Hey Dodger Fans!

In honor of Major League Baseball’s opening day, I thought I would share my little part of MLB history. See that little girl nervously picking her nails? That’s me!

Back in 1978 my dad organized a fundraiser between our community and the LA Dodgers when I was in kindergarten. This is a promo photo of me sitting on Tommy Lasorda’s lap!

And you wondered if I was famous.

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  1. Too cool! I’m a Braves fan but even I can appreciate that picture!

  2. do you happen to have a copy of the pic of me, Dad and Steve Garvey? Your pic is cool too!

  3. Very cool. My son was at a leadership camp a few years ago and got to hear Tommy Lasorda speak. But, sorry, I have to say this . . . go Giants.

  4. Go Dodgers!
    Tommy is awesome. Great photo. 🙂

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