Bathtime (& a Giveaway from Company Kids)

Bath time is a blast for most kids. Some of mine screech when they get their hair washed, but for the most part, they love to splish and splash. And for some reason, fun bath accessories do make things more interesting. Bath toys, tub crayons, and cute bath towels are things that young kids embrace […]

3 Baby Movies to Make You Laugh

Art imitates life, as they say. Not always accurately, but often quite comically. And watching a movie about pregnancy or newborn days can help relieve tension and bring perspective. Laughter is always good medicine. The following are three baby movies that will make you laugh. I confess, I haven’t seen them in years, so I […]

Messes & Motherhood (& A Giveaway from Munchkin)

Motherhood is messy. It’s rich, it’s character building, it’s sometimes quite comical. But, there are messes, nonetheless. Sometimes the messes can be fun. And sometimes not so much. But, someone’s got to take care of it. And why not you? But, doesn’t it give you some wonderful tales to tell? Win with Your Woes From […]

How to Have a Baby on the Cheap

Every year you hear statistics of how much it costs to raise a child. The number is staggering, but I think sometimes misleading. While some costs are non-negotiable in life, there are things we can do to cut expenses and not go into hock while we raise a family. Here are some of things couples […]

Meal Planning with The Fresh 20 (A Giveaway)

One of the things that we’ve already determined about new moms is that they need help in adjusting to a new baby and a new season of life. They also like to know that meal time is going to happen everyday. Oh my! I remember how ravenous I was in those early weeks! A new […]

Meals to Deliver to a New Mom (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

This week’s URS post is written by Rebecca who delivers some fanastic advice about how to bless your friends who are welcoming a new baby. When our sweet baby boy was born five months ago we were thrilled that he was finally here, but also incredibly exhausted. One of the things that really helped us […]

Nursing & Maternity Giveaway from The Modest Mom

A few months ago, I shared with you an elegant, long skirt from The Modest Mom. I’m looking forward to upcoming festive events this winter to wear it. I was really impressed with the workmanship and the design of my custom-made, ruffle skirt. The Modest Mom specializes in modest apparel for women, during all stages […]

Homeschooling Through the Seasons of Life

I’m over at Simple Homeschool today talking about homeschooling through the seasons of life. From the post, With the coming of fall, we tend toward stories and learning activities about apples and pumpkins. A study of Columbus or the Pilgrims naturally fits well during this time of year. Winter, Spring, Summer, or fall, there’s no […]