Alnwick Castle, Edinburgh, Secret Gardens, and Unexpected Moments

Ready to head to Scotland? Here’s a taste of our adventures at Alnwick Castle and in Edinburgh, part of our epic road trip through Great Britain. I love this picture of my eldest son looking over the city of Edinburgh. We were in Holyrood Park, on a beautiful day in June. Okay, the clouds played […]

Real Life on the Road, Whitby, Newcastle, & Hadrian’s Wall

Some of our family’s favorite memories of our UK road trip include very real life mishaps and a day spent at Hadrian’s Wall. Ready to hit the road again? I think it’s good that I whip out these UK road trip posts in quick succession. You’ll get more of a feel for what the trip […]

Our Visit to York: Things to See and Do

Planning a trip to the UK? Why don’t you visit York? It’s a beautiful medieval city with loads of amenities and things to see and do. I’m back today with another installment of Our Epic Road Trip to Great Britain! And you are in for a treat because we are heading to the lovely city […]

How I Spent My Birthday at Burghley House

Burghley House is an Elizabethan era estate located in Lincolnshire as well as where I spent my 45th birthday. What a great place to spend a day! If you’ve been paying attention here on Ye Olde Blogge, you’ve been reading along on our epic road trip through Great Britain. We left Los Angeles on May […]

What We Loved about Cambridge and the IWM Duxford

Are you interested in history and/or England? Then be sure to make time to visit the city of Cambridge as well as the IWM Duxford. You’ll fill in the gaps in your own education. At least I am! This year my kids and I have continued our study of World History in our homeschool. We […]

Things to Do in London with Kids

London is a beautiful city. If you get the chance, make a point to explore London with kids. You’ll make such great memories as a family. When my husband and I first got married, we had big plans to see the world. Then life happened. Work, debt, illness, babies — some good things, some not […]

UK Travel: Saving Money on Attractions

UK travel can be amazing. It can also come with an amazing price tag. Here’s how we saved on attractions during our recent trip to the United Kingdom. The other day I heard my nine-year old daughter sigh to her siblings, “I just love England.” Oh! how that gladdens my mama’s heart. The thing that […]

Budget Hotels: Where to Stay in the UK

When you think about a holiday in the United Kingdom, your thoughts might go to little cottages in the countryside or metropolitan hotels in the city. For us, traveling with a family of 8, budget hotels were our jam. If I’ve done my math right, our family has spent well over 37 nights in the UK, most […]