Zone Defense: Cleaning & Organizing Bathrooms

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Zone Defense: Cleaning & Organizing Bathrooms

This month the Zone Defense assignment is pretty straightforward: Clean and organize the bathrooms.

We’ve covered this territory before. Check out these past posts:

I suppose this depends on the home, huh? Our house has four bathrooms. There is very little storage space in any of them, thus not a lot of hidey holes to stash things in.

At our house, each pair of kids is responsible for one bathroom. That means I get one bathroom on a regular basis — mine — and keep my fingers crossed that they’re doing their jobs well. Yes, kids can clean the bathrooms.

I decided that this month rather than anything big and exciting, I’ll be giving each bathroom a deep cleaning. The kids do fine, but we both know that moms give things a slightly different kind of scrubbing. So, that’s my plan.

Are you on Zone Defense?

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  1. We only have one bathroom (+ an extra in a detached garage that we don’t use regularly), so I pretty much keep it clean. I use the fly lady method and just give it a good swipe every day. Once a week it gets a more thorough scrub. I find that now that I have all boys at home (my girls are all grown), there is not much clutter! 🙂

    1. I have always taken a minimalist approach to hair and makeup. Not my girls. They are girlie girls – dozens of bottles nail polish and lip-gloss; countless hair ties, barrettes and bows; and they are not even allowed to wear makeup yet. I shudder to think what the bathroom drawers will look like when that happens. That’s assuming I will even be able to open them ☺