Why I Want to Live Debt-Free (& What’s in it for YOU)

To live debt-free is not as impossible as it might sound. I was once a skeptic, but now I’m a believer that we can live within our means. Here’s why I think it’s a valid pursuit.

Why I Want to Live Debt-Free | Life as Mom

Almost eleven years ago my husband and I were convicted to stop using credit and to pay off our debts. Thanks to God, Dave Ramsey, and some hard work, we were able to do just that.

Nowadays we don’t spend money we don’t have and except for a mortgage on a rental property, we have no debts. I’ve told our “get out of debt” story before and shared how we did it.

Today I want to share the WHY behind all that effort.

Why I Want to Live Debt-Free

What’s the big deal? Why should we live a debt-free life? Isn’t the American Way, life, liberty and the pursuit of more stuff? Isn’t a mortgage and a couple car loans a rite of passage? Isn’t plastic the only way?

No, ma’am. I beg to differ. Continue Reading »

Weekly Meal Plan to Print & Cook #10

Want a fun and delicious week of dinners this week? I’ve got you covered with grilled chicken, Crockpot enchiladas, chicken caesar salad, and more good stuff. Print this weekly meal plan and get cooking!

Weekly Meal Plan to Print & Cook #10 from Life as Mom

Poorman’s Chicken Caesar Salad

Ready for an easy week of meals? Well, I’ve got you covered with a weekly meal plan to knock your socks off. Not only are these meals easy to prepare and kid-friendly, but the menus build on one another. Cook one night and eat two to three meals from that effort. Oh yeah, baby! That’s my kind of week!

Grilled chicken is a regular go-to meal around here. If I cook a bulk batch, then I have extra to freeze or to use throughout the week. That’s how this plan is going down. Continue Reading »

Legoland on a Budget? Why, Yes, Yes, You Can!

Want to visit Legoland in San Diego? Not wanting to spend a lot of money? Check out these tried and true tips for enjoying Legoland on a budget.

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What to Take for Team Snack Day that’s a Little Bit Healthier

Little league season is rife with adventure — weekly practices and games as well as the age-old tradition of Team Snack Day. Consider these tips for a happier and healthier team snack. Over the years the FishFam has dabbled in a few sports and other athletics. So far this 21 years, we’ve done t-ball, soccer, hockey, […]

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Ready for Spring Break? I’ve got a shortcut.

Are you ready for Spring Break? While a welcome respite from the same old, same old daily routine, figuring out what to do with the kids can be intimidating. Especially if you don’t have an unlimited budget to hit the road. I’ve got a cool solution to your Spring Break conundrums. Traditionally the spring semester […]

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Time Management Tips for Moms Who Want to Get With It

Kids’ school and extracurricular schedules, new babies coming into the family, changes in the work place — they can all put a stress on our time management skills. Here are some tips to help you manage your time and enjoy your life as Mom. Oh. my. word. The day starts, and I think I’ve got […]

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What’s in this Month’s Goodie Box for Moms?

Hey friends! It’s March already! With March comes the promise of spring. I know, it might still be snowing where you live, but spring IS coming. Easter is only a month away! Can you believe it?! I’ve been busy as a bee this last couple weeks, finalizing the goodies in the Digital Goodie Box for […]

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5 Ways to Have a Great Date Night When You’re a Parent

Date night can be the highlight of your week as a parent. IF you make it a priority and plan accordingly. Here are five ways to have a great date night when you’ve still got kids at home. Date Night is a term thrown around a lot in pre-marital counseling and marriage seminars. In some circles […]

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