Re-Solutions: A New Look at Goal Setting and Planning

Resolutions get a bum rap, but if you think about them in a different way, as solutions to problems that you need to address once again, you’ll find that, yes, you do need to make resolutions after all. FishChick11 is very much a mini-me, both in looks and in temperament. This means that the next […]

What’s in the January Goodie Box for Moms

Wondering what all this Goodie Box talk is about? Here’s the low-down on The Goodie Box for Moms for January.  The Fresh Start Planning Kit A few months ago, I introduced two new subscription products in the estore, the Digital Foodie Box and the Digital Goodie Box for Moms. I’ve had so much fun […]

It’s Not Too Late to Shop for These Fun Experience Gifts

Tis the season to give gifts! While it’s fun to give gag gifts or consumable items to be enjoyed on the spot, sometimes you want to give a gift that can last awhile. Consider these fun experience gifts. This post contains affiliate links which provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to […]

What’s Important This Week?

This post was originally written on December 21, 2008, just days after my mother-in-law lost her battle with cancer. I learned so much that year. I hope that these words encourage you this week as you figure out where to put your efforts and priorities. Just a few days left. December 25th looms on the […]

Is It Selfish to Take Care of YOU? Or is it Selfish Not To?

Is it selfish to take care of you? Or is it selfish NOT to? Let’s discuss this super important topic in the life of a mom. In some ways I’ve always been an overachiever. My mom and I laugh that my blood type is A+ because that kinda reflects my personality and life goals as […]

Two-Day Sale! Get Your Goodie Box for Only $75

I love me a good Black Friday/Small Business Saturday sale. And this is just the one for you! Two-Day Sale! Get Your Goodie Box for Only $75 For two days only I’m offering my Goodie Box Memberships for just $75 each. That means that your monthly deliveries will cost a mere $6.25 — for an […]

What’s in the Digital Goodie Box for Moms?

Are you looking for fresh inspiration, practical tips, or just a chance to catch your breath? It’s waiting for you in the Digital Goodie Box for Moms. Have you been “making do” for far too long? Burning the candle at both ends, trying to make your limited resources stretch to fit? Hoping for a Fairy […]

Taking Care of You at the Holidays: 5 Simple Steps

Are you taking care of you this holiday season? It’s important to your family that you enjoy this season while you’re trying to make it special for them. I don’t know about you, but I can feel it already. That tug of war that happens each winter as the holidays approach. There are SO MANY […]