Building a Frugal Pantry with Good Cheap Eats

As you know I am a foodie to the core. A frugal one, but a foodie nonetheless. For the past few days I’ve been planning, shopping, and cooking to fill my freezer with premade, delicious, and nutritious meals that my family will enjoy for the coming month — or more. This saves me time, money and energy over the course of the month. One way that I am able to do this economically is that I regularly cook from scratch and stock my pantry with frugal pantry staples.

Would you like to Build a Frugal Pantry?

Starting Monday I’ll be sharing information, storage tips, recipes, and more about 12 different ingredients that will help you build a better pantry – in terms of taste, nutrition, and budget. And there are some fantastic bloggers helping me along the way.

To kick the series off, I’ve got three great giveaways going. Pop on over for your chance to win:

** a beautiful reusable shopping bag from Envirosax

** a collection of Super Spices from McCormick

** a $25 gift certificate from Albertsons

Giveaways will be open through Friday, March 5th. I hope you win!

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  1. Gayle Welty says:

    I’m a grandma but I am really enjoying your blog on freezer cooking. Even us old gals can learn something. I have a bad foot and cannot stand on it for very long so I need quick dinners. Keep talking because I need to keep learning.

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