Five Favorite Things About Summer

Summer is just around the bend! It brings all kinds of good stuff. What are YOUR favorite things about summer as a mom and home manager? Summer is just a little ways away! Okay, official “summer” doesn’t start until June 21st, but summer vacation is rolling out all over the place. And I’m so thrilled! To […]

Five Favorite Things to Help Me Save Money

Saving money is a team sport. It helps to have friends to share ideas with and brainstorm, so let’s chat about our favorite ways to save money. Money. Money. Money. Can’t live without it, yet it causes so many problems. Oh my word. I’m pretty sure that money is something that lots of people argue […]

Five Favorite Things About May

April showers, bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring? The FishMama Trifecta, and then some.  2017 is just whipping past. Are we already one week into May?! How did that happen? Five Favorite Things is a game I created several years ago to play with my littles at bedtime. We lie in the dark […]

Five Favorite Things: Loving Me and My People

Love is a good thing. Loving me as well as the special people in my life can be a good thing. Here’s how I’m doing that these days. Along with our Amazon Prime membership, we get this live music streaming service called Amazon Music. There are some very interesting playlists and stations available. When the kids weren’t sure what […]

Five Favorite Things that Help Me Feel Fancy (Without Costing a Fortune)

I don’t feel fancy very often, especially when it comes to home management stuff, but when I do, I enjoy it! Here are five favorite things I’m enjoying, that help me feel fancy, and don’t cost a fortune! You know when you come across something so cool, you just have to share it. Well, today’s […]

Five Favorite Things: The Randomness Edition

I’m sharing five favorite things, randomly this week. What are you loving lately? Pantone “colors of spring” This is your weekly edition of Five Favorite Things. My littles and I play it at bedtime. I ask, “What’s your favorite ice cream? What’s your favorite movie?” It’s a great way to get to know my kids’ […]

Travel Planning: Five Favorite Things

Doing a little travel planning? Me, too! Here are five of my favorite things when it comes to planning a family vacation. While I’m a total homebody, I do love the occasional trip. Heading to the airport, even if it’s just to pick up someone, is fun for me. Travel has taken me places and […]

Five Favorite Things for Which to Be Thankful

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for this week, so that’s the theme of this edition of Five Favorite Things. What are YOU thankful for this week? Oh my word. I did not sign up for a week of sickness. No one ever does, really. But, I really did not expect to feel soooooo […]