Our Simple Household Cleaning Tools

cleaning supplies we use

Cleaning supplies don’t need to be numerous, expensive, or caustic. Here are the simple tools we use that save us money.

All-Natural Home Air Freshener and Carpet Deodorizer

All-Natural Air Freshener and Carpet Deodorizer

Life as MOM contributor Janel offers tips and tricks to deodorizing a home the all-natural way. This past summer, my family was “homeless.” We house-sat for various friends and acquaintances for 8 weeks in California and then spent a few weeks visiting family and driving across the country back to Virginia. Meanwhile, all of our […]

Learning about Energy Savings and The Lorax

light bulbs

Energy usage and the environment as a whole are issues we can all be mindful of. Here’s how our family is learning more about them. photo source A few weeks ago I signed up for an energy saving program with San Diego Gas and Electric. The deal is that every so often, they’ll send me […]

How to Go Green on a Shoestring Budget

Yesterday I shared some easy ways to live a “greener” lifestyle. Today, contributing writer, Prerna Malik shares tips on how green living can save you time and money. Does going green mean tossing out all the plastic in the house and replacing it with glass or steel? Does ‘eco-friendly’  imply expensive? Will green living eat […]

It’s Easy to Be Green


Being green may be easier than you think. I confess that I am a total geek. You probably knew that already. But, in January our city moved to co-mingle recycling and whoops of joy were heard from my home when I opened the flyer advertising as such. You see, when we first moved to this […]

A Giveaway from Tom’s of Maine


While I’m pretty flexible about what brands I buy and use for most household products, there are some items that I am naturally drawn to. Tom’s of Maine products are among those that I like for a number of reasons. Their deodorant is one of the I’ve found not to have aluminum, their toothpaste doesn’t make […]

A Giveaway from & Keepsy


The following is a message from advertising sponsor AboutOne: AboutOne really appreciates the enthusiastic support we’ve received for our online family management system from Jessica and the LifeasMOM readers over the past several months. As a way of saying thank you, we are offering this great giveaway from our new partner Keepsy. Keepsy is an […]

4 Cheap & Easy Ways to Go Green (Frugal Friday)


As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’m a subtle shade of khaki when it comes to “green living.”  I’m not really brown, but I’m not a vivid green, either. But I am definitely trying to learn more and incorporate better stewardship and healthier habits into my home. Finding ways to make this convenient is […]