Weekly Meal Plan to Print & Cook #7

Print this easy, kid-friendly menu plan and grocery list to make dinnertimes come together in a snap.

Weekly Meal Plan with Grocery List #7 | Life as MOM

grilled steak gyros

As you know I’m a big believer in meal planning. I’ve honestly always looked at it as something fun to do, mainly because I love to eat or think about eating.

But, sometimes you just want a break, dontcha? Case in point: though I love to cook, I loved getting to have Fresh Dish put together two meals for me last month. It was a sweet little break in my week. (Go here for the review and to enter the giveaway.)

Likewise, it’s always nice to have someone else provide the meal plan and the grocery list, is it not? Over the last couple months my sister and I have been putting together meal plans to make it easier on both of us as well as you. All you need to do is print the recipes, print the grocery list, head to the store for the goods, and come home and cook.

Half the work is in the planning. We did for you that so now, you just need to execute.

Take the week off from meal planning!

Weekly Meal Plan with Grocery List #7 | Life as MOM

This week’s plan is full of tasty, kid-friendly meals that are easy on the wallet, as well. Here’s what’s included:

Cranberry Chocolate Snack Cake

cranberry chocolate snack cake

Print the cooking plan and the recipes listed and you’re good to go grocery shopping and start cooking for the week.

I’ve found that simply purchasing the ingredients for one of these week’s plans gives me peace of mind. Even though I might end up making something different on a given night, at least I have a plan!

Like I said, having a plan is half the battle. Dinners come together quickly and easily, especially on these crazy days of “life as mom”.

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