Enjoy Each Season of Childhood

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THAT is my fourth baby. And now he is six. I am stunned. Where did the days go?

This week is all about getting good habits going.

A good habit to cultivate is to enjoy these passing moments. Because today, as the old woman in the grocery store, I tell ya, “The days go by so fast.”

I must confess, though, I have struggled with it more than a few times — just today. At this writing all eight of us are sick with raging head colds. I am tired in all ways — even my nose is tired {as she blows it for the five millionth time in a day}

As such I have not enjoyed passing moments. My girls wanted to help make dinner. But, I was too crabby to want or accept their help. They wanted noodles before the meal was complete. They wanted more noodles before I’d even taken a bite. They wanted dessert before I’d finished my meal.

Such is life with preschoolers.

While my boys don’t need as much help at dinnertime, my girls do. And I want to feel different than I do. I want to enjoy these moments before they are gone. I want to take a deep breath and not sweat the small stuff.

After dinner the girls got baths, something my boys no longer need my help for. My two-year old suffered through a despised hair washing. Business as usual.

Embrace the unique

But, then afterward I did something that I never did with the girls. Nor with the boys either. I used the blow dryer on their hair. It took me back to Saturday nights when my mom would wash my hair, then comb, and blow it dry.

It was a unique moment with my girls, a new experience in my “life as MOM.”

How do we enjoy each of these days, each of these seasons? I think we have a choice: to wish for the future or embrace the unique of today.

How are you enjoying the season you’re in now?

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  1. I have gotten so much good advice over the years from veteran moms(and some not so good advice!) But two of the pieces I remember the most are: 1. try to remember at each stage that they are only ___ for 365 days and then they will never be that age again. 2. try to put yourselves in their place- (i.e. my two year old will look at me in bewilderment when I tell her to clean up in the next five minutes because she has no idea what five minutes is!)
    Always remember, the days are so long but the years are so short.

  2. Kerry D. says

    My kids are now 14, 16 and 19. I find that we all treasure our conversations so much. I try to find as many opportunities as possible to talk with them. Not “did you do your homework?” but random, silly or thought provoking conversations.

    Also, my 14 year old is quite a serious athlete, and he appreciates nightly back and foot rubs. This time is when we have some of our best talks.

    They don’t need help with basic tasks, but a lot of coaching with life skills, outlook, dealing with adversity and pressure. I really love raising teens! (A pleasant surprise.)

  3. That is one pretty little baby, so cuddly…And the baby girl…Awww… She is a darling. Such cute little hands…

    Enjoy each day. Seize the moments. My mil and I were one day standing in her hallway and my now 28 year old daughter was toddling down the hallway in my high-heels & a pinafore dress on. She was probably almost two years old, and it was so precious. My mil told me to take a mental picture of the scene in my mind and always remember it…That was a great suggestion she had. I’ve always remembered the scene. *tears* But now that our girls are 17 to 28 it is still such a blessing, every day is new and a new delight & blessing from the Lord. : )

    Bless you, and thanks for the thought provoking posts.

  4. A very timely blog as I think about how my 6 month old is almost 7 months

  5. Kendell says

    Last night, my 20-month old son woke up at 11pm and kept me up until 2am. He was running a little fever and so fussy and sad — not even Mommy’s secret tricks could calm him down. And I was tired and annoyed that my husband could sleep through the whole thing… but this morning, he was happy and wanted to sit in my lap all morning. Being a Mommy is the best! It seems like for every hard/exhausting/frustrating moment there are many wonderful moments that erase the bad. It really helps me to blog about the good moments — writing them down is a physical reminder of how good you really have it.

  6. Oh, my gosh, there is such fun and good in every age! Sure we have the ‘terrible twos,’ but is there anything better than a toddler’s hug? And the terrible teens? Much as we had our troubles, it was so much fun to have kids with whom you could have real conversations. And teenagers can be very funny. I mean ha-ha funny, although the other kind of funny fits, too.
    Now mine are all in their 20s, with my oldest at 28. Having adult children is amazing! Yeah, if you look for it, there’s wonderful stuff at every age.

  7. Thank you for this post. I definitely needed to hear it. I only have one child-a 16 month old son, but am pregnant with #2. I find myself anticipating the arrival of the new one instead of focusing on this time with my little boy.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Such very wise words. My oldest is soon to be 4 and it feels as if those years have gone by incredibly fast. Maybe because amidst feedings, dirty diapers and piles of laundry your days seem endless. My youngest is 3 months old and I am making sure I cuddle him as much as possible and just sit with him in quiet contentment.

  9. Jessica says

    Oh my goodness, this is such a wonderful post!!! I see your fourth baby laying there, as I sit here and wait for mine to arrive in early May… you mean to tell me even the fourth ones grow up fast too?!?! 🙂 I plan to TRY my best to enjoy EVERY moment with this one… even those middle of the night feedings!! (As well as continuing to enjoy the three girls I already have that change and grow right before my eyes DAILY!) I know we all experience moments of impatience or frustration along the way… and you have hit the nail on the head with your thoughts here… thanks for sharing and pointing us in the right direction. What an encouragement to read about how other moms are dealing with similar day to day issues and how they work to change the things that bother them about themselves!! And I also have to say, you are SO far from “the old lady in the store” 🙂

  10. My boys LOVE the blow dryer and so far I’m loving every stage.

  11. charlotte says

    I hold baby # 4 ( he’s 14 mo) to sleep at bedtime and naps. I know bad mom but I just so love that time with him. Everyone else was by the book in bed half awake so they learn to do it themselves. I just could not do it this time he neeeeeeeds him mommy right.

  12. I can identify! My kiddos are 6, 4 and 2 and while I love them to the moon and back and can’t believe how quickly they are growing, I get so tired with the constant need for my help. Thanks for this reminder and the encouraging words!

  13. Wendy R says

    The thing I enjoy the most of having 2 boys at 2-years and 9-months is wrestling on the floor with them. Soon they’ll be too big for me to keep up.

  14. This is such a great post. I was thinking today of how quickly time flies and how fast my children grow. I have three boys…6, 5, and 17 months. I find myself trying to savor every moment possible. Thanks for posting.

  15. I find scrapbooking really is a HUGE reminder of how it goes is a blink. When I’m feeling overwhelmed I pull one out and it puts things back into perspective for me. Thank you for your blog.


  16. Abbie says

    I need this reminder every minute right now! I have girls (6, 4), a boy (2) and am 36 weeks pregnant – too many times lately I’ve found myself being crabby with my kids because I’m tired/uncomfortable/moody instead of remembering that all of them are blessings and I was chosen to be their mama and will have the strength and wisdom to do so, and do it well, if I just ask.

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