How to Get Your Pretty On in 5 Easy Steps

Ready to get your pretty on? You don’t need a lot of money or a supermodel figure. You just need to put in a little effort and do a little homework. When I first started writing about this little frump-fighting journey I’m on, I wasn’t sure how you all would respond. Turns out, I struck a […]

Building a Beautiful, Budget Wardrobe

Creating a budget wardrobe doesn’t resign you to discount store knock-offs. With a little savvy planning and shopping, you can dress for success without a lot of expense. Tshirt and FlipFlops: Old Navy; Jeans: Kohls clearance; belt: ThredUp; necklace: gift from 2010 Building a beautiful wardrobe is probably not hard. Given an unlimited clothing budget, one could […]

Finding My Personal Style and Fighting the Frump

I’m a novice when it comes to fashion, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn. Through trial and error, I’m finding my personal style and fighting the frump. Photo credit: Emily Rose Over the last month or so, I’ve been working to fight the frump. I found that I didn’t feel my best — or look […]

How I’m Updating My Look & Fighting the Frump

I’m updating my look so that I can fight my frumpiness and feel more put together — without spending a fortune.  Are you looking to refresh your wardrobe, update your look, and fight the frump? Me, too! I realized that I’ve been letting things slide a little too much. I’m no longer that slim, trim […]

5 Reasons We Don’t Bother to Fight the Frump

Are you feeling a little dumpy when it comes to your clothing? Is it time to fight the frump? Are you guilty of these excuses? I come by frumpiness pretty honestly. Knowing what’s in style just isn’t really high on my priority list. There are too many other things on which I need to focus my […]

Plan for Self-Care

As you organize and plan and strategize about all the things in this life as mom, be sure that you’re making a plan for self-care. You know, taking care of YOU. Self-care, any deliberate action or practice to care for yourself physically and mentally, is vital to your life as a mom and caregiver. You […]

3 Easy Approaches to Self-Care

It’s all too easy for mothers to put their families’s well-being and emotional health above their own. Try these easy tips to help you make self-care happen.

Enjoy the Beauty of Your Life

Do you see the beauty that is your life?