Be Sure to Take Freezer Meals on the Road to Save Money this Year

Hitting the road? Plan on taking freezer meals on vacation with you to save money on food costs. You’ll eat well without breaking the bank. Cheese Enchiladas Summer time! Things are easy in the summer, right? Nope. Things are expensive. Say what? How can summer fun affect your food costs, you say? The activity, hot […]

5 Ways to Save Money Cooking at Home

Want to eat better, save money, and meet your budget? Learn these 5 ways to save money cooking at home. You know that cooking at home is probably the better way. Not only do you have a better chance of eating more healthfully, but you’ve heard that it’s cheaper, up to ten times cheaper than […]

Healthy Snacks for Hungry Kids

Got kids who are always hungry? Let’s rephrase that, got kids? Here are some healthy snacks to make sure they’re satisfied in good ways. It would seem that kids are always hungry: breakfast, 2nd breakfast, elevensies, luncheon…. Oh wait! Is that hobbits or kids? Same thing, really. While three (or more) good meals are a […]

Stocking Up on Groceries Can Save You Time & Money

Stocking up on regularly used groceries when you find them on sale is a great way to stretch your resources. Save time and money by stocking up in advance. You might love to cook and eat, but grocery shopping and paying the bill at the check stand are typically not so fun. You’re tired and […]

Making the Most of In-Season Produce to Save Money

Cut grocery costs by making the most of in-season produce. Here are some tips to get the best prices and enjoy the fruit of the season.

5 Ways to Simplify Your Life that Could Save You Money

Life can feel so complicated at times. Full, busy, expensive, too. However, taking a few steps to simplify your life could save you money. And give you a little space to breathe more easily. Do you ever find yourself with too many ideas? Do you find that there are just so many good options out […]

3 Easy Ways to Save Money This Year

As tax time approaches, do you feel newly motivated to find more ways to save money? I always do. It’s not that there are always huge tax bills, but the act of examining the past year in dollars and cents produces fresh motivation in me to watch our spending. Here are three strategies I’m using […]

Why I Want to Live Debt-Free (& What’s in it for YOU)

To live debt-free is not as impossible as it might sound. I was once a skeptic, but now I’m a believer that we can live within our means. Here’s why I think it’s a valid pursuit. Almost eleven years ago my husband and I were convicted to stop using credit and to pay off our […]