time to indulge 🙂

  25. danie smith says:

    I actually prefer to share my dessert, so I don’t eat it all myself.

  26. After the kids go to bed, the chocolate comes out. LOL

  27. Yes, I do sometimes hide dessert – and it’s typically ice cream! 🙂

  28. Charity Shapiro says:

    I like to sneak dessert when my son is in bed.

  29. After he goes to bed!

  30. I don’t know if hide is the right word so much as wait ever so impatiently for them to go to bed so I can indulge in a delicious bowl of ice cream with my husband. It’s a nice treat 🙂

  31. I like you and Talenti on facebook 🙂

  32. Oh yes I sneak snacks probably every day, naptime, bedtime, anytime!!

  33. naptime…
    and if they’re awake, I’ll take some in my room and close the door…or the laundry room (who’d look in the laundry room for dessert!?)

  34. I like both you and Talenti on facebook.

  35. I just buy flavors they don’t like if I want a treat. That way I don’t feel guilty. However, they are getting more adventurous in their food choices, and I may just have to write my name in Sharpie on any treats I’d like to eat!

  36. At bedtime when the house is quiet, then it’s all about me:)

  37. Oh yes I hide the good snacks!

  38. I TOTALLY hide when I eat dessert without my son!

  39. I like Talenti and LAM on Facebook.

  40. I don’t have kids yet but I eat snacks/desserts before my husband gets home from work!

  41. Our kids are adults and no longer live with us. But we did and I still would.

  42. Hubby and I enjoy a dessert every evening after the kids are in bed…but we do give them dessert beforehand if they’ve eaten their dinner.

  43. I may sneak a bite or two when the kids are in bed.

  44. Out in my garage freezer I sometimes keep a dark chocolate stash. I slip out to get something from the freezer and pop a square in my mouth. They’re none the wiser!

  45. Right after I get them in bed – I sneak the “good” ice cream!

  46. When I was really young my mother and I used to hide in the garage from my sister, who was very lactose intolerant. She would quietly bring me out there and whisper that it was “time for a treat.” It was hard to keep quiet and hide my ice cream breath from my sister.

  47. I “liked” you on FB.

  48. I don’t have kids right now, but when I do, I can totally imagine not waiting until they’re in bed so I can break into the jar of gelato!

  49. Yes, ma’am, I sure do. I wait for nap time sometimes and we even sneak to have some ice cream when the kids go to bed for the night.
    I absolutely love the Talenti Caramel and Sea Salt. It is so yummy.

  50. My husband and I will sometimes have a little treat after we put the kids to bed. Sometimes we get busted, but, oh well!

  51. I have special snacks sometimes as soon as I put my son down for a nap. Shameful and oh so yummy! 😉

  52. My kids are old enough now that I can say, “too bad it’s mine” and not worry that they’ll be scarred because they have an evil mommy. When they were toddlers in the backseat of the car I used to sneak candy from the driver’s seat. I usually got busted with, “mommy, I smell chocolate.”

  53. My husband and I have dessert every night as soon as the kids go to bed and we love gelato!

  54. I “like” both Talenti and LifeasMom on Facebook

  55. I don’t have to hide it. I have them well trained. If it is chocolate – it is mine and they can’t have it (unless I decide to share). I tried gelato in Virginia in May and 2 nights in a row we had gelato for dinner. So good!

  56. I homeschool. 🙂 Sometimes, when my children are quietly working on school in the classroom (and the day has been stressful — or not!), I sneak into the kitchen, grab a (homemade) cookie from the freezer, and zap it in the microwave. Mmmm . . . warm — just like out of the oven.

  57. Yes. Usually after they have gone to bed. Yum. Love Talenti!

  58. i wait until my daughter goes to bed to eat dessert as we don’t give her many sweets right now and i don’t want her begging for something and then have to give her a taste…and then have her know what she isn’t getting yet!

    but i also see it as a quiet time for myself to enjoy something good. i don’t often get to enjoy my food, so i make sure i do it then!

  59. When the kids go to bed I have my special treats.

  60. I don’t have kids yet, but I already know that I will eat dessert without them. 🙂

  61. yes, guilty of hiding the dessert-ing. just yesterday i enjoyed a bowl of ice cream while unloading the dishwasher. the bowl blended in so nicely on the counter with the other clean dishes.

  62. I love sweets for breakfast (or at least part of breakfast), which I don’t want to teach my children…so I sneak.

  63. I wait till the kids are in bed, then have dessert with the hubs. It’s our special time together, plus the kiddos’ palates wouldn’t fully appreciate the fine desserts I make or buy 🙂

  64. Meredith C. says:

    we don’t sneak yet. My kids are still young enough to buy the adult desserts and kids desserts. they get fruit or sugar free snacks and mommy and daddy get cookies or ice cream. It will proably only work for a year or two more and then we will have to wait till they go to bed to indulge

  65. I don’t have to hide because my almost 2 year old doesn’t care about sweets. However, I do like to eat treats during her nap just because it is relaxing and feels more indulgent.

