Zone Defense Check-In: Kid Stuff

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Time to tackle clutter and disorganization and maybe too much stuff. This month we are organizing the kid stuff in the house so we can a) enjoy the summer with our kids and b) get their help!

Zone Defense Check-In: Kid Stuff

Oh, I had big dreams a month ago. Didn’t I? If you’ll remember when I introduced this month’s Zone Defense challenge, I intended to not only reboot the school room, but I was also going to do an overhaul on the kids’ rooms and the play areas. I’m going to stand by the old adage of shooting farther than you can reach. I didn’t hit all my goals, but I did okay.

The school room

Since we’re doing school all summer, there won’t be the big lag time in our school area that there often is. Early in the month, I pulled out lots of old books, dusted, and reorganized. Then when I went to the homeschool convention, I had a good idea where we were at.

Zone Defense Check-In: Kid Stuff

I still have some paperwork to sort through, but I’m pleased with the progress there. Excuse the fact that I didn’t vacuum before taking a pic.

The girls’ clothes

Somehow the clothes in the girls’ drawers multiplied overnight. It was becoming way too cumbersome for them, so we thinned the herd. Again. It seems like we just did that.

I haven’t done much clothes shopping, so I have no idea where the excess came from. Regardless, we whittled it down to a week’s worth of clothes and then boxed up the rest. There are still outfits they enjoy in their closet, but they don’t clutter up their drawers or make laundry too hard for them.

And that’s it!

I didn’t touch the boys’ rooms or the games. But, I feel good about what we did do.

How did your Zone Defense go this month?


Want some guidance decluttering and organizing? Get on Zone Defense.

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  1. Jessie says

    I organized the toys! However, it didn’t turn out like I planned… We have two living areas and we have some toys in both areas and then our daughter’s room (she’s 2). I put the toys too young for her in storage, selected a few for the closet (for rotating), and redistributed the rest so there wasn’t so much in one place. She’s already asking for the toys that have ‘gone missing’ or are in the ‘wrong place’. Somehow I was under the impression that she might forget about them and then they would be brand new when they appeared again… 🙂

  2. Charlene says

    I usually read about the Zone Defense, but don’t really take the time during the school year to keep up with it. However, this summer, I am doing a zone defense of my whole house… hopefully. (I may have bitten off more than I can chew… we’ll see.) I started in my daughter’s room last week. We both worked on it for a few hours a day and it took about 5 days to go through everything in her room. This week, it’s on to my son’s room. They are 11 and 14, and they are starting to grow up and they didn’t want all of their toys and things anymore, so we are really weeding stuff out. My daughter’s friend came over today. She was impressed with the cleanliness of the room. We are hoping to get the whole house in ship shape soon. It is in desperate need of it, that’s for sure!! Glad to know there are others out there cleaning stuff up too! 🙂

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