Zone Defense: Organizing Laundry, Clothes & Textiles

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As we work through the different zones of our homes, we’re tackling clutter and disorder and make sense of our living space. This month we’re looking at clothes and textiles.

Long ago, I learned the secret to happiness. Okay, it’s not really the secret to happiness, but it’s definitely a key to survival, whether you’re a busy college student or a mom managing much.

Food and clothing.

Food and clothing are the two things you need to provide or have on hand for happiness, contentment, and pure survival. My college roommate’s translation of this was “sour cream and clean underwear.” Not together, of course, but that’s what she needed to be happy.

But, that’s clearly fodder for another post.

So, in case you hadn’t noticed, that’s been the method to my Zone Defense this year. First we talked about some basics of organizing. Then we tackled personal space. You need to feel right about you and your personal stuff before you can take on the world — or the clutter in your home.

After you, well, it’s food and clothing, baby.

Last month we talked about the kitchen and getting all the food, tools, and dishes in order. This month, we’ll be getting clothes and textiles in order.

Apparently, I’m in need of such order. This is my laundry zone. It doesn’t always look like this. I promise. But, it was such a blogworthy moment, I had to take a picture.

We have a long, narrow laundry room on the second floor. I love it that it’s upstairs and that it’s a dedicated room. However, since I haven’t made it happen, there really isn’t a place to fold clothes in the laundry room. Unless I want to stand at the dryer. Which I don’t.

We have 10 to 15 loads of laundry every week. With 7 beds, 8 bodies, a working kitchen, multiple hockey players, and children who put perfectly clean clothes in the dirty hampers, we’ve got a lot of towels, sheets, and clothes to wash.

But, this month?

We’re streamlining. I’ll be rearranging the cupboards in my laundry room. They’re almost empty, so it’s time to make better use of the space. I have great hopes for a hanging bar as well as some hooks on the walls, too. And the linen closet?

Yeah, that space could be used better as well. A little.

So, this month, dig into your laundry room, your linen cupboard, and anywhere else you store clothing and textiles. (Need to downsize the kids’ or hubs’ wardrobes? Now might be the time to do that, too.)

Tackle your laundry area and linen closet.

The process is going to be the same as we’ve discussed before:

  1. Empty the area. Give it a good cleaning while it’s empty.
  2. Ditch the trash or unwanted goods.
  3. Organize what’s left in a manner that suits your family and your life.

Special for this month:

  • Revisit your laundry system. Is it still working for you? Check out Lauren’s tips for Easing into a Laundry Routine.
  • Need a refresher in how to fold towels or fitted sheets? Check out my vlogs here and here.
  • Wondering how to stock your laundry supplies? Read Prerna’s No-Fuss Guide to Laundry Tools and Products.
  • And don’t forget to read up on Sock Matching and the Mystery of the Lost Socks.
  • We’ll also be talking about sorting out old clothes and storing hand-me-downs later this month.

Ready to get to work?


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  1. This is great! I was just about to start pulling out spring/summer clothes to swap with winter clothes. We also get a lot of hand me downs. Looking forward to this months Zone defense.

    I also need to check out your tutorial on folding fitted sheets. I have never been able to fold them right.

  2. I hate my laundry room! It is unfinished and we have to keep the cat’s litter box there. The are no windows.
    there is really no way to fix it up. So, the less time I spend I there the happier I am!! With that said, I am very thankful to own a washer and dryer. I remember the days when we lived in an apartment and did not have one.

  3. Love seeing the honest pictures. It’s a nice reminder that life can be messy at times. Thanks for the encouragement and ideas on how to not make it be that way so much.

  4. I can’t wait to get started.My house is looking a whole lot better because of you.Thank you!

    1. Fun! I’m so glad to hear that. I was starting to wonder if I was talking to myself. 😉

  5. Oh i am so glad it is not just me who has this monster called the laundry/clothes room to deal with, we moved into a large 6 bedroom house with the 10 of us not to long ago and as the children all like to share i now have a spare room – which i use for a clothes/storage room, everyones clothes exccept mum and dads in ther and all the bulk supplies of cleaning food stuff also in 2 large wardrobes it takes every spare minute to get it sorted it lasts a day or 2 and its mussed up again..i am going to use your methods as i have been using your other ideas (I LOVE THEM!) to get ahead of this too. thank you and GodBless 🙂