Gear Up For Summer

Are you stocked up on summer supplies? This list will help you gear up for summer and never be caught unprepared.

girl out walking at the gate

Summer living is here! While the spring semester went as none of us could have planned, we are more than ready to shift into a more relaxed mode of living.

Maybe your quarantine was already relaxed, but ours as a regularly homeschooling family was still packed with work. I’m ready for a break! Continue Reading »

Your To-Do List: Is it a Blessing or a Burden?

Consider your to-do list. Is it a blessing or a burden? Your answer will determine how easy or hard your tasks will be to complete.

Your To-Do List: Is it a Blessing or a Burden? Life as Mom

Omigosh. I have so much to do. I don’t know how I’m ever going to do it all. How in the world did I get myself into this mess?

Sound familiar? Been there, said that, right?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and regretful when we have a mountain of work in front of us. And it’s not unheard of to think of the tasks on our to-do lists as burdens.

Dishes? Laundry? Errands?

Boring. Boring. Boring!

The weight of all that Mom needs to do in a day can feel boring at best, burdensome at worst.

Or does it? Continue Reading »

How to Prepare for a Recession or Other Tough Economic Times

There’s no better time than the present to get prepared to face a tough economy or other financial struggle.

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At Home Date Night Tips to Help You Reconnect

An At Home Date Night is a great opportunity to connect with your partner and enjoy some focused time. Pulling it off with kids afoot can be tricky. Check out these tips to help you reclaim the romance. Pictured: Mustard Grilled Chicken, Seasoned Rice Pilaf, and Garlic Green Beans Date Night. Those words have quite […]

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Truths About Family Travel that Will Help You Enjoy the Journey More

Family travel, like life in general, is a winding, twisting road. You don’t know where it’s going to take you or what you’ll learn along the way. Here are five things to remember so that you can enjoy the journey more. Travel is something that my husband and I cherish. Even before we were married, […]

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Why I’m Not Setting Goals This Year

Turn things upside down this year. Don’t set goals. Instead create systems that will help you have a better life! Usually I’m all about setting goals at the new year. In fact, I relish the time to sit down with my planner and emblazon my goals in ink on the pages. However, a lot of […]

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The Ultimate Planner Pack

We are on the edge of a new decade, so let’s get ready for it! Do you wish that you were better at time management? Or that you had working systems for getting things done? …That you were on time and on budget more often than not? I hear you! As a work-at-home, homeschooling mom […]

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Take a Personal Inventory

Taking a personal inventory now can help you identify where and how you want to grow tomorrow. It’s a great tool for self-assessment and personal growth. Here we are, nearing the end of the year. Time to wind down and get a little introspective. Yes, I know there’s still stuff to do for the holidays, […]

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