The Weekly Ramble 1/13/24

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The week went by so quickly! I’m stunned that the month is almost half over, but I’m starting to find my groove.

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The last few months have been a veritable whirlwind. I started therapy over the summer, we spent months house hunting, we spent months (or so it feels like!) moving, then school started and everyone was run ragged.

I entered the holidays already wrung out. This is the first week back to school and work for the fam, so it’s the first week of trying out a new routine.

I love routine. I love having the same thing for breakfast, breaking for lunch at the same time, doing similar things every day or week or month.

I have missed routine.

After reading Spacemaker (review coming soon!) last week, I’m eager to test out a new Ideal Week.

One of the challenges the author poses in the book is to create an intentional day of rest (separate from a sabbath for believers). I’ve been craving this for awhile, so I’m more than happy to comply. The problem initially has been when and how to do this.

After spinning my wheels on Monday after therapy and not getting anything accomplished, I decided that would be my starting point. Why fight it if my body and mind don’t wanna work?

So, I’m starting my “official,” intentional rest day on late Sunday afternoons when we have our family dinner (or maybe after the kitchen is cleaned up! lol) and continue on into late Monday.

How fun to have a rest day when the rest of the world is going back to school and work!?!

The Eiffel tower lit at night.

I majored in French Literature in college and spent a year studying at the language school section of the Universite de Bordeaux. I had every intention of raising my kids to be francophones, but it quickly became clear to me that I knew none of the vocabulary that children use with their parents.

As it happened, two out of my six have chosen French for their second language. My baby, now 15, is in her second year and plans to go all the way in her studies.

Thanks to streaming channels on Prime video, we’re able to watch a number of different television programs en francais. Astrid is a recent favorite of ours to watch in French with subtitles. (It’s called Astrid et Raphaelle overseas.)

Not only do both of us get to practice our French, but we also get to learn more about the challenges and triumphs of people with autism. Astrid, a young woman with autism, works in the Criminal Archives and is one of the best forensic experts in Paris.

It’s very cool to watch how she solves crime but even more so to see how she navigates relationships and solves the puzzles of life that occur when neurotypical and neurodivergent do life together.

Since my daughter isn’t doing a community college class this semester, I’m not carting her there and back twice a week so I’m able to spend more time at home. My desk is just feet away from this kitchen space, so being home to work is kind of a challenge.

But, this week I was able to keep things more spit-spot than not and that has been so restful and energizing. As I mentioned the other day, I’m working on making home a place of peaceful energy, so having this time to do upkeep instead of rushing around has been a gift.

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  1. I like routine because it offers security/simplicity while allowing for variables. I try to keep Saturday open for a free day for me. It’s the one day of the week that I don’t have to leave the house.

  2. I also love routine, absolutely crave it. In my case, it is my neurodivergent brain crying out for order. It is tough to instill with my crew without seeming like a nag. But it is what it is. As such a person, with 2 ND kiddos and the third almost assuredly in that category as well, I am intrigued by Astrid and, though my 5 years of French are long forgotten, I will check out the subtitled version! Thanks!

    1. I would love to hear what you think of Astrid and its representation of the ND community. I feel like we’ve learned so much.