The Weekly Ramble 10/21/23

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The week was fairly uneventful, but I got a lot of work-work done.

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It’s been awhile since I focused on work. It’s been five weeks since we started the moving process. While this one wasn’t normal, in the sense that most things got done, I feel like I made progress.

I’m thankful that I can still make a small income even when I’m not putting in the hours. It was the point of starting an online business – that some (or most?) income is passive. It’s been a blessing for sure.

This week, both away at the college library and here in my kitchen office, I was able to get in a groove, scheduling emails, cleaning up the estore, writing post updates, and setting up client work for the rest of the year.

(I’ve been recipe developing for Nellie’s Free Range Eggs this year. Two more recipes are coming before the end of the 2023.)

It felt good to get back to it. I’ve been blogging since 2008, recipe-development has played a big part in that.

My in-laws are here this weekend, so I did a lot of cooking and cleaning yesterday morning. That is why this ramble is a little late. Sorry.

I do more cooking when they come. I made a bulk batch of Chimichangas for lunch and then a double batch of this casserole. I didn’t make it soon enough to skip boiling the noodles and I added some hot Italian sausage which made it so good. Everyone raved about it, so it will be on the menu again before too long.

This morning I’m make an egg bake and orange scones.

After I clean the kitchen… I’m always surprised when the kids step up without being asked and when they don’t. Last night was not that night, and I was too tired to care.

I don’t sleep well these days. Perimenopause symptoms include a wee bit of insomnia and temperature fluctuations. And then of course multiple trips to the bathroom to pee. Last night I avoided drinking too much water after dinner and than let me sleep through the night, except for the occasional hot/cold thing.

Last weekend I stayed off Instagram for over 48 hours. It was an interesting experiment. I realized it was giving me a false sense of connection, and also possible a false sense of conflict. The world’s issues and well as its joys had become mine.

According to the screen time app, that accounted for over 3 hours of my life I got back. Interesting.

I’m still mulling this over, but definitely considering some new strats for my social media life.

I guess that’s it. The week was overall pretty chill.

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