Zone Defense: Kid Stuff

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This year we’re back on Zone Defense, tackling clutter and getting our homes more in order. This month, we set our sights on organizing all that kid stuff: toys, clothes, bedrooms.


This month’s assignment is to get the kids’ stuff in order. Summer vacation is a great time for this. The kids are home; schedules are relaxed; and you have the due date of back to school looming ahead of you.

You know you’ll be purchasing clothes, books, and other kids stuff in the next few months. Get a grip on what you have so that you know what your kids will need in the coming months.

Here’s the assignments you can choose from. This is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing, so pick one or pick them all.

  1. Dejunk your kids’ rooms and devise new strategies for them to keep their stuff under control.
  2. Sort through the kids’ clothes, discarding what’s not needed, mending what can be repaired. Make a list of what’s needed for back to school.
  3. Clean and organize the toy storage, discarding excess or broken pieces.
  4. Sort through school supplies as well as the book collection. Discard unwanted or worn out items.

zone defense kids stuff

Obviously, if your kids are big enough, they should be included in the activities. Give them a voice and hold them accountable to their choices. If they aren’t cooperative or old enough to do so, feel free to make executive decisions. You do not need to be held hostage by your kids’ clutter.


I’ll be posting our progress near the end of the month. I’ll be spending time in the Toy Garage where we store toys and school books. I’ve recently sorted through all the kids’ clothes with them, so that part is done already. The boys need to give some attention to their closets — which means I need to give some attention to their closets.

Pray for me.

Are you ready to get on Zone Defense?

If you’ve got a challenge or question that you think other readers might be able to help you troubleshoot, be sure to share it in the comments. We’ll help each other get through this.

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  1. I love this idea of moving in zones! My house is so tiny that I often feel like I have to clean and organize it all at once… but then I feel oppressed by the task and end up quitting before I’m done. Maybe if I move in stages (leaving out-of-sight closets for last?)

    I will DEFINITELY be checking out your related posts!

    1. We moved across country about 5 years ago. We went from living in a 2,400-sq-ft house with a large storage room in the basement to a 1,600-sq-ft house 1950s ranch with teeny tiny closets. I completely understand your closet “dilemma.” Out of sight is out of mind, right?

      1. Absolutely. I found a box of size three clothes that I completely forgot about. The baby is going to be 5. 🙁