You Can Do This!

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The week ahead will not be without its challenges. But, you can do this!

mom girls on bike credit donnie ray jones

Here we are. A new week! I love Sundays for the fact that they represent a fresh start. Sometimes, I dread them because the weekend is over, but still: FRESH START.

I imagine that we each have a challenge facing us this week. Some challenges are harder than others; they range from job troubles and learning disabilities to cancer and divorce. Let’s not compare the gravity of each, but let’s acknowledge that everyone has hard things. As JessieLeigh says, “If it feels bad, that’s bad enough to matter.

Despite our challenges, I know this:

i can do all things

You can handle whatever comes your way this week, thanks to God who is at work in you.

Photo credit: Donnie Ray Jones, used by license, no changes made

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  1. Melissa says

    Well I sure needed this post. Facing some tough stuff this week. Thanks for the good reminder.

  2. Sarah H says

    Thank you for this post. It feels like it was written just for me. I am feeling completely overwhelmed and ill-equipped for the week or so I have in front of me. But your post was a very timely reminder that even if I feel ill-equipped that God will give me exactly what I need, exactly when I need it. Thank you!

  3. Thank you! Such a timely post of encouragement!!

  4. carole says

    i’m a day late to the post ;-), but what a wonderful reminder and so timely!! Thanks for posting!!!

  5. christy angeles says

    Thanks for the encouragement. We’re adopting our first. She’s 15 and in 2nd grade. So I’m homeschooling for the first time. But God gave me Psalm 139 when we first decided to adopt her, and it’s the psalm I’m memorizing. What a blessed thought that I can do this because God planned it for me from the beginning. When He made Claudia He planned Christy will have her at age 15 to prepare her for the great plans I have for her.

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