Making Your Meals the Way YOU Want

asian rice salads in meal prep boxes

Possibly things have had you a little out of sorts lately. The days have been busy. The nights a brief chance to unwind.

And maybe you’ve had to let some things slide.

Often times when we experience crazy times, the first thing to go is the intention to eat healthfully. You skip breakfast. Grab take-out. Carbo-load.

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Organizing Tricks for the New School Year

With the new school year comes a chance at a fresh start. Let’s get set up for success! Try these tried and true organizing tricks for the new school year.

Organizing Tricks for the New School Year | Life as Mom

I am not a schedule-y type person. I’ve been more of a go-with-the-flow type person; despite all my lists and organizing things, it’s true. Being organized actually allows me be a little more go-with-the-flow. If I’ve done the important, time-sensitive things, then I can enjoy whatever happens in the moment without worrying that the world will stop spinning — or whatever anxiety I can dream up in that moment.

This year, my 16th in formal homeschooling, is one that sees me more organized than I have ever been. I’ve surprised even myself. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m finally getting in a groove.

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How We Are Preparing Our Homeschooled Kids for College

As we near the end of our first 13 years of homeschooling, we get ready to launch one child into college. Here’s what we’ve done to prepare.

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The Print & Go Student Planner to Help Your Child Build Good Habits

Does your student need a little help with time management, priority setting and habit building? Check out the Print & Go Student Planner, a digital, print-yourself solution. You have the best of intentions when it comes to motherhood. You want the very best of the best for your kids.  But sometimes it’s hard.  And as […]

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Where have all the recipes gone?

Looking for a recipe? For a long time, I maintained food content on two blogs.  TWO blogs?! Are you some kind of crazy woman? Yes, yes, sometimes, I am.  After years of hemming and hawing — and trying to remember which blog a certain recipe was on — I decided that YOUR experience — and […]

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How to Organize Your Home & Be Happier

Do you want to organize your home and enjoy it more? Try one of these strategies to feel like you are the Queen of your castle, not the victim of your circumstances. Have you ever had it where an illness or a string of bad days threw you off your game? Did you wonder where you […]

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Productive Procrastination: Just Do SOMETHING!

Putting off tasks that need to be done? Well, practice productive procrastination as a way to get something done when you can’t seem to tackle the to do list. I have always struggled with procrastination. In college, I was notorious for leaving my paper writing until the night before it was due. Finals? Yeah, I […]

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How to Have a Great Week in Your Everyday Life

A new week is a fresh start and a chance to enjoy all the good things in your life. Set yourself up for success with these simple tips on how to have a great week! Summer Self-Care Daily Do’s Worksheet It’s easy to have a great week when you’re on vacation, when you marry a […]

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