  66. No, I don’t hide snacks from my children. I prefer to share and have them enjoy the snack as much as I do.

  67. I’m saving them from the unnecessary calories? 🙂 I wait to consume my naughty snack until nighttime, when they are snoring!

  68. And I liked both Talenti and LifeAsMom on FB.

  69. I’ve been known to sneak a treat in the laundry room. I used to save Milano cookies just for me (purchased rarely when on sale), but I shared them with my kids once and now they ask for them if we happen to be in the cookie aisle at the grocery.

  70. I hide treats all over the house, depending on what it is. Right now I have an open box of cookies in my pantry. Now I spend extra time “putting the food away.” 🙂

  71. Bedtime is mommy’s treat time… like a reward for surviving another day!

  72. And I liked both Talenti and LifeAsMom on Facebook. I also voted.

  73. Okay, I admit it, I do hide chocolate!! But my hubby would hide this from me :)!

  74. sue chibana says:

    i hide it in the bedroom and eat it.

  75. Like many others, we wait till the kids are in bed and either have a treat while we work (lesson plan, etc.) or relax together with what we call the Christian Special: TJs vanilla ice cream, Midnight Moo, and Salted Almonds (sometimes I add bananas, but my husband NEVER would defile his special creation by doing so). 🙂

  76. Usually I sneak a good snack when they are outside playing. I also have to sneak when my hubby isn’t looking since he works out of the house. Makes it more difficult. I usually get sneaky when there is something left over and there is only enough for one. Like a piece of pie or something. I have been wanting to find a gelato that was worth sneaking since I fell in love with gelato in Italy on our honeymoon. Have not found one yet.

  77. Yes–after the kids go to bed!

  78. No, but this looks like one I should!

  79. All the time! Kids’ bedtime = dessert time

  80. I sneak some chocolate through out the day. my little one usually smells it on my breath, and I get caught!

  81. I enjoy “grown up” snacks after the monkeys are in bed. Sometimes we share, but it is nice to enjoy my snack in the quiet : )

  82. After I’ve put my son to bed then I have my dessert. yum!!

  83. I sneak in cookies or something sometimes while they are sleeping.

  84. I eat dessert after the kids go to bed at night. Yum Yumm!

  85. I Like LIfe as Mom and Talenti on Facebook.

  86. Katie in Arizona says:

    I love to coupon so I have a good stash of free candy bars . . . hidden in my closet. I’m a nice wife though, so I did tell dh about them and he eats one when a snack attack happens. I have ALWAYS had a stash of treats in my closet!

  87. Charity L. says:

    My daughter is only 3 so I don’t have to hide (yet). I just wait till she goes to bed. I’m sure it will be something I do in the future though. She doesn’t like chocolate though (seriously? Why?) so I’ll jsut have to buy chocolate for me when she is older. Twist my arm…

  88. Rebecca W. says:

    I don’t really hide to eat dessert.

  89. Usually we have dessert with the kids, but if it a date night treat or something where I know we won’t have enough for everybody then we will wait until the kids are in bed.

  90. Ha! Oh yeah, I hid behind the fridge last night to eat the last peanut butter cookie. Usually I’d share, but it had been a long day…

  91. Dessert after the kidlet’s in bed. I’ve frequently hidden chocolate on the top shelf. Pistachio Talenti is very good. Hide behind frozen peas.

  92. Absolutely would hide this from my kids! We almost always eat the icecream after they go to bed!

  93. I tried this a couple of weeks ago, and fell in LOVE. I love my toddler but this is Mommy’s indulgence and he will have to wait to fall in love with this. this is one thing I’m not sharing!

  94. I already liked you on FB but I did just like Talenti 🙂

  95. Cheryl Schwartz says:

    I “encourage” my kids to get to bed a few minutes early, then I sneak out on the back porch for my dessert indulgence!!

  96. We will usually buy them ice cream cones or sandwiches while we indulge in the good stuff!

  97. I like Life as Mom and Talenti on facebook!

  98. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I take my dessert and go in my room and shut the door, and tell everyone else it’s so that the dog will not bother me.

  99. I kinda hide my chocolate and eat a piece when the teenagers stress me out LOL. If they want some though I will share, cause I am nice like that!!!

  100. I liked you both and I want to win!!! LOL!!

  101. My son doesn’t really like ice cream, so I don’t have to hide. I do have to hide the good stuff from the husband though!

  102. Sometimes I sneak mini cartons of ice cream home from the store. I usually buy something coffee-flavored – my hubby & daughter won’t eat it!

  103. Susan Waddell says:

    I love having some Talenti after a long day at work, with or without kids!

  104. Susan Waddell says:

    I like Life as Mom and Talenti on Facebook.

