God Doesn’t See the Bags Under Our Eyes – VIDEO

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When we’re vulnerable, we’re open to criticism from others. And that’s when we need to be remember what God sees when He sees us.

God Doesn't See

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Sometimes, Life Unedited is where we can express ourselves in a different way than when we search for “the right thing to say”. Life Unedited can be more relaxing and a little bit freeing. We’re vulnerable there, but when we let our guard down, we can be more ourselves.

Tricky stuff, all that. Especially the vulnerable part.

This is a scope I did last week in response to a troll’s comments. We all have trolls in our lives. Even if you’re not putting yourself out there on social media, there are trolls. That co-worker who criticizes needlessly, that neighbor who seems to compete with you, that family member who speaks words of doubt.

There are trolls in our minds, too. Discouragement and Guilt pop up their heads and tell us how much we suck. 

But, there is an answer to the trolls. It’s what I’ve been thinking about and shared in this scope. I hope that it is an encouragement to you this week when you run into trolls, in real life or online.

PS. If you haven’t been on Periscope before, know that viewers can type comments that the scoper and everyone else can see. It’s challenging to stick on topic, read comments, respond appropriately, and keep talking all at once. So, if I look like I’m chasing a squirrel sometimes or getting off topic, that is probably what’s happening! Ha! Working on that, but I’m loving the interaction.

You can get the app and/or follow me here. You can find past scopes here.

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One Comment

  1. I could so relate to this video topic! I have never enjoyed great physical beauty and people can be so cruel. Since they were very little, I have told my girls to judge others by their actions and words not by their looks. It is an accident of birth whether your face and body match the physical ideal of what society thinks constitutes beauty. God blessed humans with free will and self-determination. As an individual you have the opportunity to treat others with love and grace or with cruelty and belittlement. I also point out to them, that the world is filled with people of average looks (that is the definition of average after all). Notice how happy these average people can be. As a family of average people, we are very blessed.