How to Chill Out with Hot Weather Meal Planning

Hot weather meal planning looks different than when cooler temps prevail. Use these strategies to make your meal prep easy.

Meal Planning for Hot Weather | Life as Mom

The forecast is in. Hot weather is approaching.

Oh, sure, we might be having a colder spring this year, but that won’t prevent the temps from climbing. Soon enough, you’ll be looking for ways to chill out, especially where meal planning and prep are concerned.

In past seasons and different houses, I’ve experienced unique circumstances. 110+ temps all summer long and no money to run the AC. Even the toilet seat was hot. West-facing windows that didn’t open and a lackadaisical HVAC system. A heavy week of wildfires that brought so much smoke we couldn’t open the windows and no AC.

Yes, siree, bob, I’ve won my spurs where hot weather is concerned.

And also where meal planning and prep are concerned. Sweat dripping down my face as I stand over the stove cooking dinner for perpetually hungry children? Not my favorite pastime. How ’bout you?

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These Cheesy Potatoes are Ultimate Comfort Food

Also known as Church Potatoes, this Cheesy Potatoes Casserole is ultimate comfort food. It’s easy to prep, freezer-friendly, and absolutely addicting.

cheesy potato casserole

Comfort food. Just the phrase conjures up imagines of gooey mac and cheese, fluffy mashed potatoes, hearty meatballs, and maybe a dish of chocolate pudding.

To be sure, comfort food is generally heavy on the cheese and/or carbs. And it vacillates between being high maintenance if homemade or mediocre from a box.

Can comfort food be easy and delicious?

This Cheesy Potatoes Casserole answers that question with a resounding YES! Continue Reading »

Who wants a Chocolate Butterhorn?

Chocolate Butterhorns are yeast rolls filled with chocolate. They are perfect for freezing which makes them perfect for snacking — anytime. You’ll wanna make these today. You know those refrigerator crescent rolls that come in a can? The ones that are so fun to bang on the side of the counter so that the rolls […]

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Is it time to makeover your meal planning?

Stop spinning your wheels over meal planning! Take charge so that you can save both time and money. Do you ever find yourself staring into an open fridge wondering what to make for dinner? Have you ever dumped more than a few “science projects” when you accidentally let food go to waste? Do you feel like […]

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How to Organize Your Home & Be Happier

Do you want to organize your home and enjoy it more? Try one of these strategies to feel like you are the Queen of your castle, not the victim of your circumstances. Have you ever had it where an illness or a string of bad days threw you off your game? Did you wonder where you […]

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How to Plan Meals Quickly & Easily

Sure you’ve heard about meal planning. Everyone says it will help you. But, how do you do it? And more importantly, how do you plan meals quickly and easily? Pictured: FREE Printable Meal Planner to Get You Organized Word on the street is that if you have a kitchen or a family or simply like to […]

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Nutty Streusel Topping for Muffins, Cakes, and Pies

Streusel Topping is super easy to make. Adding it to your baked goods, elevates muffins, cakes, and pies from ordinary to amazing. See how easy it is! We all know that baking is a science. I mean, how many of us have encountered true baking disasters when we messed with the laws of chemistry. Try […]

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Best Dessert Recipes for Easter

Looking to establish some delicious Easter traditions? Try one (or more!) of these Easter dessert recipes for a memorable time with family and friends. Ultimate Carrot Cake Easter will be upon us in just a matter of weeks. I don’t want to miss what I believe to be the most important holiday of all. So, […]

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