  105. I don’t necessarily hide but I do wait until the kids are asleep before I indulge in my dessert. Even if we go out for yogurt, I will take mine home and wait.

  106. I “liked” Life as Mom on Facebook

  107. I “liked” Talenti on Facebook.

  108. I will hide from *everyone* in order to eat dessert!

  109. Yes, it is more enjoyable when others aren’t watching and expecting me to share.

  110. We usually let the kids eat their dessert after dinner and save ours to enjoy after the kids are in bed and all the clean up is done.

  111. Sometimes I just sneak a piece of chocolate bar while he’s even in the next room sitting at the table doing his homework. I’m very quiet!

  112. I keep everything I want for myself hidden in my closet. If I feel like sharing, I act like I found it in the cabinet 🙂

  113. i pack them in my lunch so she doesn’t see them.

  114. Not often, but once in a while I’ll “sneak” an expensive chocolate without letting them know I have it.

  115. I like you on Facebook!

  116. I usually don’t sneak anything more than a Starburst when they are not looking. But if we are talking about caramel gelato… I will eat it after they go to bed!

  117. Every night after dinner and bed time my husband and I share some sort of “sweet snack” without the kids. Lately, it has been ice cream or some other frozen treat! And sometimes, since I’m up late nursing, I’ll sneak a midnight snack, too!

  118. I *like* you on Facebook.

  119. I liked Talenti on FB, too.

  120. I would hide little squares of white chocolate in my china cupboard- no one ever has a reason to go in there and that one bag would last me a really long time! Then my husband happened to catch a glimpse of my wrapper in the trash and searched everywhere until he found them (kind of like that Yoplait commercial)… Now my secret stash is gone and my hiding place corrupted so I no longer have a secret.

  121. We break out the Big People Desserts pretty much the moment the kids are in bed for the night. But I’ve been known to sneak some bites when/if they’re all out of range mid-morning. *cough*

  122. Oh, yes. And I’ve “liked” both yourself and Talenti on FB. Not that I really needed much motivation because you’re both awesome. 😀

  123. I do eat dessert without my toddler! Usually organic Alden’s ice cream after she goes to bed because it’s too late for her to have some, I usually give her a little bit during the day though!

  124. I like both on FB as Anastasia Borisyuk

  125. I don’t hide dessert from my daughter–I hide it from my dad. He always has to try everything that comes into this house, and he is diabetic and has alzheimers. Not a good combination.

  126. like you both on facebook

  127. I share.

  128. Heather Abbott says:

    My best sneaking snacks story is actually when I was pregnant with my first son. I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and my mom to this day still gives me Reese’s Eggs instead of Easter candy. Unfortunately, since we have peanut allergies on both sides of our family, my doctor recommended that I not eat peanut butter during my pregnancy. Rather than share with my husband I made him put them in the freezer until the following Easter. My husband thought I was crazy – he’s like you know they make these every year right. Of course, but I don’t share well when it comes to peanut butter and chocolate!!

  129. I “liked” both pages but love is a better word for what I learn from your sight. As far a eating dessert without the kids well of

  130. Bed time for sure…. yum!

  131. Definitely after the kids go to bed.

  132. In the little corner next to the pantry. 🙂

  133. Nap time! Sometimes after the kids go to bed depending on what dessert is!

  134. Facebook fan of both.

  135. I wait until they are in bed. Sometimes I even wait for the husband to fall asleep since he can be as bad as the kids!

  136. Liked both on FB.

  137. One day I sent my kids upstairs to clean their rooms (they were only two and one at the time, so we all know that part was a joke :). I did it for the sole purpose of eating cherry cordial M&Ms in private… and it worked! Nothing wrong with throwing a little personal repsonsibility into the game 😉

  138. Also… I like LifeAsMom and Talenti on facebook!

  139. I don’t really hide dessert! We try to allow everything in moderation.

  140. I’m definitely guilty of indulging in something sweet after my little one goes to bed.

  141. Well, my daughter is too young to eat dessert yet, but I would so totally hide to eat dessert – especially good chocolate!

  142. I can only remember one time… and it was a cupcake from my FAVORITE bakery someone brought me. Totally hidden away till they weren’t anywhere around me. 🙂

  143. I don’t hide it from kiddos, but I do from my hubby!

  144. I like both pages on facebook!

  145. Ab-So-Lutely do this!! Especially love mint M&Ms or my Weight Watchers desserts. I do hide them, it’s not greed…it’s just preserving. 😉

  146. I like Lifeasmom on Facebook.

  147. That’s easy. After the kids go to bed!

  148. I guess I am boring, but I do not sneak. I do purchase items specifically for my husband and I (the kids don’t like this too much!)

  149. I usually hide anything like brownies from my kids…or at least I ration them out 🙂

  150. Um…I hide from my kids and eat dessert almost every night. After they are in bed, my hubby and I high five and then head to the kitchen for a sweet treat!

  151. We just eat dessert after the kids are in bed! 🙂

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